Cut&Paste: Chapter 132 – Ymir’s apology and Amy’s monologuing

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> 「…..This is…..without a doubt, the World Tree.」   Passing through the black vortex, the place that we ended up, was Amy-san’s hometown. And the World Tree is just around the corner.   「Over there, was once the place I lived in…..」   The location that Amy-san was staring at, had a huge burn mark on the ground, indicating a once village that was turned into ruins.   I wonder, what sort of imagery was shown in her eyes right now. Was it the figure of her beautiful hometown where it used to be…..or was it this miserable ruin, which is it.   ……What she was feeling right now, I couldn’t imagine. All I could do, was stood there and watched her silently.   「…..As promised, I have returned.」   Looking at the World Tree, she murmured.   As though it had heard her whispers, the World Tree greeted Amy-san by gently shaking its branches, letting its leaves fall to the ground.   「…..I’m back.」   After 10 plus years, she has returned to her hometown, I think it’s best if I leave her alone for awhile.   Waffle who also read the mood, quietly stayed put on top of her head.   Speaking of which, I sat down on the ground while stroking the backs of Waffle’s brothers, as I decided to wait for her to settle down.   I’m sure […]

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