Level 1 Guy: Chapter 145 – T○S-san’s weekday

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> TLN Note: I have no idea what TOS meant, it just looks to me as if it’s saying TAS, which is that program speedrunners use as a means to show the perfect run of a particular game. Also, sorry for the late post, assignments as you know it.     After safely capturing Toge-toge, we went back to the mansion for the moment. Different from the atmosphere the dungeon gave, it greatly contrasts with the warm and bright home that Emily managed and maintained.   Bringing Toge-toge here for the first time—–the plush doll sized Needle Lizard felt uncomfortable as it fidgeted around.   [It’s alright Toge-toge, this is my house, and starting from today you’ll be staying here with us.] (Alice)   Alice patted Toge-toge’s head. At the same the, the three others—–Jumpy-san, Boney-chan, and Bon-bon went close to Toge-toge, and through their body language, they were moving at a comical way as if indicating something to Toge-toge.   The 4 plush doll sized monsters, as if in an anime—–or rather a spinoff anime where the premise of the anime is to give off a heartwarming feels to the audience.   After the senpai’s encouragement, Toge-toge’s worries faded away.   [Welcome back Master.] (Cerberus)   While having such a scene in front of the Teleportation Room, My guard dog, Cerberus, came to see what was all the fuss about.   [I’m home. Nothing […]

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