FF: Chapter 52: Omnislash

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Omnislash   Chills were curling off from the main body of the Sundae Fusion, giving off a icy cold feeling. As Lin Xii held on to the sword, he felt excited and regretful at the same time.   The excitement was of course due to the new weapon, whereas the regretful feeling came from the loss of his beamscythe.   Also, the him now can’t fully utilize the maximum potential of the weapon. This was due to his lack of ice type energy.   His ice type energy still needs another two day to manifest……but if he already had it, he would need to buy this weapon so hurriedly anyways; his icy aura skill would be enough to hinder the Phantom’s movement.   ‘Burst’!   The remaining energy in his body wasn’t left much, only enough to maintain his current ‘Burst’ for about another 20 seconds; he needs to end this fast.   When the two of them clashed, the Phantom was wary of this new weird weapon that does not even looked metallic. But after hitting against the Sundae Fusion a few times with his curved sabre, he let out a smirk.   Towards the beamscythe, to be honest it was kinda threatening towards him.   After all his sabre would never hold up to a energy-weapon. But after his opponent changes his weapon from a plasma type […]

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