Level 1 Guy: Chapter 6 – The Bunny, the carrot, and the strength-up seed

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit: Clannad Update: For those who are confused as to why I added level 1 guy at the start was , because someone in the comments suggested that I should let the readers know what chapter this series is since I’m doing 2 web novel ATM. First don’t you hate […]

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Chapter 6: My tongue is getting fat

I was hungry when translating this chapter >w< Let me start of with some stuff first before that. First off, this is all being translated by myself and it is only for my own leisure, so I won’t be following with any schedule when translating this web novel. Second, this is the official date which I’ve translated this chapter, the rest was being done way before I created this WordPress because I wasn’t prepared to do so yet.(Editing issues and such) Thirdly, the TLN bracket is just me thinking out loud. XD Well anyway, enough of my rant, I bring to you the next chapter~ [Let’s quickly eat our bento’s~] [You’re right.] For the sake of eating together with Kamaishi-san, we went to the rooftop. A rooftop during spring with a warm but nice breeze on it, it can be said that this is the perfect spot to eat bento. Why at the rooftop you may ask? Well, because we don’t want to be seen by others when eating our lunch, thus we agreed to go to the rooftop which has fewer people there. Luckily, no one was at the rooftop and we can eat in peace. As me and Kamaishi-san are sitting at a nearby bench, we both opened the lid of our bento. [Kamaishi-san’s bento looks delish~ Did you make it yourself?] [ Ehehe, that’s right. I made it myself.] Kamaishi-san’s bento has a grilled egg with karaage, […]

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