Cut&Paste: Chapter 120 – CASE: Amy(1)

TLN Note: The font was bumped to 14pt for easier reading as requested, and the word <World Tree> is also interpreted as Yggdrasil on this and later chapters, it’s just weird if I kept typing World Tree(Yggdrasil) so I decided to keep it as World Tree, and occasionally use Yggdrasil if I see fit. Side Note:  For those of you who are unfamiliar with why there’s new ads, please click here to read if you’re interested.. <Sponsored by J. B.> <<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> The burning flames followed me.   「Haah, Haah, Haah…….P, pl…please help me……」   Being pursued by the flames, I desperately ran through the forest in the dark.   「…….Haah, Haah, Aaah……it hurts !」   Not noticing the dent on the ground, my feet was caught on it, and I splendidly fell down to the ground. Then, the flames circled around me, trapping me in.   ……..Ahh, is this where I’m going to die?   Having those thoughts, I closed my eyes as I welcomed death.   ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇   「……..Haah! ?……A, a dream?」   When I opened my eyes again, what jumped into sight wasn’t the burning flames surrounding me, but a room, or more specifically one of the Guild’s room that I was currently renting.   My throat was extremely dry, and I was drenched in sweat. …….My sleeping attires were sticking onto my skin and I felt disgusted by that sensation. […]

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Chapter 120 – Absolute Defence (More NSFW Eve)

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> TLN Note: Starting from this chapter onwards, I’ll be changing the words [Guns] to [Revolvers] because of the cover of the original Light Novel showcasing Ryouta holding a revolver. At the streets of Shikuro, inside the Dungeon’s Association. I was inside the reception room being thanked by Clint over and over again.   [Thank you! Thank you Satou! I honestly didn’t expect you to actually do it.] (Clint) [So you didn’t trust me.] (Ryouta) [Don’t get me wrong. I was on my last straw, especially when there was never once a dungeon could escape it’s death. What’s more when the bloody rain was present, everyone would know that [This dungeon’s done for], that was the common sense.] (Clint) [I see.] (Ryouta) [It’s not just that either, not only did the bloody rain stop, the number of monsters increased significantly too. With this Arsenic would produce more materials, which would also increase our tax revenues. And it’s all because of Satou’s help~] (Clint) [I did what was requested.] (Ryouta) [Even so I’m grateful for it. That’s right, I was thinking of an item in proportion to your reward, so I decided to give a share of the tax revenue of Arsenic to Satou.] (Clint) [Is that alright?] (Ryouta) [Of course, if Satou wasn’t here Arsenic would’ve been dead. If it is this much you can leave it to me.] (Clint) [If that’s the case, […]

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