Cut&Paste: Chapter 104 – A Young Lady’s Secret (1)

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>>   TLN Note: Hello my fellow readers! As this was my first time translating this novel, it took me quite a while to grasp some of the words in the novel, also how do you even read those words Izzy! Anyways, thank you so much for accepting me for translating this novel! I’ll do my best to translate this as often as I can!(4-5 days depends) Also, there are some changes to the way I’ve written so please don’t hate me for it. 「…….Hmm? So all these fuss was caused by Aisha.」 The guild leader said with a hint of displeasure mixed into his words.   Then, he shouted at the bunch of adventurers frolicking around.   「Ya bastards better dispatch yourselves right this instance! You guys are bloody noisy!」 as expected of the Guild Leader!   With just one sentence, the strong looking adventurers that were making noise became quiet all at once!   「……..So, you must have some business with me to come all the way here? What do you need?」   Maybe it was because the surroundings have quiet down, I’ve somewhat calmed down. Letting go of our hands, Aisha stepped in front and started talking.   「……..First off, please have a look at this.」   Aisha handed the sealed letter that was entrusted by the King over to the Guild Leader. Naturally, the letter was tightly sealed […]

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