Chapter 80 – The Family’s Function

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> A Magic Cart’s shop, <Progress>. It was the shop that made our family’s Magic Cart and we have been using ever since.   [Hah…..Old man…..] (Chuck)   As my friends went inside the store, the store owner’s son, Chuck, was in front of us and was rubbing his brows and sighed.   [Come on in.] (Chuck) [Welcome…..Aah, weren’t you from that time, uuhh…] (Chuck) [It’s Satou Ryouta. Glad that you’ve remembered me.] (Ryouta) [Eeh, I’m truly indebted for what you’d done at that time. So how’s your cart doing?] (Chuck) [It’s doing well because of you.] (Ryouta) [Oh I see. Well it’s also thanks to Ryouta-san, that more customers have increased because of the Heavy Rock and Light Rock that we’ve remodeled for you and have been selling it.] (Chuck)   Heavy Rock and Light Rock, those were monsters from the Arsenic Dungeon. The store owner and their son made use of these characteristics and customized a Magic Cart which can calculate the estimate price of a dropped item. Because we went to the trade shop <Swallow’s Repayment>, someone asked where we’d gotten our Magic Cart from and we said it was from <Progress>, maybe that’s why it went public.   [Well I’m glad to hear it.] (Ryouta) [Hey hey, why are you sighing a lot?] (Alice)   Alice asked Chuck from beside me.   [To tell you the truth, Old […]

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