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What Web Novel or Light Novel should I translate?

Update: I have found one that seems interesting aaand looks like nobody has translated it yet~ You can go check it out while I read more on it and translate it when I’m done~ hopefully its good~ The title to it is roughly translated as “Although I’m only level 1, but because of my unique skill I became the strongest” Update 2: I have finally translated the first chapter of that web novel~ Check it out here. Hey guys, sorry for the sudden post, I’ve been contemplating on what other Web Novel/Light Novel out there who isn’t claimed by someone else and is itching to translate another Web Novel ASAP. Any suggestions? Leave your suggestions in the comments below~ (P.S: If you have any Web Novel that wants to be translated, I can do that too~ Though please keep it to those which haven’t been translated yet by someone else, I don’t want mishaps to happen again >W<) Thanks 🙂 Isekai? Romance/Comedy? Low Fantasy? High Fantasy? Become a Patron!

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Chapter 7 – Did I really raise a flag? 

I worked really hard to prepare this chapter before night, I have assignments and am tired now, so I gtg, enjoy~ The third day of school has started, I am currently watching TV while having toast bread and coffee in the morning. [Early this morning, a group of unwanted international terrorist has fled towards Japan and has become a worldwide issue—] Hearing these horrible news this early in the morning while I’m still drowsy from sleepiness somewhat puts me in a bad mood. [Such a horrible news, Yato you be careful too okay.] [Nn~] Mother said to me with a worried expression. While answering mother with a sleepy voice, I sip my coffee slowly. Even if the terrorist group came to Japan, it would be almost impossible for me to meet with them. This is something that I shouldn’t be worried about. [Well then, I’m heading out.] [Bye bye.] [Be safe okay.] As mother was sending us off, Karen and I went to the direction of our school together. With the morning bright sun and the coffee that I’ve just had, I finally recovered and awakened my sleepy self. As I have awakened from my sleepiness, I begin pondering about something. What I am pondering about is without a doubt, the terrorist group from the TV just now. (Terrorist group eh. Now that I remember, there was a saying in a light novel where a typical setting of terrorist groups […]

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Chapter 6: My tongue is getting fat

I was hungry when translating this chapter >w< Let me start of with some stuff first before that. First off, this is all being translated by myself and it is only for my own leisure, so I won’t be following with any schedule when translating this web novel. Second, this is the official date which I’ve translated this chapter, the rest was being done way before I created this WordPress because I wasn’t prepared to do so yet.(Editing issues and such) Thirdly, the TLN bracket is just me thinking out loud. XD Well anyway, enough of my rant, I bring to you the next chapter~ [Let’s quickly eat our bento’s~] [You’re right.] For the sake of eating together with Kamaishi-san, we went to the rooftop. A rooftop during spring with a warm but nice breeze on it, it can be said that this is the perfect spot to eat bento. Why at the rooftop you may ask? Well, because we don’t want to be seen by others when eating our lunch, thus we agreed to go to the rooftop which has fewer people there. Luckily, no one was at the rooftop and we can eat in peace. As me and Kamaishi-san are sitting at a nearby bench, we both opened the lid of our bento. [Kamaishi-san’s bento looks delish~ Did you make it yourself?] [ Ehehe, that’s right. I made it myself.] Kamaishi-san’s bento has a grilled egg with karaage, […]

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Chapter 5 – The Right Hand Corner Seat is the Best Seat

I agree wholeheartedly to the title :3 When entering our classroom, there are currently nobody in it. When there is nobody in the classroom, it feels as though something is going to happen. It feels strange that the classroom is too quiet. Wait, maybe it’s because the entrance ceremony has yet to end. [There’s nobody here.] As Kamaishi-san said while having the same thinking as me, voices were suddenly heard from outside the window. Looks like the entrance ceremony had just ended. [Since they are coming right now, it’s best if we find a place to sit first.] [Yeap.] Since a seating arrangement was placed on the blackboard, we sit at our respective seats. What’s more I’ve already known what my number was, so I immediately find my number on the seating arrangement. Looks like my seat is at the end of the right hand side corner. [Looks like Kamiya-kun’s seat is at the back of the class.] [Ah, I guess I am lucky then.] [Eh? Why?] [If it is at the end, I can sleep all I want.] That’s right, the power of the back of the class, especially when it’s at the right hand corner of the class, is the hardest to be spotted by teachers if it’s there. I am quite lucky at my first day of school eh. When I was expressing my happiness, Kamaishi-san was staring intently at me. [Kamiya-kun, it’s bad if you don’t […]

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Chapter 4 – An Unexpected Encounter With A Fainted/Fated Person 

Hello again~ I just realized after looking around at Google Search, I stumbled upon novelupdates and saw that someone has already done this Web Novel. At first I was a bit upset that someone beaten me to it but then again, I don’t really mind… Hopefully we can help each other out~ Check him out here: Derp~ Well then, please enjoy this chapter~ Well then, what should I do in this situation….. While looking at the fainted female student, I pondered on what should be done while staring at her. Don’t tell me this is one of those unexpected encounter with my fated one. In a way this is also a precious experience to be had. Now, what should I do? For now, let’s try calling out to her. Leaving her would give a bad taste to my mouth too. [Oo—i, are you alright?] [·······] No answer. Looks like a corpse to me. No, sorry for calling it a corpse. Not answering doesn’t mean she’s dead. For now, let’s just try waking her up. As I was thinking about it, I went to the direction of where she is laying. Looking at her closely, she is actually quite beautiful. She has a snow white skin toppled with a browned coloured side tail hair and a well proportioned(modest) body which properly shows what is supposed to be shown. There’s only one word to describe her appearance, beautiful. (TLN: perverted Yato 😉 […]

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