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Chapter 3 – A Year Has Passed 

This might be weird, but hello again for like a few minutes after I’ve posted the previous chapter, you can find the answer on chapter 6 where I explained why~ Well then, once again~ please do enjoy this chapter :3 As I have finally become a high school student, I was trying out the new uniform while looking at a standing mirror. [………it fits~] A matching dark blue blazer and pants, with a tie and long shirt that is befitting of a school uniform. Though the one wearing this school uniform has a deadbeat eye which reflected on the mirror, a feeling of aversion was felt when looking at himself There comes Karen from downstairs standing there while staring intently at me. [………Does it fit?] [If you can fix those deadbeat eyes of yours, then I think it would fit even better?] [It hurts….] My sister is very acrimonious. (TLN: Google it yourself 😉 and he uses Waga when saying my, which is a more proud version?) This year, Karen would be on her 3rd year of middle school. With her hair tied up in a ponytail and a different uniform then mine. So, today is ponytail eh. I was thinking so as I was looking at Karen’s hairstyle. Karen would always change her hairstyle depending on her liking. Since there’s many different kinds of hairstyle, she would change her hairstyle once every week, though it seems like a bother […]

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Chapter 2 – An Unfamiliar Ceiling

Hopefully my translation aren’t that bad, I do have a friend who occasionally helps me in editing my lousy translations. Well then, please do enjoy this chapter~ After waking up from being unconscious, a white ceiling was there. [If I remember correctly, in these kinds of situation one should say: “Ah, an unfamiliar ceiling”. Was it not?] For now, since a promise has been fulfilled, he moved his body up and saw that he was laying on a white bed. I am one hundred percent certain that this is a hospital. When scanning around his surroundings, he saw a familiar equipment which he had seen from a television program that has water dripping sound and a monitor that moves according to the sound that goes “Pin~ Pin~”. As I thought, this isn’t a different world. When he thought he was alone in the room, the door swiftly swung open. What was awaiting at that door was my father and mother with a shocked expression looking at me. After a short while, their face turned to an expression of worried and walked towards me. [Yato! Are you okay? Is your body hurt anywhere?!] My mother was worried sick about me when seeing me. [Ahh, I’m okay, mother.] As I said this to my mother, she expresses her relieved and calmed down. Mother is currently in her mid-40’s but physically she looks 20-ish because of her fair and beautiful features. [Are you […]

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Chapter 1 – The Whole Class Was Transported Except For Me [On hold]

This novel has been taken by someone by the name of Fantasy Translation, please do support them~     Just a reminder for those who are first timer’s in reading Light Novel/ Web Novel. Those who are familiar with it, you can proceed to the story but for those who aren’t, the ( Brackets ) indicates that the main character is thinking out loud. Also, I will be using ” inverted commas “ to indicate that God is speaking but afterwards every other conversation will be using [ this ] instead. Other than that, I would like y’all to know that I am doing this as my leisure time and someone else might take over this translation, but I’ll do my best~ Thank you for reading this and please do enjoy the prologue~ Always waking up at the same exact time, Going to the same school every day, Living the same life each day, And always sleeping at the same exact time. That is the life of Kamiya Yato living to its “fullest”. Yato hated things that are troublesome. He would always lay on his desk at school either sleeping or he would sometimes look out and daydream for a really long time. Even when he is in his third year of high school, the cycle never changed in any way. Since he never had the intention of talking to anyone or making friends, he was always alone. When […]

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