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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 31 – Rice Rebellion

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>   <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit: tengen toppa gurren lagann nia Proofreading/Edit: Hue First thing in the morning, I hunted my usual income of 40K Piro worth of bean sprouts and am pushing the Magic Cart inside the trading shop. The first thing I felt when going inside the shop, I noticed something weird going on. […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 30 – Infinite Possibilities

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit: Devil May Cry Edited by: Hue Sorry for the delay in chapters, just finished assignments and am worried about getting an intern in a school now =.=lll The next day, Nihonium Dungeon. Today, I want to test out on using the gun in my hand, and the gun in […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 29 – The Strongest Manager and A New Weapon

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image: Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Edited by: Hue Oh the pun for this chapter. Got me! =.= Well, as promised, I translated 2 chapters for today :3 Enjoy~ I formed a plan. In the morning, while having my breakfast in my sweet and warm home, I spoke to Emily. [I’ll […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 28 – Stats up, Rank up, and Step Up

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Ultra proofread/edit by: Udin-san <3 Featured Image Credit: If you don’t know who is this, pls gtfo! >W< Since today is a really special day for me and I’m really happy, so I decided to stop playing Nier Automata my assignments for awhile and try publishing 2 chapters for today~ hopefully >< In […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 27 – Commission of Specialty Product

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit: Touhou’s Ibuki Suika Huge thanks to Udin-san(editor-san) for heavily proofreading this chapter >< Sorry for the delay~ recently assignments are piling and exams are coming >W< plus I recently gotten hold of Nier: Automata!!! ARGH!!! 2B is 2 cute!! The next morning, I dove into Nihonium’s third floor. The […]

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