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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 134 – Bones and Arms

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> TLN Note: Shiro-kun was lazy for the past few days so he did not post anything, but he was scolded by his editor so he had to resume work, and also apologizes for his behaviour so he posts 1 chapter of level 1 guy and Cut&Paste     Inside the mansion, I was leading Emily and Cerberus over to an empty room that was lying around in the mansion.   [What sort of room is this Master.] (Cerberus) [It’s a storeroom. Stuffs that we normally don’t use would be put inside here, right Emily.] (Ryouta) [Yes desu, it’s been properly kept inside this room desu.] (Emily) [Nice. Before that let’s check something first.] (Ryouta)   Cerberus had a puzzled look on his face as he looked at me taking out something. A consumable item that was the size of my palm, it was a portable K-I-A board to check statuses. If you went to a dungeon you could check it as often as you like, but other than that we could use this consumable item to check it too. Well it wasn’t really that expensive to begin with, so I bought it as a backup for when we needed it.   I handed it to Cerberus.   [Use this and see.] (Ryouta) [I understand, like that?] (Cerberus)   Using the portable K-I-A board, Cerberus checked his status.     ――――――1/2――――――― Level 1/50 HP […]

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FF: Chapter 58: A Crisis of Dinosaur

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> A Crisis of Dinosaurs   As the group reached near a creek, they stopped.   On the east of it was hills after hills; on the west was a sizable river. Their current position was perfect for them to rest and eat.   The 50000 people started busying themselves; the evolutionaries rested and their pets grazed about.   After Rui passed away, Fi Fi that was originally spoiled took up the menial jobs willingly. Now she’s squatting down, cooking rice on a small campfire.   Her originally white, clean face was now dirty; her hair was simply bound into a ponytail with a rubber band, strands of hair stuck onto her forehead due to her sweat.   No one could relate the her now to the her before the apocalypse, a spoiled rich girl.   Lin Xii peeked at her and nodded silently. He doesn’t like to say much about others but he does take note about their action, he will remember that this girl continuously took action to increase her placing in his heart.   Sui was at a side, creating clean drinking water for everyone. The water that’s created from her ability was sweet and clean, much better than the water from the river.   After awakening her ability, Sui was steadily increasing her control over her powers. Now she could even form an envelope of water […]

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FF: Chapter 57: Confirming the Target

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Confirming the Target   The perfect fusion with the Progenitor Virus gave him the ultimate cells, allowing it to generate almost anything with the right condition.   Other than being able to generate kinetic, heat, and RC cells; there’s another option now.   Element (Ice).   As Lin Xii focus mentally and gazed into himself, he noticed that his body was now like an ice crystal. As he churned his biological energy, white mist started flowing.   As the white cold mist started ebbing out from his body, the temperature in the house plummeted. Mai that was at his side let out a cry of surprise as she saw frost started forming on Lin Xii’s skin.   As he increases the churning of his biological energy, more and more mist came pouring out from his skin pores…….   Very quickly a layer of solid ice formed on him, encasing him in a layer of ice.   Mai hurriedly waved her butterfly fan, smashing the ice.   “It’s nothing, I’m just testing out my new ability.”   As Lin Xii assured Mai that nothing was wrong, he continue pondering about his new ice element. It’s true that he’s happy about his new powers, but the thing is he doesn’t have any good way to utilize his powers other than crudely releasing some cold mist and produce some ice cubes.   […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 133 – Instincts of a dog, dig here Wanwan(Doggo)

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>   After separating with Neptune, for now I brought Cerberus back to my mansion.   [Is, is this where human-san is living?] . [Yeah.] (Ryouta) [Astonishing……Is human-san perhaps a great and famous human?] . [I wonder too.] (Ryouta)   I don’t think I was famous, the only thing I had that the people […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 111 – Memories that wouldn’t fade away

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> 「In the past, I was in a team with your parents for some time, I’ve told you about it before right? Originally, I was actually just a commoner…… My father was a mercenary and before I got married I was a mercenary working with him.」   Eh? The king, was a mercenary…….. But, compared to me right now from when he was young, being a mercenary was amazing.   Even though I had to do all I had just to live on daily…….   「Hm? Aah, I did say mercenary, but I was just helping my father out. I myself wasn’t a big deal.」   Looking at my expression, the King added some words onto the story.   「…….Anything, being a mercenary in a family means not knowing what would happen tomorrow. Instead of settling down at a place, we had to move from town to town to make a living. Thus was my daily life, it was after a while that I got the skill from God.」   Indeed, the temple to which skills were awarded was only offered in big cities. As what the King said, if he was moving around frequently, he must have gone to a temple after he became an adult.   「So, I got the skills in the Town of Lunawan(ルナワン). It was exactly the place where my father died, and I decided to become […]

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