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(Not a chapter) Concerning Level 1 Guy and Cut&Paste

Hello all, so if anyone was wondering why I wasn’t posting any chapters for the past couple of days is cause, as some of you might’ve guessed it already, I have my exams going on right now. Chapters for both series will resume at the end of next week so stay tune for that. As for patreon supporters, I’m honestly sorry I didn’t prepare any additional chapters for ya’ll so I might have to work extra hard after I finished my exams.    Thank you and good luck to those who are suffering with exams or other stuff too~  tootles~ Become a Patron!

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 130 – The Protection of the World Tree

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> TLN Note: I’ll be away for a trip during the weekends, so if there aren’t any chapters for a few days, it’s because either I’m having fun or I’m lazy or exams are coming~ The second day, after running with all I had, we finally arrived at our destination.   The Sacred Tree・World Tree(Yggdrasil) that God planted on this ground.   From what Fenrir-sama said before, it seemed to have a role of supplying mana/magical power to all of this world. Moreover, it does not talk nor does it move, but it is an existence with it’s own will.   If there’s a will, then there’s one thing that I’ll have to do first!   「Nice to meet you! World Tree-sama! My name is Myne, Myne・Fortuna! This here is my most important friend, his name’s Waffle!」   「Wafuu! Wafuu!」   Obviously, because it could not converse, there wasn’t any response to our greetings. Though, this to me is something that is ingrained to me, so it’s important.   ……Nn? What is it.   I could feel something warm…..the warmth of a mother.   I wonder why I’m feeling as though mother is suddenly hugging me with that kind of warmth. This feeling….is it from the World Tree! ?   That was what I thought, so I looked up onto the World Tree, then Waffle and I were enveloped by a green […]

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FF: Chapter 70: Glacial Armor

<Previous Chapter> | <Table of Content> | <Next Chapter> Glacial Armor   Lin Xii was stumped by Qing’s cosplaying Assassin’s Creed. He then saw her taking more and more weapons from her storage and started equipping them, he couldn’t help but asked, “What are you doing?”   “The undead army is different from the titans in Pearl City. Using my huge execution blade against the undead are just a waste of my energy.”   “Fenrir is also not really good against the undead.”   As Qing replied, she placed 10 or so darts on the inside of her robe, strapped 2 small curved sabre on the sides of her thighs, using a silver metal whip as a belt and also hooked on two dagger……   He continue seeing her taking out 4 Doran’s Blade and proceed to sheathed it over her back.   “……Are you preparing to save the world?”   Qing rolled her eyes at him and took out a huge 2 meter long 3 pointed halberd.   “I’m a weapon master!”   Her 5 stars talent allows her to utilize every single cold weapon the best she could, if she doesn’t use this talent to its best what’s the point of having it?   After witnessing Lin Xii’s ‘Burst’, she always thought of him as her rival and think of ways to defeat him……finally, she thought of just arm herself to the teeth, using numbers to overcome his […]

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FF: Chapter 69: 7 Star Bloodline User

<Previous Chapter> | <Table of Content> | <Next Chapter> 7 Star Bloodline User   “Even if we do not want to abandon the city, but with Deathsinger here it would be impossible to win right? According to the lore of LoL, we are facing against a half-god Lich!”   Lin Xii now remembered the attack that he received while he was in the air, that green ball of energy mixed with death and darkness was definitely Karthus attacking him.   The ‘Q’ skill in the game: Lay Waste.   Thinking that the opponent could attack him without any premonition from such a far away distance, corroding even the skies, cold sweat couldn’t help but run down Lin Xii’s back.   Unlike the game, reality doesn’t level everyone to the same starting strength after entering summoner’s rift.   Weak would still be weak, strong would still be strong! There’s no way that the Yordels’ Swift Scout would be as strong as angels, liches, demons or denizens of the void.   “There’s only a maximum of 100 Hearts in the world, furthermore there’s less than 10 in China!”   Xu Commissar pushed his glasses.   “Special cities can be upgraded, LuZhou currently can only produce level 1 battling plants. After upgrading, there would be level 2 plants like Cob Cannon, Jalapeno, Carrot Missile Truck……as long as there’s wood to sacrifice. The cost is so cheap!”   “After upgrading, the plants can relentlessly […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 129 – Finally arrived・The Origins of the World Tree!

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> TLN Note: Thank you all for the happy bday wishes~~~   The next day after persuading Amy-san.   Using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, I went back to the place where we left off, the Town of Lunawan.   Before we departed, Aisha who heard of Lunawan asked me to deliver the Slime Oils […]

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