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FF Chapter 2 – Gacha an ability

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Proofread/Edited by: Shiro Featured Image Credited: “Bam!” A teenage girl rushed into the store, while she was sitting down on the floor drooping down. She clutched her chest, breathing heavily. Her fringe was slick with sweat, sticking to her forehead. She’s wearing a white lab coat and it was […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 58 – A Playable Monster

<Previous Chapter> <Table Of Content> <Next Chapter> Really really really important Note: The Stamina in this entire novel is actually describing about the Endurance. I apologize about the mis-translation as at that time they did not dwell so much in explaining each status. Featured Image Credited: Kiri-boi (Image sums this chapter up) Proofreading/ Edit: Hue [What is the meaning of […]

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FF Chapter 1 – Titan

<Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Translation Notes: Hi, this is my first time translating, it’s a Chinese web novel. Please enjoy and give your feedback. Thank you. Featured Image Credited: Hoppou-chan Proofread and edited by: Shiro   A grey, gloomy void, no existence of a sky, earth and life. Throughout the void, a thin grey mist permeated its surrounding, […]

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(NSFW)Chapter 57 – Dogeza for the sake of a private power generator

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> My favorite character is back!!!! P.S Don’t sue me >W< Featured Image Credited: Sakura Trick? Proofreading/Edit: Hue   Nihonium fourth floor. As usual, I was doing my daily routine of hunting Mummies here.   I was accustomed to the work of defeating the mummies, and cleansed the remaining bandages with my Recovery Bullets. […]

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Chapter 56 – Ability Boost

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: Chuunibyo Proofreading/Edit: Hue   Since I have lots of experiments I wanted to test out, I took out another 10k Piro note and left it on the ground, then walked away from it. Speaking of which, I remembered this would turn into a bird. It’s speed was tremendously fast so […]

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