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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 5 – That’s so strange

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit: Bunny girl with headphones Hello everyone~ another day another chapter I guess 😉 Sorry for delaying for 2 days as I’ve been busy with rushing on assignment which I said I’d do it but did not in the end 😛 So~ I’ve change some stuff on this chapter, Sleepy […]

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Chapter 4 – A bright and warm home

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit:  From Kobayashi~ Hello everyone~ I swear to god that I’m gonna get my retribution for not sleeping and translating instead =W= Damn you curiosity!!!! Well then, please enjoy this happy chapter~ I heartlessly hunted down the zombies. I’m currently hunting down the zombies in Nihonium’s first floor that the […]

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Chapter 3 – The wall between S Rank and A Rank

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Update: Hey everyone~ someone commented on the first chapter that the Now Board is actually called Know Board, it made more sense so I’m changing it all to Know-It-All Board for some variety 😉 hope y’all don’t mind XD Update 2: Sorry to bother y’all again XD apparently a commenter told me that Teruru is actually an element name Tellurium and that all the dungeons are named after elements~ Thank you for informing me :3 Phew~ another chapter finish before the day ends~ Looks like I barely made it then XD Since everyone was eager to see the next chapter, I thought why not reward y’all by translating it before going back to uni~ Well then~ without any further ado, I bring you the 3rd chapter~ :3 The following day, after diving into Teruru Dungeon’s first floor, he brought back many bean sprouts to Shikuro’s town and is now bringing it over to the owner who has been taking care of him since the first day. Today’s loot seems to be a huge success too. Seeing that everything on this world comes from the drops of the monsters in the dungeon. Even my previous world’s primary industries–Raw materials are a must to produce materials. Thus, many adventurers would dive into the dungeon and sell their loots just like what I’m doing right now. After all, most towns are built relatively close to […]

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Chapter 2 – The Beginning of a New Life

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Hello again everyone~ you have waited for this chapter and I shall provide it~ So~~ some things need to be clarified before reading this chapter, I am doing this during my leisure time and in no way am I following a schedule, but rest assured as I might translate even faster rather than following a fixed schedule of posting each week. Well anyways, I really need to rush on my assignment which is due in 2 days time~ Oh, before I forget, please listen to this when reading the bottom half of the chapter 😉 Cause I was listening to it while translating this chapter XD You’ll thank me later~ Or down here~ Well then, please do enjoy this chapter~ :3 [If it’s that low, I don’t think you can ever get any drop.] [Wait, wait a minute, is S really that low?] [Eh? Doesn’t it start from A B C D…….]   Emily counted again from the start using her fingers. It’s certainly true that if you go by the sequence of the alphabets, S would be almost at the end of the alphabet and might be even worse. But, since the day I was born till now, the games that I’ve played during my generation is giving me a different impression of it. S is clearly higher than A. To double confirm, I looked at the board again. ―――――2/2――――― Vegetation […]

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Chapter 1 – A man appeared from a slime’s drop

<Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Please check out the Illustrations if you want to visualize the characters better~ Link to Illustration Update 2: Very extremely important update so please read. The Stamina in his status is actually Endurance, at that point in time when I was translating, the Author did not fully explain the word 体力 so it could mean Stamina/Endurance/Physical fitness, etc… but if you were to read till the latest chapter, you would come to understand why. Thus, I would be changing the word from Stamina to Endurance starting from chapter 1, so if you see why the words weren’t changed yet, it means I haven’t edited that chapter yet. Update: Anyone who is wondering why there’s so many monologuing from me, you can check out my later chapters as I gradually stop doing it, sorry for doing it constantly as I’m still new in translating at that point in time. Hello everyone~ First off, I wanna say thank you for supporting this chapter as this is my first time translating a web novel. This is also a fairly new web novel that has been gaining popularity these past few weeks at syosetu, please do check it out if you’re interested :3 Just a heads up, whatever is ( TLN ) is just a way I express myself when reading the web novel. Well then, without any further ado, as I am exhausted at translating this humongous […]

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