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Chapter 95 – Getting even stronger

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> TLN NOTE: The chapter’s title should’ve just been called <Getting Even Smarter> Aurum Dungeon, third floor. I was exploring the dungeon by myself.   After walking along the straight path for some time, I could see in front of me a wide area. Even though it’s deep within the dungeon, the area looked like a gymnasium. In that wide area, there were a lot of little devils roaming around.   Loading my normal bullets, I took a stance and aimed at them. The wide area——–I did not enter the Monster House but instead stood at the road. Even though I could only see a few of them from here, but I still took aim at the little devils and shot them from a distance.   One shot, one kill. My senses heightened as I concentrated on head shooting them one after the other. After being shot, they fell to the ground and after disappearing they dropped a gold dust, and the gold dust was automatically sucked into my pouch. Because I was surveying the dropped item for each floor, I brought along the pouch.   The little devils started noticing me and came to my direction one after another, and fired their black balls. I too won’t lose to them as I fired back at them.   The bunch of little devils were firing the black balls like machine gun towards me, but […]

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Chapter 94 – Two Types of Barrage

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: Attack on titan?   Aurum Dungeon, Second floor. A barrage flew through a long and narrow straight road. Bright bullets descended as if it was raining bullets. At the entrance of that narrow path, Alice and I took cover against a wall. Those balls of lights that did not hit […]

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FF : Chapter 24 : University

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> University Using the vial and create intelligent and capable to remember their original memories titans, this really appealed to Lin Xii. The reason’s really simple. The battle capabilities of a titan is really too strong——they are vastly different from the other low level mob like the zombies, gigantic insects […]

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Chapter 93 – If the wind blows, the bucket makers will prosper

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> TLN NOTE: I HAVE ACCIDENTALLY POST THIS CHAPTER SO YEAH! GUESS THE READERS CAN READ THIS TWO DAYS EARLY! DAMN ME AM I RIGHT? TLN Note: The title for this chapter(風かぜが吹ふいて桶屋おけやが儲もうかる) is a proverb which basically means any event can bring about an effect in an unexpected way. ETN: Hello humans. Editor’s back! I was busy earning money as usual for today, and after earning approximately 1 Million Piro I decided to leave the dungeon. Though I’ve located the stairs to the third floor, I decided to leave it for tomorrow and turned back. ☆ In front of the dungeon entrance, there were villagers gathered, keeping watch. I handed over the Magic Cart to Ena, who was hurriedly dispatched by the trading shop <The Swallows Repayment>. Ena then took out the gold dust from within the Magic Cart and weighed it. [Okay, it’s 1022134 Piro~] (Ena) [ [ [ Ooooo!!! ] ] ] After calculating it, another shop assistant brought in a safe, and once he confirmed the amount he handed the money over to me. The dungeon drops, and then purchasing from it. The villagers cheered as they were looking at the most orthodox scenes of this world’s production activities. [Are you gonna earn money like this.] [Immediately receiving the money like this is great.] [I want to head over to the dungeon tomorrow too.] The villagers showed admiration and their tensions […]

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