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FF : Chapter 7: 4 man team

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Feature image credited: Kangoku Gakuen There were around 6 titans prowling around. HIs objective of obtaining supplies is this supermarket. Since there were so many titans “guarding the door”, the supplies in the supermarket is definitely a lot. Some of the structure in the supermarket was toppled down by […]

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Chapter 78 – Unchanging Celeste

  <Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: Picollo!!! URGENT NOTICE!!! : TLN Update: Hello readers again! I’m bringing good news for y’all~ Since I saw a comment mentioning they want the people’s name mentioned at the end of a speech, I wanna try something different. I will do a test run on these few chapters […]

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FF-Chapter 6 : Wrath

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Only dead silence exists on the streets. It is totally different from yesterday, where the streets were bustling with students, people going off to work, customers shopping the streets, and everything descended into chaos when the monsters appeared. Now, those who survived mostly were hiding in their homes. The […]

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Chapter 77 – Emily and Celeste

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> After helping Margaret leveling up, we went and meet up with the guy who sells the Air Box. The place that she brought me had a building that showed a [Archive • Siha] on a signboard hanging on top of it. It wasn’t a private house but it gave off an image of a building that was used for an office or a store.   When we went inside, a guy was surprised to see me with Margaret walking in, bt for the time being we continued walking in. After passing through the reception area, we met the guy face to face.   [What does the signboard mean?] [It’s my name, which is also this office’s name.] [Oh, I see.]   This guy…..Archive gave me a faint look of an eyebrow, and alternately compared me and Margaret.   [Why are you together with the princess?] [I was with her the whole time in order to increase her level.]   I explained what was going on to Archive. After encountering Margaret’s level coincidentally, I predicted that when she reaches to level 99, her Drop stats would be All A, thus we tried leveling her up. The result was when she reached level 96 her Drop was All D, so it was confirmed that when she reached to level 99, her Drop stats would be All A.   At first, Archive had an […]

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Chapter 76 – Infinite Mechanism

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> [By the way, what was that crystal just now? Is that the rumoured EXP selling that I’ve heard recently?]   After the excitement had settled, Margaret asked me a question that was unavoidable at this point. EXP selling….Aah, was it during the time when they were selling something dropped from Mech Mouse during the Harvest Festival.   Even Though the monster gives out a huge chunk of EXP, but the drop is extremely inexpensive and is not in-demand. How it’s used was to turn it back into a rogue monster and defeat it to get tons of EXP.   Though it was a totally different story compared to the crystal that I gave to her a while ago in a sense that the one that she knows was to defeat a rogue monster to EXP. Thus I’m not sure of the content of EXP selling.   [This and that is sort of different. Using the ability of this ring, Those who are already at the level cap, their EXP points would be stored into this ring and once it hits a certain point a crystal will be formed and that crystal could be given to someone to use.] [So that’s what it was.] [What’s more.]   I looked straight at Margaret. The Princess that was being looked at so intently had her face redden immediately.   [I want to help you […]

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