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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 26 – The third bullet

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>   <Next Chapter> Featured Image: Madoka Magica Announcements: Seems like I misunderstood and he did indeed waste the Pandora boxes, other than that, please welcome Udin-san as our new editor-san~~~ :3 After seeing Raze and Roza off from outside Silicon dungeon, I looked at Emily who was beside me and gave my gratitude. [Thank you, you […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 25 – Disaster Relief

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit: Hyouka Proofread by: Udin-san On the outskirts of Shikuro, I’m currently working on quickly exchanging special bullets from the rogue monsters. The reason is because I have received 5 Pandora Boxes from that group, and using those boxes, I stored them all with seeds, then went outside of the […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 24 – Freeze and Flame bullets

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit: One piece I feel like I’m translating faster and faster as time goes by~ Idk why but the featured image made me laugh when I’m reading this chapter. While being at Nihonium in the morning, I reunited with a group that I’d encountered previously on the first floor. The […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 23 – Efficiency Up

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Why do I feel like even though I’m back but I have less time in translating… Well anyway, sorry for the delay, here comes a new challenger…I mean chapter~ The inside of the shop is getting rowdy. [Oi, are you kidding me?] [Isn’t it 3 years ago where the Neptune family last solicit someone?] [What’s more it’s the leader who personally came to ask.] They were all being noisy everywhere, while being extremely shocked. Some of them are even watching over here while breathing restlessly. Was it really that big of a deal? [Ne, so how about it?] [I’m sorry but I won’t take you up on your offer.] [I see. That’s a pity. Oh, just to be sure, you did not reject me just because you think I’m homo right. If that’s what you’re worried than don’t worry about it as you will be safe when you join us.] [It’s not it, that’s not the reason why.] I firmly shook my head. It’s not because you’re homo—Nope, that’s not the reason. That’s not the point, it’s just that I don’t feel like being in an organization for the time being. When I arrived at this world, I felt really relaxed. Compare to my previous hellish work life, I can live freely—more like literally enjoying this freelance work. I do not know how the Neptune family operates, but I don’t plan on […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 22 – The battle between S and A

<Previous Chapter>   <Table Of Content>    <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credit: GJ-Bu Riajuu can explode. For my morning daily routine, I’m leisurely jogging my way to Nihonium’s Dungeon. Since there is a Know-It-All Board at the entrance of the dungeon, I decided to check my status.   ――――――1/2――――――― Level 1/1 HP S MP F Strength S Endurance F Intelligence F […]

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