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Chapter 70 – A girl who was born from the dungeon

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: Shadowverse: Alice in wonderland I hold onto the girl and brought her outside of the shop.   [What is your name?] (TLN: direct translate Kimi no na(mae) ha) [It’s Alice.] [I see, well my name is Satou Ryouta. Let’s do our best from now on.] [Un!] [Well then, […]

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Chapter 69 – Level 1 Girl

<Previous Chapter> <Table Of Content> <Next Chapter> Guess which is my fav chapter atm? Featured Image Credited: Konosuba Megumin The last day of the Harvest Festival. With my friends doing different things on their own, I leisurely went around the city.   As usual, Shikuro is still a never changing city where it’s busy during the festival. While I was […]

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Chapter 68 – Trust

<Previous Chapter> <Table Of Content> <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: Syobon   Celeste who finally returned, normally and obediently came back. The beautiful girl with a luscious long hair which makes her look like a model, I can’t help but look at her in awe.   [Sorry for the wait, it seems that there are some abnormal occurrence in Teruru Dungeon’s […]

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Chapter 67 – Gratitude and a promise

<Previous Chapter> <Table Of Content> <Next Chapter> TLN Note: Results are out~ <Bullet Enhancer> won by 45% and nobody wanted <Bullet Strengthener> because it’s too long of a word for me to type out each time 😉 Proofreading/Edited by: Hue hue hue With a cheering voice, the people who were about to return to the mood of the festival, I paced quickly to where Neptune was when he was knocked away. Neptune who had already stood up had some dirt covering his face and his shirt, taking a glance at his whole body, it’s not confirmed whether he sustained any injuries or not. With Ran and Riru both patting the dust away from him, Neptune, as if it was an obvious thing to do, let them do their jobs.   [Seems that you’re alright.] [Of course. Seems like I’ve caused some trouble. Even though I’m not suppose to make such obvious mistake, I have to somehow atone for it.] [As long as the girl wasn’t in any danger, I think you shouldn’t worry about it.] [But I still want to say my thanks. Thank you.]   While saying that, Neptune had a gentle expression on his face. The thing that he mentioned was that even with his one attack, he did not manage to defeat the Increase Goblin in one hit.   If we’re talking about hand to hand combat, I think even with my S stats Strength, I don’t […]

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