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FF: Chapter 17: 3 Girls

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: Hestia 3 Girls The name of the girl with a pear-shaped face is Fi Fi, 15 years old; the oval-shaped face girl is Rui, 16 years old; and the loli with big bust is Sui (full name Sui Xin), 14 years old and the youngest among the […]

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Chapter 87 – Benefactor/Patron

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> The next day, when I was taking a walk in the morning I realized that the entrance to the dungeon was noisy. Was there something else going on! I thought, though  the air was brighter than expected. There were dozens of villagers forming a circle, and in the middle there was a guy who was dressed appropriately. I have seen that man’s face before, it was the father of one from yesterday when I’ve rescued them, Aaron. While being surrounded by the villagers, Aaron was showing something on the palm of his hands.   [It’s Satou-san, you came at just the right time.] (Aaron)   Aaron saw me and came and talk to me. At the same time the villagers who were surrounding Aaron all turned around and looked at me. I was curious about what was happening, thus I approached Aaron.   [Thanks for rescuing us yesterday, Satou-san.] (Aaron) [Is your son okay.] (Ryouta) [It was all thanks to you. Oh by the way Satou-san, look at this.] (Aaron)   Aaron held out his hand, as I looked at what was on his palm, there were several gold pieces on the palm of his hands. It was the gold pieces that drops in the dungeon, and the amount was slightly smaller than a BB bullet.   [What’s wrong with this.] (Ryouta) [It came from the dungeon!] (Aaron) [Did you defeat a monster […]

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FF : Chapter 15 : Trap

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Trap Lin Xii hoisted himself up from the shards of broken vase, a layer of red mist covering his body. This was the side effect from continuously using ‘Burst’ in high powered mode, blood seeping out from his pores due to his body breaking down. On the other side, […]

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FF : Chapter 14 – Ghoul

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Ghoul Looking at her daughter’s corpse, tears streamed down Ms Jiang’s face; lips trembling. She suddenly took out a fruit knife from her trousers, it’s a wonder how did she hid the knife from the thugs. Gripping onto the fruit knife, the teacher madly rushed towards the man. Lin […]

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