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FF : Chapter 35 : Large troops

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Large Troops   Large masses of crowd walked on the street, seemingly an endless amount of people. There were many elderly, woman and children amongst the crowd, slightly lethargic looking as they lack food intake.   Most of the civilians stayed behind, but there were still eighty thousand or so people that were willing to follow Elder Lee’s troops.   There’s only one reason that made them willingly leave their homes behind them.   Food.   They were unable to obtain enough food to survive in the city, so rather than starving to death in the city they might as well take the gamble. The worst that could happen is just dying in the maw of a monster——it might be better than slowly slipping away from hunger.   There’s special treatment to the evolutionaries, the army allocated a small van to every group of evolutionaries.   Cars are everywhere in the apocalypse, but fuel is a precious commodity.   What shocked Lin Xii was the 15 years old Fi Fi knew how to drive a car. After asking, she proudly told everyone that in addition of knowing how to drive a car, she too knew how to operate a yacht. She learned these skills at her home in Jinling, this girl has an extraordinary talent in operating vehicles.   The car is a seven seater. Fi Fi’s seated in […]

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Chapter 105 – The Increase and Decrease of Taxes

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: Guts pose     Nihonium Dungeon, 5th floor. Inside the snowy dungeon, I was hunting down the Red Skeleton which was three times faster than usual.   Seeing as the speed was incredibly fast, the chances of hitting them with bullets were slim. Compared to the other monsters, most of […]

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Chapter 104 – Even if you used it up, it still increases

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> While I was heading out from home to do my usual routine in Nihonium, a hole suddenly came out from the ground and Eve was half buried there.   [Wow! Yo, you scared me…..What are you doing Eve.] (Ryouta) [Bunny would normally dig holes, isn’t that common sense?] (Eve) [I don’t know of such common sense.] (Ryouta) [Cunning bunny digs all holes, that is a trivia.] (Eve) [I don’t think I would ever have the opportunity to use such trivia.] (Ryouta)   After defeating her with my tsukkomi, Eve hopped out of the hole, and the hole was neatly buried. A rare and unusual rabbit girl with her proud ears and tails and a bunny suits attached to her. Though she looked cute and full of colours, but don’t let that fool you as opposite of how she looked, she’s a full fledged power fighting adventurer. Coupled with her wondrous element, I have no idea what she was thinking after surprising me with that scene.   Since I have no idea what she wanted, asking her upfront was the best option.   [What were you doing around here.] (Ryouta) [Low level, potion.] (Eve) [Un?] (Ryouta) [I’ve used up the potions.] (Eve) […..Aah.] (Ryouta)   Her hands were wide open. By potion, she meant the special dropped item that only I can obtain. The effects of that potion would increase your drop rate for […]

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FF: Chapter 34 : Self Introduction

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Self Introduction   “Other than that, our team shared points and hired a pet. A huge shellfish that originated from a fantasy series.”   Pets and mercenary could be kept into storage spaces. But of course, intelligent beings such as Mai would definitely hate it——after minotaur guy activated his phone, a 20 meter square, huge, heavy tortoise appeared on the ground.   “What a huge turtle!” Someone exclaimed.   “HIs endurance is really high, there’s no problem with the three of us sitting on it as a steed……he could lug heavy baggages during the massive transfer, much more useful than a car as he doesn’t consume petrol. During dire situation he could even be a meat shield as his shell did not even crack a little even with a whack of my totemic poll.”   After showing off a little, Bull smiled and said, “Of course there’s a drawback with it too. It’s too slow compared to a car, at most it’s speed would be comparable to someone sprinting.”   “It’s good enough, how much for it?” The dude with the fullback hairstyle asked.   “Seventeen thousand three hundred.”   “What a luxury……but with the three of you pooling your points together it would be about six thousand per person. Acceptable.”   Fullback dude rubbed his chin and spoke up as Bull kept his turtle away. “Lemme introduce myself, […]

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Chapter 103 – The usual half

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter> Featured Image Credited: It’s to show what 獲ったどー meant In the morning, inside the living room of the three-story home. After having a delicious breakfast made by Emily, I looked at the passbook that was just made not too long ago.   [What are you looking at?] (Celeste) [Oh this, this is a passbook, […]

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