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Cut&Paste: Chapter 134 – A new Divine Beast

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> 『I see, so you have decided. Then, as said earlier, we Divine Beasts would do our best to help reached your goal. …..Well, even without that, I would still cooperate with you regardless.』   Fenrir-sama said to us. The cooperation from the Divine Beasts…..I kind of feel bad that they had to help someone like me.   Maybe he knew what I was thinking, this time Ymir-sama spoke.   『Don’t mind it, originally it was my fault that caused it, so I’ll have to take responsibility to clean up this mess. It’s not my place to say this, but this case has the general consensus by all 10 pillars of the Divine Beasts. Rather, I should be the one that has to worry about it.』   When Fenrir-sama heard what Ymir-sama finished saying, she shouted at Ymir-sama and said.   『…..You don’t have to say that!』   …..I see, even Fenrir-sama said so. The consensus of the Divine Beasts, they somehow wanted to fix the situation of the elf race.   After discovering a new combination with my 【Appraisal・Complete】, and by going to the past and fixing the problem, it was also the wish of the Divine Beasts.   『I understand, I’ll do my best.』   After saying that, I bowed my head down towards Ymir-sama, and with delightedness he nodded. As for Fenrir-sama, she kind of clicked her tongue, but […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 155 – Job change recommendation

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>   At night, the pub that specializes in beers, Villa De Edge. I came here alone.   There are times when I would come here by myself to enjoy in peace because of how busy I am everyday, so once in a while it’s good to come here alone.   Thinking so, I came here by myself.   The usual waitress led me to my usual spot, and I would order the Coffee Beer that I’ve been obsessed with recently. Thus, I was looking forward to it.   [Hah…..]   Someone sighed at the table beside me. A pub—–or more like a sigh that you would usually hear in an Izakaya.   [Eh? Well if it isn’t Leon?] (Ryouta) [Eh? Ah.] (Leon)   The person was surprised when he saw me. And that person over there was indeed Leon. He ordered a pretty orthodox menu of beer and yakitori, but there was a puddle of water on the table…..the water that spilled out from a few of the glasses with 5~6 glasses being drunk, and the yakitori was never touched as well. He only drank the beers, it was that sort of circumstances.   [What’s wrong, having such a long sigh.] (Ryouta) [Ahh no…..Uhh, I’m thankful for what you did before.] (Leon) [The tone of your voice doesn’t indicate that you just wanted to thank me, so what really happened?] (Ryouta) [Eeh…’s true […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 133 – Possibility of 【Appraisal・Complete】

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> 『I’ve gotten the approval of God….. How’s that? All of you, don’t you wanna head back to 10 years ago?』   …..Eh? Heading back 10 years? What’s going on?   Right now, Fenrir-sama looked at me for an instant, and proposed the idea. Which meant, I’m involved with this too?   However, I have absolutely no idea why this is happening…..   Waffle too tilted his head sideways, while thinking about something.   「Wh, what’s the meaning of this! ? Heading back 10 years !!!!!」   Amy-san raised her voice, as she faced Fenrir-sama and asked.   『Calm down, and you do not have to raise your voice. You can just talk to me telepathically, that’s why I gave you the protection to begin with.』   Having a conversation without actually saying a single word. Those who can’t do it would think it’s a strange sight, but it’s a very useful ability. We’re having a short distance conversation now, so it doesn’t look like much of a benefit, but if you could talk normally in a long distance conversation, then the merit would be immeasurable.   Plus, even in a short distance conversation, you could telepathically talk to the other person while keeping a secret to the rest.   Amy-san had just received the protection not too long ago, so she wasn’t used to it yet. I wonder if the more […]

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level 1 Guy: Chapter 154 – Clumsiness

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>   Teruru Dungeon, 6th floor. Dinner will be curry, was what Emily said, so I went over to the Teleportation Room to gather some potatoes.   Even though it was night time, there were still some adventurers who were searching for monsters in the 6th floor. While walking for a while, a monster spawned beneath my leg just in time.   It was the Parent-Child Slime. It’s characteristics was a huge Slime with several small slimes, as if a parent taking their children for a walk in a park. The more [children] you defeat, the more your drops increases if you defeat the [parent] Slime the last. Just so you know, even though it’s called the [Parent-Child Slime], it’s still 1 entire body. Though it’s called children, but rather it’s closely resembled to its limbs or hair.   A curry for six, and since we wanna keep it [curry for 2 days], it’s better to get around 10 person worth of potatoes. While thinking as such, I took out my revolvers, around the corner there was a guy who was already attacking the Parent-Child Slime.   [Oi, that’s my…..]   The hands that was stretched stopped when I heard the loud voice that was directed towards me. The man that was going after the Parent-Child Slime looked like he was about to die. His face looked so pale even when we’re inside a […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 132 – Ymir’s apology and Amy’s monologuing

<<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> 「…..This is…..without a doubt, the World Tree.」   Passing through the black vortex, the place that we ended up, was Amy-san’s hometown. And the World Tree is just around the corner.   「Over there, was once the place I lived in…..」   The location that Amy-san was staring at, had a huge burn mark on the ground, indicating a once village that was turned into ruins.   I wonder, what sort of imagery was shown in her eyes right now. Was it the figure of her beautiful hometown where it used to be…..or was it this miserable ruin, which is it.   ……What she was feeling right now, I couldn’t imagine. All I could do, was stood there and watched her silently.   「…..As promised, I have returned.」   Looking at the World Tree, she murmured.   As though it had heard her whispers, the World Tree greeted Amy-san by gently shaking its branches, letting its leaves fall to the ground.   「…..I’m back.」   After 10 plus years, she has returned to her hometown, I think it’s best if I leave her alone for awhile.   Waffle who also read the mood, quietly stayed put on top of her head.   Speaking of which, I sat down on the ground while stroking the backs of Waffle’s brothers, as I decided to wait for her to settle down.   I’m sure […]

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