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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 137 – Cerberus the loyal dog

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>   After raining and night came, the streets of Shikuro. A bar with delicious beer called, <Villa De Edge>.   Ryouta・Family was gathered over there. Inside the spacious bar, sitting at the furthest back possible, me, Emily, Celeste, Eve, and Alice, all five of us were sitting at a table.   Next to them, Cerberus was sitting with his upper body upright, looking at the entire bar with a ferocious face.   While we were eating and drinking, Cerberus played the role of a respectable watchdog.   [Oi, ‘dat a Cerberus right?] [Ain’t ‘dat the watchdog of hell. Da heck, it’s eating food from that tiny child.] [Ey you, that tiny child that you’re speaking of is Emily-san, you living under a rock or something?]   Everyone in the bar was eyeing on us, and were gossiping here and there.   Carrying the dishes and beers that we ordered, as soon as the bar’s poster girl with an apron and a hood approached us, Cerberus stood up.   Larger than a normal human, he exposed his teeth while looking down at her. The poster girl was shaking in fear.   [Cerberus, she’s working for this bar so it’s okay.] as soon as I ordered him, he sat back down.   The poster girl that felt relieved placed the food and drinks on the table.   [I’m sorry for frightening you. It’s already okay.] […]

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FF: Chapter 59: Dinosaur V. Titan

<Previous Chapter>   |   <Table of Content>  |   <Next Chapter> Dinosaur V. Titan   “Monster! The monsters are here!”   Panic erupted at the creek. The attack this time was different from the ambush at the forest, there’s too much disturbance and the fact that you could spot the 40 meters tall dinosaur from far away was just shocking.   Titan?   A 10 meter tall titan would be just a one bite snack to the huge beast.   Think about it, a 10 stories tall beast with red eyes and a huge maw, heading towards you with the ground trembling beneath it. What kinda scene would it be?   Two tanks that was on standby duty immediately reload their main cannon with 100 mm armor-piercing rounds.   The soldiers that’s in charge of the rpg hurriedly placed their bowl down, went to loading the rpgs with demolition rounds and started raining artillery towards the direction of the T-Rex.   The fire power of the army isn’t low by any means.   Even if Lin Xii activated his ‘Hot Blood’ and slam his fist with all his might, how could it deal more damage than a tank with armor-piercing rounds?   The ambush in the forest previously was too sudden, this hampered the capabilities of the army. Adding that more than half of the tanks were ruined instantly, the army could barely do anything.   The gigantic T-Rex was […]

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Cut&Paste: Chapter 114 – Slumber Party Guy to Girl ratio 1:4 (3)

TLN Note: Apologies for the earlier chapter that I used Magical Power instead of Mana, for this chapter, it will be changed to Mana.   <<Previous Chapter  Ι  Table of Content  Ι  Next Chapter>> Eh? Has he realised the cause of Airy’s poor body condition?   『Waffle, what do you mean by Airy’s mana?』   When asking Waffle for further details, it seemed that every living organisms be it large or small depending on the race, but all living organisms will have mana accumulated in their body. When a certain amount of mana is reduced from within the body, it seemed that various obstacles would appear during your living activities.   For example, Dizziness・Shortness of breath・and Palpitations『sensation of your heart is racing and could be felt on the chest』 are some of the symptoms said to appear.   Based on Waffle’s perception, apparently Airy was holding ⅔ of a typical Hume’s mana on her body.   She seemed to have suffered from a serious illness when she was young.   When she was young, she complained about being sick all the time, and it seemed that the organ that controlled her mana went wrong and that triggered the disease. Therefore, we might’ve reached a conclusion that it is the cause of chronic manaal deficiency.   『Waffle, you’ve done a huge deed!』   Yes, if this was really the case, no matter how much skilled doctor were to treat her, it […]

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Level 1 Guy: Chapter 135 – Total MP consumption Magic

<Previous Chapter>   <Table of Content>   <Next Chapter>   Nihonium Dungeon’s 5th floor that has Dungeon Snows falling. I was currently hunting down the Red Skeletons that gets powered up from the magic of the snow.   I held my revolver onto the head of the Red Skeleton as soon as it spawned from the ground. It did not try and chase me, but instead ran to the side of me to try and attack me from behind. The Skeleton which had confidence with it’s speed was moving with disturbing tactics, which was unusual for a monster to do so.   Though it was pretty quick, I was faster than it. The revolver resembled that of a compass as it turned a full 90 degree and I pulled the trigger.   It was just a normal bullet, and the fired bullet went straight and landed at the Red Skeleton. The red bones was fast, but that’s all there is to it, as a normal bullet was enough to defeat it, dropping a MP Seed as it vanished.   Following that pattern, I continued to roam around the dungeon. Though I have the Repetition magic, but I’m trying not to use it on dungeons that require less movements as much as possible. It isn’t all about the status, exercising one’s body is also just as important, thus with that in mind I continued farming.   After going round once, I collected the […]

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