FF: An Apology.

Hello, it’s Fantasy Fall translator here. I’m sorry. I’ve decided to stop translating this series and this is my apology. There are several reasons as why I stopped, I really would appreciate it if you would give it a read. First, I’m working. I’m currently in an internship for my Mechatronics Engineering Degree, so that already prevents me from translating on weekdays and I do not want to waste my precious free time to translate on a weekend. After my internship I will be working on my graduating thesis so that too is a factor as why I decided to stop. Second, the website. As you might know from Shiro, there’s problem with our revenue and he’s been working on another way other than ads to sustain this website. Now, to be honest that doesn’t concern me. I do not earn much from translating FF, which is 10 or so dollars a month. My main motivation translating was never money in the first place, I wanted to improve my writing skills as english isn’t my first language so I started translating, so it’s definitely not money that stopped me from translating. Third, the story. This is actually the main point that turned me off from continue translating. I could squeeze time from my work to translate, posting a weekly update. Revenue doesn’t bother me so the problem with ads also never bothered me. But, it was the story itself. It […]

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