Although I am only level 1, but with this unique skill, I am the strongest

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A.K.A Level 1 Guy

Genre: High-Fantasy | Slice of Life | Comedy | Romance | Dense MC | EMT for life.

Status: Online

Artist by: Subachi (Link to his pixiv)


Satou Ryouta who died from overworking at a company called “black” was reincarnated to another world. Although Ryouta was alive, he is now burdened with inconvenience that his level is fixed to 1 in this.
While he did not raise his level, he had a unique skill that can create cheat-like item that shouldn’t exist in the world from a monster.
He got to know about his status and MAX them with the help of ability-up items. He gathered a number of weapons and items that can only be used by himself, allowing him to be level 1 but yet, having the strongest equipment.

Reberu 1 dake do unique sukiru de saikyou desu by Miki Nazuna (RAW from syosetu)

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Character’s Colour Code
Ryouta Royal Blue
Emily Sea Green
Celeste Red
Eve Burnt Orange
Alice Purple
Elza Pink
Aurum Gold
Margaret Plum
Cerberus Maroon

Official means from the web novel Author himself (The rest of the namings are from my own POV)

(Official)First Arc

Bunny Arc

Item Arc

(Official Second Arc) Going Out of Town Arc/Celeste Arc

Back to Shikuro Arc

(Official) 3rd Arc

Power-leveling Arc

Owning a town arc

(Official) Fourth Arc

Ryouta’s back Arc

(Official) Fifth Arc

New House Arc

Doggy Arc

Sulphur Dungeon Arc

Staying at another city Arc


Highest Patreon Supporter: RegisRagnarok!!!

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    • It’s for the other readers who can’t differentiate the dialogues, and it adds some ‘colours’ to the story 😉

        • Oh really? I don’t think you have to “enable” anything to be able to see the colours though? Huh, are you using the mobile version or desktop version? maybe that might have a difference? Though I’m pretty sure everyone could see it, I mean I started doing the colour coding after chapter…uhhh, something and continued there since, you can try looking at the latest chapter and see whether there’s colour on the character’s name.

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  21. Hello, I wanted to ask you if I can use your work to translate this novel in French.
    I know that if I use the original version it would be better but i don’t understand a word of Japanese.

    • Yeah sure go ahead 🙂 I always love to see other people trying to translate novels. So I’m glad that you asked instead of just using it. Good luck with it 🙂

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    • I don’t know how many “arc” there is now…but I can say that there’s 80+ chapters currently out now in the WN…

  26. Thank you for translating! Just asking how did you learn Japanese if you didn’t know it already, and how long did it take?

    • Well you can see it on my about page but well…I properly learned how to ‘actually’ read, write and speak around the time of 2015 and for about half a year I had an intensive study from N5 to N4 which is the basics and how to form grammatical structures. Then after finishing the intensive course I obviously wanted to further study and thus went to another language centre( oh all of my teachers are native speakers too ><) and there's where I continued till today which is now on N2 and N1( the highest level) the reason why I started translating is because I wanted to improve in my grammar and vocab in jap because I failed N2 XD and to also improve on my writing skills as I strive to be an English teacher one day😣 so yeap….

        • You wanna try translating too? 😂 Honestly it wasn’t that difficult because I had a background of watching a ton of anime… What WAS hard was trying to change my way of speech from jissyo(informal) to keigo(formal) when speaking.😅 Sometimes I really need someone who could also read jap to understand some of the sentence so it can be more accurate ><

          • I probably won’t ever have a need to speak it, because I won’t ever go to Japan, but I can understand a few phrases from anime, so stuff like sentence structure I can sort of understand… But being the procrastinator I am, I won’t even search up anything about it. Why must I be a procrastinator;(… I’ll quit being one tommorow.

      • “All native speakers”….. ;___; You lucky you… If that existed around here I wouldn’t be stuck on N4 since 2013…

        Your skill is apparent btw. ^_^ I’ve seen enough “~tsu” (ex. はっ! -> ha ~tsu! …lol)on translation websites to know when someone actually translates or uses a machine…

        Keep up the great work, and hope you manage to get to be an english teacher eventually!

        • Thank you so much for the sweet encouragement~ well I am really lucky to get all my jap teachers to be native and it really does help improve the command in language significantly~ I do try my best as to not directly translate word by word as it will sound awful so paraphrasing really helps~ 😉 and you should continue studying on your jap…don’t lose hope~ I’m sure you can also succeed in your translation for manga 🙂

  27. thanks for translating this. also, can I ask what the source of the header image on this TOC page is? I feel like it feels familiar but I can’t place it for the life of me

  28. Greetings, first of all thanks for your great work.

    I would like to translate “level 1 guy” from english to spanish so, may I have permission to take your posts as reference? this is the first time I’m going to translate something so a don’t really know what is the process.

  29. Thanks for translating <3 but you mentioned that you didn't wanted to notify your translations on novelupdates because of another translator but… on novelupdates it ONLY shows your translations… no sign of another translator??

    • Oh, the one that I mentioned is another web novel call my class was summoned to another world except for me, that one was being translated by fantasynovel, this one on the other hand had nobody taking it so I am kind of the main translator XD

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