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Name: Shirokun V1.0

Gender: Male
Current Projects: Level 1 Guy, Fantasy Falls, Guy who did not get summon to another world.

Hello everyone, I updated my about me link to make it look more professional.

Hi, I currently am translating web novels as a hobby. I certainly did not think I would come this far as to have thousands of views coming to visit my blog and read my translations daily. I am truly grateful to each and everyone of you who came and supported me plus comment on each chapter. Your words truly touched my heart!

As you all know, I am just a student currently taking my degree in TESL and minoring in Guidance and Counseling. I started out translating when I was still in my late teenage years, I was fascinated by translators on BakaTsuki and Yoraikun(Go check him out!). Though I never had the courage to post them online for viewers to read, I usually show it to my friends and families to review my translation. They usually gave me advice on how to improve on my grammar and word structure. I am indebted to them and they are one of the reasons why I started translating further.

What are my hobbies?

  • I usually like to laze around at home and watch a ton of YouTube videos, but every now and then I would head to Overwatch with my friend and play a few match, usually resulting in a few hours of madness inside it.
  • I like drawing, though I SUCK at it.
  • Duh, obviously translating for y’all to read!
  • Reading…A SHIT ton of reading when I’m free when taking public transportation.

Web Novels that I love

  • Shield bro( LOVE IT!)
  • ETC… You can find it here (my anime list) though they’re usually mangas, most of them though are originated from light novels so I read from there first.

So…that’s about it I suppose, thanks for reading it !

TL;DR: Translator has nothing better else to do then to make an introduction about himself.

Name: Hue
Current Project: Editor for Level 1 Guy

Female | Malaysian | 8th February |Aquarius | Hobbyist Artist | Whovian |

I am several years younger than your translator, & I draw a lot. The image above is almost similar to how your translator & I look.

(Your translator has dimples.)
(Shiro: I seriously doubt that’s how I actually look though…)
(You’re right, translator. You should look older. :p )
I have a height complex, because I want to be at least 173cm tall. (Currently 161.5cm).



Highest Patreon Supporter: RegisRagnarok!!!

Also thank you to Kiet Nguyen, Vincent A Beard, and Mcgwier Colleen!