Level 1 Guy: Chapter 514 The Princess and the Party

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 The next morning, in the basement of Teruru.

 As I earned my money, I took stock of my current strength.

 My abilities had dropped from SS to F across the board.

 I landed a counter punch on a slime that jumped at me – but I couldn’t beat it.

 On the contrary–




 I heard a not-so-good sound coming from my wrist and hurriedly pulled my arm back to kill it.


 The slime you hit is still alive and well.

 Rather, it was enraged and attacked me with even greater force.


 I tried to dodge the attack, but my body was too heavy.

 The speed of your body has dropped from SS to F, and you can’t seem to avoid it.


 I pulled out my gun on the spur of the moment.

 I aimed at the slime with the regular bullets I had preloaded.

 I pulled the trigger, and at close range as it pounced on me, I was able to shoot it out without a problem.


 And then – drop.


 A large amount of sprouts were dropped from the slime.


“It’s the same over here.” (Ryouta)


 I was a little relieved, of course.

 The only thing that was “confiscated” by the Nihonium was the combat stats that were raised by the seeds through the dungeon.


 The five statuses of the drop were already S when I dropped (transferred) to this world.


 This is a unique skill that has nothing to do with Nihonium.

 The drop of sprouts didn’t change at all because this one was still S.


 And although my physical abilities were greatly reduced, my ability to attack with a gun remained exactly the same.


 I pushed the magic cart and walked around in the Teruru.


 It was a normal scene, a normal day in Teruru.

 I see a few adventurers here and there, bowing and bailing to each other as I walk.


 After walking for a while, I encountered a new slime.

 I hold up my gun, which is loaded with normal bullets.


 I waited for the slime to fly and guided it to come on the magic cart – I couldn’t do it.


“Mmm!” (Ryouta)


 The body hit was quickly avoided, and the slime flew backwards, grazing the cheek.


 Guidance …… What was I doing?


 A technique where you guide it onto the magic cart and when you defeat it, the drop goes straight into the magic cart, a shortcut technique for lapses.

 I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t guide the slime, it moved unexpectedly and almost attacked me.


 The slime bounces and tries to hit me again.

 This time I killed it by hitting it normally.


 I picked up a lot of bean sprouts and put them in my magic cart.

 What if, I thought.


 After collecting all the sprouts, I walked in search of more slimes.

 I soon had an encounter.

 This time it was an encounter, a long-range shot.


“Mmm, I knew it!” (Ryouta)


 I fired a normal bullet, which grazed the slime.

 It was a literal graze, but the slime was angry and attacked.


 You’ll be able to get a lot more out of it than you think.


 I guessed right.


 You can’t guide it anymore, and if you aim at it normally, it will miss you at a distance.

 The attack power of the gun itself has not changed, but the hit rate has visibly decreased.


“……Then.” (Ryouta)


 Having realised some of the negative effects in the reduction of capacity, the brain rapidly became accustomed to the current situation.


 I tucked my gun back into the pocket of my ground-eater and pushed my magic cart through the dungeon.


 Encountering a slime, I stuck out my hand at the encounter–


“Repetition!” (Ryouta)


 I chanted.

 The slime instantly bursts into flames, dropping a large amount of sprouts.


 The repetition seemed to work fine.


 Well, I guess so.

 The magic was acquired through the induction of Nihonium, but the magic itself is the result of eating magic fruit, so it is not a Nihonium thing.


 And that’s not what I want to know.

 I push the magic cart further and look for the slime.


 I encountered it.

 I cast repetition and kill the slime instantly.

 Pick up the bean sprouts and push the magic cart again to find the next slime.


 Encountered and repetition.

 Encounters and repetitions.

 Encounters and repetitions.


 After a total of six encounters…


“Repetition! –Oh, no!” (Ryouta)


 The slime didn’t fall, but rushed at me with its body.

 I was expecting it, and thought “maybe it’s time”, so I was able to dodge it.


 You’ll be able to see the slime’s face as well as the slime’s body, and you’ll be able to shoot it with the normal bullets from your gun.


 I took out my portable know-it-all board and used it.



Level: 1/1



Strength F

Stamina F

Intelligence F

Mental F

Speed F

Dexterity F

Luck F




Plant S

Animals S

Minerals S

Magic S

Traits S



 Repetition is magic, which means it consumes MP to use.

 With MP back to F, it’s only natural that the number of times you can use it will be much lower than before.


 But that’s not the only problem.


 The MP consumption of the repetition is proportional to the strength of the enemy.


 The slime of Teruru can use repetition without any problem, but when it comes to the dungeon master, even if your MP is S or SS, you will be drained of MP in one shot.


 In other words, if your MP is F, your repetitions will be virtually useless.


“That’s a bit of a problem.” (Ryouta)


 Well, when it comes to repetitions, “a bit” is all that matters.

 I don’t rely on them to begin with.


 This is the most powerful magic in this world for adventurers.

 It’s so strong that it will kill any monster you’ve killed once, without exception.


 In a world where everything is dropped by monsters in the dungeons and life is based on it, adventurers go around the dungeons endlessly and repeatedly.


 The repetition is the best way to keep defeating the same monsters with the least amount of steps and safety.


 That’s why I don’t usually use it much.

 If you use it too much, you lose your skill.


 It’s like when you play an RPG for a long time and then suddenly you play an action game and your fingers can’t keep up.


 And when the time comes.

 And when it comes down to it, that drop in skill can be fatal.

 That’s why I’ve been fighting as much as possible without using repetition, just using body armour and guns.


 It’s not that big of a deal if you can’t use repetition.


“It’s a good thing I’ve always done it that way.” (Ryouta)


 I chuckled and headed for a nearby resting place.


 This is the resting place that Cell has built in the Shikurodungeon since he became the head of the Dungeon Association.

 It’s a good idea to keep the monsters away from the resting place.

 In this safe zone, I decided to take stock of the current situation.


 First of all, my ability has become all F.

 This is exactly the same as when I first moved here.

 My body is still getting used to it, but it’s the same as it was ‘originally’, so my senses will soon catch up.


 And all the magic is still there.

 The repetition, the window cutter, the silver quick.

 The magic that I got from eating the magic fruit is still there.


 By the way, I tried it out before I came to the rest stop, but the magic was there, but I didn’t have enough MP to activate it.

 This is a sensory thing, when you can’t use a spell because you don’t have enough MP, nothing happens, but you feel a sense of emptiness in your body.

 Through this, I was able to confirm that all the magic was still there.


 And the guns were still there.

 Two normal guns and two +10 guns.

 This one has absolutely nothing to do with Nihonium, so it’s no surprise.


 The bullets – this may be the biggest problem.


 In a way, it’s easy to understand that the ability was mercilessly lowered to all F, but it was all lowered.

 But not the bullets.


 Half of the bullets I own are made from Nihonium.


 There are nine different types of special bullets for each level: freezing bullets, flaming bullets, Healing bullets, restraining bullets, ironclad bullets, slashing bullets, etc. ……


 Nine different special bullets for the tier were missing.


 In particular, Healing bullets and ironclad bullets are quite a blow. The others can be used more often or replaced elsewhere, but these two can’t be helped.


 Well, there is no point in asking for something you don’t have.


“Ryouta-sama” (Margaret)


 A quiet, elegant voice called out my name.

 I turned around to see Margaret standing there.


“Good work out there. How have you been?” (Ryouta)

“Nothing much has changed for me at all.” (Margaret)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


 I nodded.


 I had Margaret go to the Nihonium.


 It’s a dungeon that doesn’t drop anything – only air to everyone but me.

 That’s why the only adventurer who goes there now is Margaret, who makes air boxes.


 She continues to go to the dungeon even though it has become an all-A drop.

 As she says, “There are people waiting for me.”


 The result of Margaret’s visit.


“You didn’t change at all, did you?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, that is correct.” (Margaret)

“All right then.” (Ryouta)


 This means that Nihonium has made a decision for me.


 As a spirit, you want to annoy people.


 It was inspired by this incident, but it was only shown to me.


 Then I thought, well, maybe that’s all right.


“Ryouta-sama.” (Margaret)

“Hmm? What is it?” (Ryouta)

“Would you like to form a party for a while?” (Margaret)

“A party?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. Because Ryouta-sama and I look exactly alike now.” (Margaret)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


 That could be interesting, I thought, getting a bit of fun out of it.

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