Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 209

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 We went to the castle, and I and Nea, along with Leona, whom we met there again, were given a tour of the city of Lingle until the afternoon training.

 It’s not the most popular place to be because the battle has just ended, and the streets haven’t yet returned to their former glory, but the shops are still open, so we showed them around and visited the shops that Amako helps with.

 And in the afternoon, when the training with Kazuki was about to begin, Leona and I were doing some light hand-to-hand combat to warm up.





 The fist that I thrust out was hit by the handle of the spear that Leona-san rotated in her hand.

 Leona-san, who had regripped the spear as it was, launched a stone thrust at my leg.




 She avoids it by stepping back, but Leona steps in and simultaneously swings her spear in a large horizontal cleave.

 Cleave with reach! You can’t take a bad distance!

 I repel the tip of the spear with my right arm, and while keeping my distance, I bring Leona’s figure into view once again.


“I thought I could do it at close range, but I guess there are ways of fighting that don’t let the opponent get close to you….”


 Originally, she is so much better than Kazuki and senpai in terms of technique.

 If you try to forcefully approach her, she will counterattack you like she did earlier.


“I said I was going to do a mock battle with a casual attitude, but it got more and more heated.

“Haha ……”


 No, at first, it was supposed to be a casual affair,……, but as we continued to attack and defend several times, it became quite stiff.

 Of course, Leona’s hero spear is ice-bladed, and we both follow the rule of not taking each other seriously.


“We don’t even have Nea right now. ……”


 Nea was left alone with Amako as she headed off to her afternoon training.

 ”You’re not coming? I asked her if she was coming and she said, “No, I don’t want to follow you all the time.”

 So now I’m fighting without her support.


“Leona. It’s time to use some magic.”

“I don’t mind, but are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, I am. Besides, I want to review the use of this gauntlet.”


 Normally, I only use my gauntlets as shields.

 Although the assimilation of Ferrum has eliminated the advantage of unleashing magic unharmed, the cage has another property of assisting in the manipulation of magic.

 We have not been able to make use of it, but we need to understand it better in developing techniques to make magic more resilient.


“If that’s the case, then as someone who, like you, has been entrusted with Falga-sama’s armor, I should be able to help.”



 Leona said, waving the spear in her right hand once, with a metallic sound, the spear took shape. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great idea.

 I was surprised at the transformation, which was too cool to say the least.


“What? Can it be a sword too?”

“The original form was a staff. It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re doing.


 Ta, it was certainly an axe when Ms Karon was using it, and it’s not surprising that it can change into other forms.

 Seeing my surprise, Leona-san’s smile grew stronger and she took a stance, releasing cold air from her sword.

 Behind her, four ice swords float in the air.


“Now, you already know how I fight with my swords, don’t you?”

“……, good!”


 This one also creates healing magic bullets in both hands.

 It’s not serious, but it’s still an interesting match.

 After taking a small deep breath, she runs towards Leona.


“Healing magic bullet!”



 The two healing magic bullets I threw while running and the ice sword that Leona released collide in mid-air.



 It’s the same battle as the one we had in Mia Rak.

 The difference was that Leona was not hesitating in the fight.

 Although I myself am aware that I have grown up since then, Leona-san skillfully played with me with her technique and magic, and did not allow me to approach her.

 I was happy to see her strength as a brave warrior without hesitation, as if it were my own, but at the same time I felt frustrated at myself for not being able to fully handle the armour of a brave warrior like she could.

 After a few minutes had passed, she raised her voice in surprise at me as I used my Healing Accelerated Fist to distance myself while avoiding Leona’s ice sword.


“I’ve been away for a while, and you’ve started using some crazy moves again! You are!”

“It’s called the Healing Acceleration Fist! This is also a technique that applies the outburst of magic power!”

“I’m sorry! If you ask me now, you’ll get confused, so I’ll ask you later!”


 It was treated as a far-fetched and unintelligible technique.

 He tried to close the distance again, but was stopped in his tracks by a tracking ice sword released by Leona.


“Its anomalous acceleration is troublesome, but–“


 Leona raised her sword high in the air, and the blade was covered with magic.

 Looking at the translucent blade that began to emit a white cold air, I had a bad feeling.


“For those of you who are fast on your feet, this kind of technique would be effective, wouldn’t it?”


 The moment she swung her sword down, a powerful cold magic power was released from the blade.

 It spread sideways and came towards me, freezing the ground.


“What? Healing magic ruptured fist!”


 While being taken aback, she released a shockwave of magic power from her palm to block the oncoming cold air.

 However, the cold air was only stopped for a moment and was immediately pushed back.

 She backed up and stared at the wall of cold air that still did not stop gaining momentum.


“No? ……!”


 A torrent of cold air that freezes the ground as it moves forward! If this is properly decided, movement will be restricted!

 A healing magic rupture palm is not enough to properly stall the cold air.

 —If only!


“If the ruptured fist does not work, you can strengthen it further!”


 She holds her right arm at her waist and creates a magic bullet in her palm.

 The magic bullet, which would normally grow so large that it is filled with magic power, is kept at the same size and continues to be filled with magic power by applying gauntlet’s magic manipulation ability and lineage reinforcement.


“? Usato, what were you——”


 To hold down the magic power that is about to overflow, she puts her left hand on the gauntlet hand.

 The magic bullet is distorted in shape while overflowing with green light.

 The magic power is released by pushing the palm forward.




 At the same time as the sound of air bursting, the healing magic bullet compressed by the palm bursts out of control, and a shock wave beyond the healing burst palm is released in a fan shape as it is.

 With it, a recoil incomparable to that of the Healing Burst Palm struck.




 The impact almost knocked him down, but he braced himself on his feet and held on.

 The green shockwave emitted from the outburst magic projectile pushed back the oncoming cold air and tore away the ice covering the ground.

 The green magic particles of healing magic and the ice that shattered and scattered into the air glinted in the sun, creating a fantastic scene.


“Whew. ……”


 I exhale lightly as I lower my palm from my stance.

 For a spur-of-the-moment move, you’ve succeeded …….

 If Healing Flying Fist is an enhanced version of Healing Punch, would this technique be an enhanced version of Healing Magic Bullet?

 I tilt my head to look at the green light that is glowing and drifting in the air where I am standing.


“Did the magic power of healing magic fly with the shockwave? ……”


 It feels as if healing magic is being applied just by being here, so it must be as if not only the cold air is offset, but the caged healing magic is also dispersed into the air.

 …… If you use this technique well, you can heal a lot of people without having to touch them directly, can’t you?

 The effect is drastically reduced, but I think it’s quite useful to heal wounds just by being there.


“Widespread healing magic. If I had to name it, I’d say either healing flash or healing blast wave. ……”


 As I was muttering these things while being blinded by the scenery in front of me, I noticed Leona running up to me at a short distance.


“…… ah”


 Leona, who can use lineage enhancement, must know on what principle I used the technique earlier.

 Well, she might get angry again. ……

 I can bear being angry at Rose, but I can’t bear being angry at Leona-san, so I talk to Leona-san, who approaches me in a slumber.


“Oh, uh, uh, Leona-san, this is ……”

“Usato. Would you mind removing the cage on your right arm?”

“Ha, yes.”


 When I did as I was told and released the gauntlet, Leona-san grabbed my wrist and looked at my entire right arm as if she were observing me.

 After about a dozen seconds of doing as she was told, she patted her chest in relief.


“Thank God. You don’t seem to be hurt.”


“It’s such a skill. You could have been seriously injured, you know. I just wanted to make sure.”

“Oh, you’re not angry? I mean, I’m not mad at you for that. ……”

“No, I’m not angry……. I’m just not going to argue with your methods. In general, the techniques you use are too dangerous, but only you can apply them and think of them.”


 Leona chuckles as she removes her hand from her right arm as she says this.


“Then, what I should do is not to blame you, but to help you and encourage you to grow as a user of the same systemic enhancement.”

“Leona-san ……”

“Well, as expected, I was surprised by the technique you used just now: ……”


 As she said this to me, looking embarrassed, I felt a surge of excitement, and then I noticed two signs approaching the training area where we were.

 It seems that senpai and Kazuki have arrived.


“‘Yahoo Usato-ku—–, why is there diamond dust dancing in the cold? And it’s glowing green!”

“Oh, it’s so beautiful!”


 I’ll have to explain the current situation to you two first.

 At any rate, I met up with senpai and Kazuki, and briefly explained that we had been engaged in a mock battle, and that as part of that we had created the scene we see today.

 Senpai said “I should have come earlier ……!” I should have come earlier.

 After that, as planned, they were to train to make magic elastic.


“Well, Kazuki?”


 He showed Kazuki the magic bullets that he had created in his gauntlet-covered palms.

 I’ve not even found a clue yet, but if Kazuki can see it, he might be able to figure it out.


“Maybe Usato is creating this magic in the manner of a lineage enhancement.”

“What, that’s not good enough?”

“What can I say? ……”


 Kazuki, with his hand on his chin and his head twisted, speaks brokenly, with a magic bullet floating in his own palm.


“If this magic bullet is compared to a water bowl, and the magic power that is poured into it is water, then the systematic strengthening is to exceed the capacity of this water bowl and pour water into it so that it does not break.”


“So, making the magic elastic is …… a puzzle, if you like to call it that. It’s like …… weaving and stacking layers and layers of it, aligning the shapes so tightly that there are no gaps between the magical forces. ……”


 Having said this, Kazuki’s voice gradually lowered and he began to feel visibly depressed.


“Sorry, I guess I’m not very good at explaining things.”

“No, no, it’s okay, I can kind of understand!”


 I follow Kazuki, whose shoulders droop.

 To be honest, I could visualise parts of it, but I couldn’t understand the important parts.

 I am ashamed of my clumsy comprehension, but Leona and Senpai, who were listening next to me, were nodding in agreement.


“Making magic more resilient …… or, since it’s so long, let’s call it resilience imparting.’ So the first step in getting there is different between that resilience grant and lineage enhancement, is it?”

“Is that right ……?”

“Hm, it seems that Kazuki-dono is a sensualist.”


 Like Kazuki, I nodded my head.

 And then Leona turned to me.


“Usato. It’s not like normal magic where Kazuki’s magic starts out. It’s not just a matter of releasing it from your body, it’s easier to say that you’ve created its contents.”

“So it’s not like you’re just releasing magic?”

“Yes. Kazuki-dono, Suzune-dono, can you make a magic bullet for me to try?”

“Ah, yes.”



 Leona said, Kazuki creates a magic bullet.

 If you look closely, you can see that a sphere is being formed as the magic power wraps around the centre.

 On the other hand, senpai’s magic bullets are familiar to me as well, the mass of magic power overflowing from his palm is solidifying as if it is being fleshed out.


“Do you understand the difference?”


“In the case of a normal release of magic power, its contents are empty. However, the magic power that is inside is actually the magic power that has been created.”


 So we were starting from the wrong place in the first place.

 I used to leave the release of magical power to my senses, but from now on I have to be aware of that too.


“I’ve heard that you’ve mastered systematic strengthening, Kazuki-dono, but …… I think you’ve had a lot of trouble mastering systematic strengthening, haven’t you?”

“Yes, I did. It was only with the help of Master Falga’s gauntlet that I finally succeeded.


 How did you know that? Kazuki was surprised like that.

 Leona-san nodded to him as if she was satisfied.


“I thought it was strange that someone as skilled as you in handling magic power had not succeeded in strengthening the lineage,……, but with such precise magic power. There was probably no room for the magic power to be inserted into the system, even if it were to be strengthened.”

“So, that’s why there were so many failures. …… I didn’t know that. ……”


 So it’s because they were too precise that they couldn’t strengthen the system?

 It’s amazing that you can see it right away, but most of all, it’s amazing that you can teach it so clearly.

 I think it’s considerable when I can still keep up with what I’m talking about.


“Have you got something, Usato?”

“It’s a bit vague, I think.”


 I stood up, replying to senpai.

 The principle is understood.

 The question is whether I can perform the outstanding magical manipulation that Kazuki would be doing unconsciously, but that can only be managed with the power and perseverance of Gauntlet.


“Try first. Then.”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you. Yes, it’s Usato-kun.”


 What is it about me that you’re referring to?

 While my legs almost lose strength at senpai muttering this happily for some reason, I raise my right arm, which is covered by a gauntlet.

 I don’t think there is any danger, but if something happens, Leona-san will stop me.

 Thinking this, I close my eyes and concentrate on manipulating my magical power.


Author’s Note:


As soon as Nea disappeared, Usato started inventing strange techniques.


It’s the first time he’s used a wide-area healing magic.


The name of the technique was decided on a hunch (as usual).


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