Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 207

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 After senpai and Kazuki went back to the castle, it was me, Nack, Nea, Ferrum and Amako who were in the rescue squad.

 When the sun was setting and it was getting dark outside, I sat down on a chair in the dining room after dinner and practised creating the elastic magic that Kazuki had shown me.

 The practice was not that exaggerated, but rather a rather simple one of manipulating the density of the magic power that floated in my palms.

 They were practising this with the help of Nea, but…


“No, I can’t do it anymore.”

“It’s been less than five minutes.”


 After a few minutes of practice, I was given a drubbing.

 The magic that surrounds my right hand just flickers and shows no signs of changing.


“You can’t do it without me. I’ve seen a bit of it and I know that Kazuki’s magical manipulation is not something that can be learned with a lot of practice.”

“…… magic manipulation,” 

“To begin with, when they can manipulate the formless magical hardness of light, they must be using different senses to handle magic than we do.”



 Kazuki once said that he handles magic with natural movements, as if he were handling his hands.

 In other words, for Kazuki, the magic power is the same as the hand that he usually moves.

 It’s easy to express in words, but it’s not so easy to do in practice.


“But… You can’t do it by yourself, but with that gauntlet you’ll never know?”


 Nea pointed to the bracelet on my right arm.

 A gauntlet, formerly a hero’s sword, given to me by Falga-sama.


“In addition to its ridiculous hardness, the gauntlet has the ability to assist magic power. It’s not impossible to use that ability to make magic power elastic.

“So, I should use this gauntlet when I practice, right?”

“That’s what I mean. But it’s still not easy.”


 So does this mean that even if you learn this technique, you can only handle elastic magic with your right arm?


“…… No, wait.”

“? What’s wrong?”


 How about moving the magic bullets created by the basket hand through my body?

 When I visited Luxvis for the first time before, I had a mock battle with Halfa.

 At that time, I tried to move magic from my arms to my legs in order to confirm Halfa-san’s “anticipation of movement with fluctuations in magic power” magic vision.

 At that time, I wasn’t particularly conscious of it, but …… I might be able to make use of that technique.


“If you decide to do so, you can practice this as well.”

“Yeah, what are you going to do again? Just the story of making magic elastic is unrealistic …….”

“No, this is something that’s not that hard.”


 I spread my palm out in front of Nea and lit up my index finger with magic power.

 Show Nea, who tilted her head curiously at the sight of it, the transfer of magic power from her index finger to her middle finger via her palm.


“Wow, you’re really handy.”

“You should be able to do this as fast and as quickly as possible. The more you improve this, the more refined the flow of magic power will be, and the more efficient the healing magic will be. …… Maybe.


 When she says this confidently, Nea looks at the magic moving from finger to finger in a curious way.


“When I’m on your shoulder in owl form, I’m channelling my magic in the same way, you know?”

“Oh, really?”


 Thinking back, it was only natural that the principle was the same, since they were sending magic from Nea through my body, into my arms, legs and so on.


“I’m surprised that you have such basic knowledge.”

“…… basic, this?”

“You didn’t know?”

“I learned how to handle magic while running …….”

“Yeah, yeah …….”


 No, now that I think about it, it’s quite a way to learn.

 As a result, though, thanks to healing magic, I was able to get through that horrible training that I can’t even describe in words.


“Most magicians don’t think about training too much because it’s enough to pour magic power into the hands that emit the magic from the centre of themselves, but …… for you, it might be an effective training.

“You can move the magic from your arms to your legs, but ultimately, you want to be able to move it the moment you think about it …….”

“As for this, it won’t take long. From what I’ve seen, it’s a very smooth transfer of magic from finger to finger.”


 Nea tells me this as I transfer magic power from my index finger to my thumb and from my thumb to my pinky.


“In the meantime, I’m going to practise …… this ‘magic power transfer’ at the same time.”

“Don’t get too attached to it, okay? It’s like I’m watching you to make sure you don’t.”

“So, you’re an out-of-control kid. I am.”

“You’re worse than that. Oh, I really can’t take my eyes off you!”


 My cheeks twitching, Nea sighs and props her elbows on the table.

 She rests her cheek on the table and looks me straight in the eye.


“I’m your familiar, you know. I’ll still be around after the battle is over.”

“…… haha, what if I have to go back to my world?”


 As soon as I said that to myself, I immediately regretted it.

 I haven’t found a way to go back, but if I could, it would mean saying goodbye to the people of this world.

 She was not surprised to see me upset after I said it, on the contrary, she smiled and stuck her index finger at me.


“Of course I’m going to follow you. As long as there’s an unknown I’m looking for, I’ll follow you everywhere.”


 I knew at once that these confident words were not a lie.

 That’s why I couldn’t help but smile unconsciously, even though I was taken aback.


“I think …… you would really follow me.”

“I told you. I’ll be following you for the rest of my life.”


 Surely, you said something like that when you were forced to sign a messenger contract.

 It wasn’t that long ago, but it feels like a long time has passed since that incident with the evil dragon.

 While remembering what happened a while ago and having such an exchange with Nea, Amako came out from the kitchen.


“Usato is having it tough. He’s been possessed by Nea.”

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes, a little bit.”

“Hey, what do you mean, a little bit?”


 Overhearing Nea’s voice, Amako put her apron on the table and sat down across the table from her.


“Usato. Where are Nack and Ferum?”

“Nack went back to his room first. Ferrum is at …….”

“You’re keeping a daily diary, aren’t you? She’s very diligent.”


 I didn’t know she still kept a diary at …….

 I’m glad to see that she still keeps a diary, even though I recommended it to her.

 Well, it’s probably just complaining about me, but it’s still a good thing.


“So, Amako. Can you tell me your …… story?”

“…… Yes.”


 This is what Amako wants to tell me.

 I’m sure it’s not something she’s in a hurry to tell me, but from the look on her face as she ponders it, it seems to be complicated.


“I saw a premonition.”

“…… while you were asleep?”



 Then this expression makes sense.

 But apparently it’s not the only thing that’s bothering her now.


“It was the same as my usual prediction until halfway …… through, but it was a little different.”

“Different ……?”


Amako began to tell me and Nea, who tilted her head, about the premonition she had seen.

 Me and senpai going on a journey.

 The past of the demon king’s territory and the heroes — and a swing of the sword of the previous generation of heroes.

 That and the mysterious woman who spoke directly to Amako from the scenery she was seeing with the precognition magic.

 As far as the first part of the …… prediction is concerned, you could have guessed what was going to happen.


“Hmm, a fox beastman like Amako, with a sword, you know. You’ve never met her, have you?”

“She didn’t say his name, and she disappeared without saying a word to me.”


 Beastmen, swords and precognitive magic.

 And she looks like Amako’s mother, Kanoko.

 That’s about all the information we know.


“Did you tell the people at the castle about the precognition?”


“And what about the beastman woman who appeared in your dream?”


 Amako shakes her head at Nea’s words.

 Well, even if she saw it as part of a precognition spell, the beast woman is very uncertain information.

 If it is bad, the prediction that Amaco saw could itself be false.


“That’s why I wanted to talk to Usato. That woman said something incomprehensible, that she was watching me through him, so I thought maybe that was Usato…….”

“Me? Why me?”


 I don’t think I had anything to do with it, just from what I heard.

 The “she” said she had seen her through something, and I’m pretty sure I had nothing to do with it.

 As I tilt my head, Amako awkwardly lowers her gaze at an angle.


“Because it’s Usato ……”

“Uh, …….”

“You guys. First of all, let’s change the perception that I’m always getting into trouble, shall we?”


 For some reason, even Nea agrees with me, so I deny it.


“I’m from another world, you know? And the only connections we have are the ones we’ve had since we came into this world, right?”


 It’s a total false accusation.

    No matter how many places I go, I’m involved in incidents related to the previous generation of heroes, it is indeed something I don’t remember.


“It’s impossible to see anything through me in the first place. It is more believable that someone like Master Falga, who can use magic, could have seen it.”

“…… Well, I’m just saying.”


 You’re right, but what about your suspicious glances?

 How much trouble do they think you’re in?

 After all we’ve been through, it’s not surprising.


“Anyway, from what I’ve read, I’m sure we’ll be approached soon. Amako was one of those who travelled, wasn’t she?”

“Yes. But I didn’t recognize any of the other members except Suzune and Kazuki.”


 …… Is this any way to think about it?

 Maybe the prediction will come true soon, and until that day we can go on with our lives as usual.

 Let’s finish talking about the prediction and then we’ll talk about tomorrow.


“Tomorrow I am going to see Leona at the castle, do you want to go too Amako?”

“I really want to go, but I have to help in the shop tomorrow. …… Tell Leona I said hello when you see her.”

“Yeah, okay.”


 Nea doesn’t have to ask, because of course she wants to go.


“…… Leona, how was she? You met her on the battlefield, didn’t you?”

“She was very reliable. If she hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have been able to move. Thank you so much for coming.”

“She was so generous to give me that rare stuff, the magic recovery potion.”

“I thought they were expensive?”

“Yes. A lot more than you think.”


 I’d like to know the value of that potion, even though he didn’t mention it during the fight.


“In the first place, potions that work just by drinking them are basically expensive. The potions that restore magic power, which can only be restored naturally, are made in a special process and it is apparently difficult to make a lot of them.”

“I see. ……”


 Even in the middle of a battle, I didn’t know that I had drunk such a rare thing.

 Thanks to that, I was able to keep moving afterwards, and I really can’t thank you enough for that.


“Anyway, I’ll be sure to thank you tomorrow.”

“Then you should get some rest today for tomorrow. You woke up today, so you’re not in the best shape, are you?”


 Yes, that’s true.

 But before we rest…


“Amako, are you going to stay in your dormitory? If you’re going home, can I take you home?”

“No, I’m not. I’m staying here today.”


 So you’re staying here today, which means you’ll be here for the next three days until I wake up.

 I must have really worried you.

 Once again, I think about it and continue to talk to her.


“Do you have a place to sleep?”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got bedding in mine and Ferrum’s room. Amako is small, so it won’t take up too much space.”



 Nea smiles at Amako, who glares at her with an annoyed expression.

 If I don’t have to take her home, I think I’ll go to bed early.

 Nea is right, I just woke up today and I don’t really feel like it, so I’ll get some sleep and get back into shape.


Author’s Note:
Nea is a heroine in a special position.

She sits in the closest position of a familiar, so it feels like she doesn’t need to ask for more.


In addition, it appears that she has a biggest enemy in the mascot sense called Kukuru.

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