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Author’s Note:

This is the introduction of the characters.

I recommend not to read this if you haven’t read Volume 8 yet, because it will spoil the story.



Name Ferrum

Magic Darkness (reversal -> assimilation)

Race Demon


She used to be a warrior called the Black Knight who belonged to the Demon King’s Second Legion, but she was captured by Usato during a battle, and after some twists and turns, she joined the Life Saving Corps.

Because of her dark magic, she was feared by the people around her and spent a lonely childhood.

As a result, her dark magic, which was originally just a robe to protect her, turned into something with the property of “reversing” or “inflicting wounds on others”.

After being captured as a black knight, he is thrown into a life saving mission as a demon felm, where he learns to interact with people and trust them.

He secretly trusts Usato, the first person who confronted him, but he can be a bit stubborn and not be honest with him.

As a result of this process, Ferm himself has changed, and his nature of “reversing” in order to hurt others has changed to that of “assimilation”.


“The conditions for assimilation are limited to those whom Fermu trusts with all her heart.

If the conditions are met, her magic will cling to the person and give them more power.

Because the magic itself has this property, it sometimes moves of its own accord and attaches itself to the target, whether she wills it or not.

If she gets to know Nea, Amako and others, she can assimilate them as well.


Usato – Dark Magic Mode (Temporary)


This is Ferrum’s assimilated form of Usato.

The condition of “assimilation” is “I want to be with you” and “I want to help you”.

The black knight-like armour on his limbs and the dark magic that covers his uniform allow him to transform his shape to suit any situation.

“It’s the only thing he can do when he’s assimilated, but Usato took advantage of his assimilation and began to unleash his magic all over his body (!). This is the reason why it has been used in a way that is far from its original purpose.


In this state, Ferrum looks at his surroundings as if he were at the controls of a robot named Usato.

Although Ferrum is able to control Usato’s body through his armour, it is almost impossible to do so without his permission, as his armour is too strong to win.


Name Gerna

Magic Healing


A healing magician from the kingdom of Nirvarna.

He is the boy that the Kingdom of Nirvarna trained to become a healing magician like Rose and Usato.

He joined the war because he wanted to confirm the truth about the rumoured healing magicians and because he genuinely wanted to help people.


Name Kate

Magic Healing


A healing magician from the Kingdom of Calm Helio.

Basically, she’s a fanatical heroic nerd, and was recruited by Calm Helio and sent out as an extra member of the Life Saving Corps.

She was sent by Calm Helio to find out more about the group, but she is not aware of this.

She witnesses with her own eyes Suzune’s rejection of Prince Kyle’s confession.


Name Sharn

Magic Healing


A woman from a village near the kingdom of Sandara.

She is a kind-hearted woman who has healed the people of her village as a healing magician, but when she heard about the war against the Demon King’s army, she couldn’t stay and volunteered to help.


Name Hannah

Magic Illusion

Race Demon


The newly appointed leader of the Demon King’s Third Legion.

She specialises in illusion magic, and is a dangerous person who is willing to use any means necessary, even cruel ones.

Her humble attitude towards the Demon King is an act to impress him.

She was not a bad person from the start, she was a kind-hearted girl. However, living in the rough land of the Demon Lord’s domain, she realised that kindness is not for her benefit and that the best way to live is to be cunning.

After being captured by Usato, she fainted from fear, but was rescued by an unnamed female soldier and her partner, a flying dragon, when there was a gap in the allied forces’ security due to a widespread attack by the Demon King.

However, she is not safe after her return, and has been deeply traumatised by Usato.


Name: Nero Argents

Magic Wind

Race Demon


A magical swordsman of the demon tribe who is as skilled as Rose.

He is said to be the strongest swordsman in the tribe due to his excellent swordsmanship and magic, but due to his history with Rose, he has become obsessed with fighting, and has spent all his time training until the start of this war.

In the past, Rose nearly broke his shoulder, but after several years of training and rehabilitation, he has recovered and is finally able to fight Rose again in Chapter 8.


Name The Demon King (name unknown)

Ability: He can use all kinds of magic.

Race Demon


The king of the demon race and magic, and the last hope of the trapped demons.

In his prime, he was capable of using all kinds of magic, but since 70% of his magic and abilities were sealed away by his predecessor, his power was severely diminished.

But even so, he still possesses a mighty power.

It’s a great way to get to know your friends and family.


Author’s Note:


A little information on the demon king is disclosed.


It’s like a one-pointed, projecting hero with a seal, and an all-powerful demon king with sorcery.


This is the end of this update.

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