Chiyu Mahou: Side story – After the battle

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This is a side story.

This time, it will be from Amako’s point of view.


Side story: After the battle


 The battle against the Demon King’s army is over.

 We were waiting for the return of Usato and his friends in the Kingdom of Lingle when the news arrived.

 It should have been good news, but the content was completely the opposite.


“At the same time as the Demon King’s army retreated, it attacked with magic over a wide area, and the four kingdoms suffered enormous damage.”


 Speaking of victory, it would be a victory.

 However, in reality, it is a complete painful split.

 It’s just that it left a big scar on the demon king’s army and on the human side as well.

 The coalition of four kingdoms was almost completely destroyed, and although they still had the strength to fight, the damage was by no means negligible.

 But while the rescue squads were still on the battlefield helping the wounded, Usato was different.

 He was the only one who was returned to the Kingdom of Lingle.

 When I heard that, I assumed that he was badly injured and had to return here, and I was very distraught.

 He came back with the knights of the Kingdom of Lingle, Suzune and Kazuki, and also Nea and Ferrum—he was just sleeping normally.


“This guy fainted as soon as the last attack stopped ……, just like always.”


 When Nea says this to me, as if in a daze, I unintentionally lose strength in my body too.

 It’s just like him, or how can I say it? …… It was the usual Usato, to the extent that it was ridiculous that I was worried about him.

 He was carried to the rescue squad’s quarters as it was — two days have passed since the battle ended, and he still hasn’t woken up.




 He lets out an anxious sound as she accompanies him to his bed in his room in the lifeguard’s quarters, where he is tucked up in bed.

 He breathes quietly and leans his back against the chair beside the bed, staring into his sleeping face.


“You’ve been reckless again, haven’t you?”


 The knights told me that Usato had rampaged through many places.

 He fought the First Legionnaire, he fought Koga, he fought the Third Legionnaire and caught her, and he fought the big snake and kept moving until the very end to let all the knights escape at the …… end.

 I heard that the Third Legionnaire he captured escaped with a soldier who looked like a subordinate in the throes when he was exposed to the extensive attack the other side made, but that still means he was working for the good of many people.




 Nea and Ferrum, who came back with Usato to accompany him, were quite tired, not to say up to …… Usato, so they are surely resting in their room now.

 Nack, who was at the castle, also came back here when Usato was brought to his quarters.

 Rose and the others have to work on the battlefield for a few more days and have not returned yet.

 Also, Leona, who came to the rescue during the …… battle, will be coming to the Kingdom of Lingle soon.


“I’m not sure what happened to …… Usato. ……”


 There have been rumours about Usato by the knights.

 They said that Usato was flying around in the sky, knocking down flying dragons, that they saw demonic wings sprouting from his back, and that he was riding around the battlefield on the back of a big bear, kicking demons out of the way.

 …… Does Usato have to do something out of the ordinary in everything he does?

 I know he doesn’t realise it, but what the hell, he’s a demon. He’s not even an ogre anymore.


“But I’m so glad that you came back alive. ……”


 I believed that he would be okay.

 I knew how strong he was, because I had seen him up close.

 But at the same time, I was worried about his character and the way he sometimes acted without regard for his own safety.

 That’s why I’m honestly happy that he’s back safe and sound like this.




 Eyelids become heavy and sleepiness sets in.

 Come to think of it, I’ve hardly slept at all since Usato got here ……. It’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep.

 Leaning back against the edge of the bed, I let myself fall into a fitful sleep and slowly meditate.


 –Then, for the umpteenth time, my magic shows me a view of the future.


“Now! To the journey of conquering the Demon King!”


 In my newfound foresight, I see myself, Usato, Suzune, and Kazuki.

 The scene is that Suzune and the others are about to leave on their horses. There seemed to be a few others, but I could only see three of them.

 It seems that I will soon be following them on another journey.

 The scene changes, and then the view switches to a desolate land.


“This is the Demon Lord’s Domain ……?”


 The landscape seen in the foresight was distinctly different from that of the Kingdom of Lingle, with plants and even trees dying and the place did not look flattering or habitable.


“The hero’s past ……”.


 In addition, I was shown a place that looked like some kind of ruins.

 A woman is sleeping in a stone box.

 I can’t see who that woman is.


“Another swing of the sword that was the basis of my gauntlet……?”


 Usato is enveloped in light and I try to reach him.

 Just as I was about to reach it, my vision shifted again.

 Then a kind of noise runs through the view being shown by the precognitive magic, and the view shifts.


“Nice to meet you.”


 The new reflection is the back of a woman.

 That person is a beastman with fox ears and a tail, just like me.

 She is wearing a kimono like the ones worn in Hinomoto, and has a katana-like weapon at her waist.

 The katana was similar to the front of Usato’s baskets, although the length was different.


“We’ve never met before, have we?”


 She has the same blonde hair and slowly turns around to look at me.

 You can see the expression on her face, she looked a bit like my mom, but she was more relaxed.

 …… No, I’m probably not using this analogy because most people look more relaxed than my mom.

 Anyway, the face was similar.


“Hmmm, you look just like me.”


 The woman tilted her head as she compared her own blonde hair with mine.


“I guess it’s because you inherited your sister’s hair colour. …… Yeah.”


 She is talking to me in my memory.

 I’m not going to answer that, I’m just going to be silent.

 …… This is a prediction.

 You can only see what you see, because what you are doing here is what you will see in the future.

 The woman laughs in annoyance at me for keeping my mouth shut.


“This is not the view you see in your predictions, is it?”


“I’m talking to you, aren’t I? Amako.”



 She was definitely talking to me.

 Not to me, who was there, but to me, who was in a dream.

 Who is this person?

 I’ve never been spoken to in a premonition before.

 No, if there is anything that can interfere with my magic, if it is not someone who has the same magic as me–


“We are connected. And it is through him that I know who you are.”


 She, who had the ears of a beastman like me, smiled gently and friendly, and said slowly.


“—with him, you will find me.”


 The moment she uttered these short words, my consciousness was gradually brought back to reality.

 Realising that I was about to wake up, I at least tried to ask the woman a question, but before I knew it, the woman I was supposed to see in my premonition had disappeared.


“What the ……?


 That’s when I woke up.

 Rubbing my eyes, I got up from the bed where I had been lying to rest my body, and saw that the view outside the window was brighter.

 It seemed that I had fallen asleep until morning.

 Usato, by my side, had not yet woken up, but I realised that I have unconsciously held his hand.


“…… Who was that?”


 As I lay back on the bed once more, I remembered the bizarre prediction I had just seen, and my shoulders shook.

 At least, I don’t know that guy, but he looks vaguely familiar …… to me.

 But even though I’d never met or spoken to him before, he was talking to me in a friendly way, as if he knew me.


“Anyway, I have to let you know about the prediction …….”


 I’m thinking of telling the people in the castle about the prediction.

 I don’t believe in all the predictions, but I think it’s worth telling them.

 But I’m not sure if I should tell them about the other parts.


“…… “Find me”, huh?”


 I don’t know who he is, and I shouldn’t trust him.

 Maybe it’s just a dream.


“……When I wake up, I’ll talk to Usato.”


 So I hope you wake up soon.

 Maybe things are going to be more complicated than I think.

 Hoping so, I just had to wait for Usato to wake up.


Author’s Note:


Usato “( ˘ω˘ ) suyaa…”


Volume 9 begins after the introduction of the characters.


This will be the end of this update, but we will update the introduction of the characters after this.

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