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 Hannah is in the hands of the enemy.

 Koga and Amira are evacuated.

 Nero is defeated by a healing magician.

 It’s only a matter of time before the key figure in the battle, Mandibuzz, is defeated.


“It’s about time ……”


 In the castle throne, far from the battlefield, I perceive the situation of the battle, and slowly rise from the throne.

 My handmaiden Ciel, who is standing by my side, tilts her head to see what’s going on.


“How can I help you? Maou-sama?”


“…… yes?”



 I leave the throne and walk through the door of the hall to the passage leading to the stairs, while Ciel looks at me as if she doesn’t understand.


“Maou-sama ……what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to do what I have to do.”


 I ascended the dark staircase, step by step.

 The castle was once a lively place, but now most of its occupants have gone off to war, leaving only the lady-in-waiting in charge of the castle and a few guards to protect it.

 This is why the demon race is being hunted down.

 —to the point where they have no other recourse but to rely on me, who is sealed by a hero.


“Uhhmm…… I don’t think I can follow you …….”

“No, you can follow me.”


 I replied to Ciel, who was about to stop, and looked up at the top of the stairs.

 At the top of the castle, the highest point from where you can see the throne of the Demon King.

 I step out onto the open rooftop and turn directly in the direction where the fight is likely to be taking place.




 I have poured most of my own power into maintaining the Demon King’s Domain.

 Once the supply is cut off, the land of the Demon Lords will instantly revert to being dead. If this happens, my people living in this land will suffer from hunger.

 For this reason I have not fought myself, but have kept myself in my castle, restricting my actions and my strength.

 But it seems that the time has come when I must break the fetters I have imposed on myself.


“For the time being, I will not be able to extend my power to the territory of the Demon King.”



 What I will do now to keep my people alive.

 It is an action that I would have scoffed at before I was sealed —- before I had to settle with the hero — but I must do it.


“Now, I will attack with the allied forces. That will use up most of my strength.”

“To help those who are fighting ……?”

“Not only that, though. I suppose you could say that.”


 Partly because they wanted to hurt the other side when a coalition of many countries was densely packed together.


“If Maou-sama had attacked from the beginning, there would have been no need for the soldiers to go to battle ……?”

“It would be natural to think so. However, it was far from impossible.”


 In the first place, this means it is only possible because the human side has formed a coalition and densely concentrated their forces.

 No, before that, if we carry out the large-scale attack that we are about to carry out, the power that should be turned over to the demon king’s territory will be exhausted, and the demon race will lose its power before we can invade.

 Ciel also turned his face down, as if he knew this.

 If I had the original power of …..I could fight even if I were here, but — that’s impossible.

 The most part of my power is still “sealed” by him, after all.

 I’m not sure if it was a warning to me personally, or if he knew this was coming, but it’s insidious, even for my arch-enemy.


“I’m sorry.”

“…… Yes.”


 She would have liked to say, “Please don’t say that.”

 But she didn’t because she understood how I felt.

 Feeling sorry for having made you pay attention to me, I gather magic in my palm — I activate the magic.


“The spell of transmission of the heart, the magic of conveying the heart”.


 The message is to evacuate and prepare for the coming attack.

 After briefly instructing my troops to evacuate the area, I activated the next spell.


“The puppet spell, the spell to control the corpse”.

“Wraiths ……?”


 Ciel reacts somewhat frightened to my muttering.


“It’s just a way to manipulate dead demons to evacuate their brethren who fail to escape. The original use of …… is just what you’d imagine, though.”


 After a demon that I have interfered with beforehand with my power dies, I manipulate its corpse.

 It has the disadvantage that it can only remain effective for a short time remotely and can only give simple commands, but a simple order to ‘evacuate the demon soldiers’ could be carried out.

 When the controlled demon has ordered the soldiers to evacuate, I briefly explain to Ciel about this magic.


“This magic is special in a way. In the past, the practitioners who mastered this magic implanted the magic itself in their own offspring, transforming them into beings different from humans. Nowadays, that’s what we call a necromancer.”



 …… The demons I’ve manipulated have started to let their brethren escape one after another.

 Continue in parallel and activate the next magic.


“Magic teleportation spells, spells that connect space and time.”


 Originally, the magic to make the magic function semi-permanently.

 But this time, through the magic circle that stretched the magic itself to the sky — drop.

 I put my palm on the magic circle in front of me, which is connected to all the magic spells, and activate the last magic.


“Flame spell”.


 This is a simple spell that releases flames.

 The more magic power you put into this magic, the more the range and even the power will continue to increase without limit.

 The more magic I put into it, the more it increases in scope and power. I put most of my magic into it, and it sends a constant rain of fire down on the allied forces.

 The magic within the body is being chipped away.


“I guess it will be easily prevented by those with …… power.”


 The power of the fireball is not that strong. It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.

 However, it would be a threat to the average soldier in this world. I’m not sure what to make of it.

 It would be better if our people could survive while the powerful ones on the other side were forced to deal with them.


“…… Warriors. Your lives are heavier and more precious than victory.”


 An unconscious tear rolls down my cheek.

 Their sacrifice cannot end in mere defeat.

 Perhaps next time, the humans will come to the Maou-sama’s territory to destroy the demon race.

 —So, before that, they must suffer a blow.



 Leona-san, Hyde-san and the warrior corps of the Nirvana Kingdom joined forces and were able to defeat Bardzinak.

 With that, the soldiers of the Demon King’s Army ran away as if they were hurried by something.

 This meant that they had won the battle against the Demon King’s army.

 The warriors of Nirvarna were trembling with joy at their victory, but we soon learned that it was a blessing in disguise.

 From a black magic circle in the sky, a huge fireball fell onto the battlefield where we were.

 Pointing at the magic circle, I asked Nea if she knew what it was, even though I was upset.


“Nea, is that magic in the sky?”

“I don’t know anything about magic on that crazy scale! What the hell is that? Isn’t it beyond what a living creature can do in the first place?

“Usato! It’s coming!”


 While we’re talking, a ball of fire is approaching.

 In order to avoid being caught up in this, the soldiers were in a hurry to escape ……!

 No! Now, anyway, we have to do something about this situation!


“What are you going to do, if I may ask?”

“Prevent the fireball and let the knights escape……!”

“Ferrum! Don’t you think you know how to handle this thing by now?

“I’ve known about it for a long time! I’ll stay with you till the end!”


 He has a sword in his arms and a sickle-like whip on his shoulders, just like Koga’s, and he looks up at the sky.

 Just as I was about to intercept the flames in front of me, I saw eight spears flying into the sky.





 The spears, made of ice, move separately, drawing pale trails as they pierce the fireball one after another.

 She glides over to stand next to me and speaks to me as she manipulates the spear above her head.


“I can’t stop them all by myself! You and Hyde-san take care of the people here!”

“Yes! I’ll leave this to you!


 I’ll leave this place to Leona and we’ll work to get the people here out.

 While carrying the stuck people on my back as much as I can, I throw my best voice to the knights around me.


“Everyone, please get away from here! If you can use magic, protect your friends and block the fireball! If you have a wounded person with you, please come close to me……!”


 Leona’s spear intercepts the fireball, which slips through, and she extends her left sword to cut through it.

 The fireballs disappear with a deafening explosion, but they still fall one after another.

 While dealing with these fireballs, she lets her allies escape, but the fireballs she still cannot prevent fall to the ground, injuring the people around her with the explosion.


“I thought we had defeated the demons, but why!”

“Run! Run away!”

“It’s hot, oh my God!


 It was a hellish scene.

 As I struggled to get my allies out of the way and deal with the fireball, I couldn’t help but be upset by the worst thing I could have imagined.


“The battle is over, but ……! Why is this ……!”


 Are they trying to split the pain?

 Either way, it’s not normal for them to do something like this.

 Then, as I was urging them to retreat in the direction of the base, I saw what looked like a light going up from the ground into the sky.


“That’s ……!”


 Not far away, I see a blinding lightning bolt and a ball of light with a visible glow being sent into the sky.

 Those, like Leona’s spear, intercept the fireball.


“Senpai and Kazuki…… both of them, they were safe……!”


 Although it is only the existence of magic, I am relieved from the bottom of my heart to see the magic of the two, I start to move forward to do what I should do.


“Ah, Usato! It’s coming again!”

“Be that as it may! I’m going to beat up whoever did this!”


 Clenching my fists tightly, I turn back to intercept the fireball and confront the threat.

 Fireballs raining down from the sky.

 The earth burns.

 The battle should be over, but we’re still fighting.


“Finally, everyone here is about to go home alive. ……!”


 I won’t let you ruin it here. ……!

 I won’t let this happen! Even if I collapse afterwards! I will complete my mission!

 In order to keep everyone alive with all my might, I will just keep moving until the time this attack is over.


Author’s Note:


In fact, dropping the flames was a bitter pill for the Demon Lord.

He didn’t want to cut off the power he was exerting over the Demon King’s territory, but he couldn’t afford to lose the Demon King’s army, which was his force in the Demon King’s territory, so he took action. ……


Volume 8 comes to an end with the situation moving in a hurry.


Next time, it will be a side story.


The update is scheduled for tomorrow at 18:00.


If possible, I hope to update the introduction of the characters as well.

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