Level 1 Guy: Chapter 512 – strong friends

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“That’s why I’m going to be awarded.” (Ryouta)


 In the Plumbum dungeon, I reported the matter to Plumbum, who I visit on a daily basis as usual.

 Plumbum, who was listening to the conversation in their respective positions, facing each other and chatting as usual, nodded her head slightly.


“It’s a commendation to show that we’re getting along with the spirits, so Plumbum’s name will be mentioned. It might change something in the dungeon. If it’s not a good idea, though, I’ll make sure that your name is withheld.” (Ryouta)


 What do you think? I asked and gave her a look.

 Plumbum thinks for a moment and then.


“Will it change …… anything?” (Plumbum)

“It’s difficult to say what will change. We don’t even know what’s going to happen.” (Ryouta)

“Hmm. Does it mean that you won’t be able to come here?” (Plumbum)

“Not at all.” (Ryouta)


 Plumbum’s question was categorically denied.


“Then there is nothing wrong with it. I’m not interested, so do what you want.” (Plumbum)

“Thank you.” (Ryouta)


 I was a little relieved.


 That brief exchange was all I needed to know about how to get along with spirits.


 All the spirits I’ve met so far have been completely uninterested in one thing or another.

 If they are only interested in one thing, then they are stubborn in the extreme.


 It is easy to say that it is easy to get along with such spirits, and it is difficult to say that it is difficult to get along with them.


 So far, I’ve been able to get along.


“Oh, by the way, your friends were here the other day.” (Plumbum)

“My friends.” (Ryouta)

“Here.” (Plumbum)


 Prumbum held up her hand and a woman appeared a short distance away from us.

 It was like a mannequin, standing still and unmoving.


“Oh it’s Celeste…… but there’s something a little different.” (Ryouta)


 This is not the same as the actual Celeste that Plumbum produced.

 You can tell at a glance that it’s Celeste, but there’s something different about it.


 It was the same feeling she had when she made my fake, so I poked her lightly but didn’t think too much of it.


“What’s wrong with Celeste?” (Ryouta)

“She was in some kind of trouble.” (Plumbum)


 Plumbum held up her hand again, and three adventurous-looking men appeared opposite Celeste.

 They were saying something to Celeste with a scornful look on their faces.


 At first, Celeste just listened to them like “yes, yes, yes,” and then she turned around and tried to leave, as if she couldn’t take it anymore.




[I can’t believe you’re standing behind a man of that caliber. That guy’s a big bluffer and a crook no matter how you look at it.]


 One of the men suddenly spoke aloud.

 It was like a silent film, or a puppet show without a voice, only there was a voice.


 Immediately afterwards, Celeste broke down.


 Without turning around, her hand moved.

 Then countless bicorn horns manipulated by the thread flew wildly, and they beat the men to a pulp.


 The men couldn’t react fast enough to the magic items flying at them from all directions, and even though they were one against three, they were quickly beaten up.


 Then the animation by Plumbum ended, and Celeste and the men’s dolls disappeared.


“And so it goes.” (Plumbum)

“Huh. By the way, why is there only audio from that part?” (Ryouta)

“Because he insulted you, that’s the only part I remembered well.” (Plumbum)

“Ah, …….” (Ryouta)


 I see, that’s what you mean.


“I’m feeling better now. Why don’t you thank the girl for me?” (Plumbum)

“Okay.” (Ryouta)

“By the way, your companion is very strong.” (Plumbum)

“I think she’s going easy on them, though.” (Ryouta)

“Is that so? (Plumbum)

“Yes.” (Ryouta)


 I nodded deeply.


 Celeste’s string manipulation, which she used to control the bicorn horn, did not produce a ball of flame, but only a physical hit.


 If I’d sent out a ball of flame, my opponent would have been charred black by now.


“I see. The other things that come out of your mouth …… Emily, Alice, Eve, and Sakura, was it?” (Plumbum)

“Yes.” (Ryouta)

“Are all of them as strong as her?” (Plumbum)

“Yes, they are, and I’m very proud of them.” (Ryouta)

“How strong are they?” (Plumbum)

“Well, …….” (Ryouta)


 I rubbed my chin and thought for a moment.


 I wondered how strong they were.


 I hadn’t really thought about it, but I thought again about my friends, who were getting stronger every day.


“Is everyone strong enough to be the head of the family?” (Plumbum)


 Yes, they should be strong enough to do that.


“I see. And you are the one who unites them.” (Plumbum)


Plumbum seemed satisfied with my answer.

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