Level 1 Guy: Chapter 510 – Pandemic

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“It’s a terrible thing, isn’t it?” (Neptune)


 The ground floor of Teruru.

 Neptune, who announced that he had come to visit, said to me while I was diligently producing bean sprouts from Slimes.


 As usual, he said with a smiling face, not quite sure what he was thinking.

 He was followed, as usual, by Ran and Lil.


“You mean Ferrum.” (Ryouta)


 I point the muzzle at the slime and hit it exactly as it comes over the magic cart.

 Every single sprout falls into the magic cart immediately after the drop.


“Yeah, it looks like it’s going to be really tough. If it gets that complicated, there’s no way to repair it.” (Neptune)

“By the way, that’s what I was wondering, on what basis did you know that it was resolved with a spirit? Could you have gone to the spirit so puny?” (Ryouta)

“Ferrum, you see, when the child with the spirit met the spirit, he made a promise. In return for that promise, we were told that no rare monsters would be released there.” (Neptune)

“So that means …….” (Ryouta)

“Yes, on the contrary, it’s full of rare monsters now.” (Neptune)

“So …… says that rare monsters don’t drop paper products.” (Ryouta)

“That’s what I mean. It depends on the level, but they do drop a variety of clothes. The silk on the seventh floor of Ferrum was of good quality and was useful as an occasional extra income.” (Neptune)

“That’s what it’s all about now, is what I’m saying.” (Ryouta)

“Something like that.” (Neptune)


 I nodded.

 The slime pounced on me, and I calmly shot it out.


 I try to imagine the situation and consider the repercussions that would arise.


“If it …… goes on too long, it will have a negative impact on the price of cloth.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, definitely.” (Neptune)

“Are you sure it’s safe there?” (Ryouta)


 Having wiped out as much slime as I could see, I stopped and turned to Neptune and the others and asked.


“I’m fine with?” (Neptune)

“Hydrogen and Oxydine, right?” (Ryouta)


 That’s right.

 These three people in front of me also have spirits.


 Neptune and Oxydine.

 Lil’ Hydrogen.

 Ran Hydrogen.


 They are the trio of “H2Os” who have met the spirits of Oxydine and Hydrogen respectively.


 They’re not completely unrelated to the damage caused by Ferrum’s spirit.


“There’s no problem.” (Neptune) 

“That’s very easy for you to say.” (Ryouta)

“We are.” (Neptune)


 Neptune said, looking over his shoulder at Ran and Lil for agreement.


“Yes!” (Ran)

“Aren’t you more dangerous that way than worrying about other people?” (Lil)


 Ran innocently only responded to Neptune’s words, while Lil glared at me with a jittery look and fired back.


“You’re right.” (Ryouta)


 I chuckled.

 The slime showed up, chuckling, and I shot it out with a regular bullet, dropping the sprouts.


 Lil had a good point.

 I’ve had a lot more contact with spirits this way, and in greater depth.

 If you happen to offend them, there is a very good chance that something will happen to you that will not compare to Ferrum.


“I’ll be careful.” (Ryouta)

“……Hmph.” (Lil)

“Anyway, I’ve been watching you for a while now.” (Neptune)

“Hmm?” (Ryouta)


 Neptune alternately stared at me and at the pistol I was using.


“Haven’t you gotten any stronger in a while?” (Neptune)

“Have I?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, you did – oh, slime.” (Neptune)


 Neptune turned his head to the side.


 A slime came from that direction.

 I pointed the muzzle of the revolver at it and shot it out just as the slime came over the magic cart.


 The sprouts went right into the magic cart.


“See, I knew it.” (Neptune)

“What do you mean?” (Ryouta)

“You’re using the muzzle of the revolver to guide the slime’s movements, aren’t you?” (Neptune)

“…… I guess.” (Ryouta)


 I stare at the revolver.

 I remember the movement I made when I killed the slime.


“Yeah, that’s right. You were pointing the muzzle of the revolver and guiding the slime’s movement, not daring to shoot it at first. That guiding movement, it was much bigger before, wasn’t it?” (Neptune)

“Oh, …… maybe so?” (Ryouta)


 When Neptune told me, I thought that might indeed be the case.

 I don’t know if I might, because I do it so naturally.


 It’s like when you’re riding a bike and you’re told that you’re balancing because you’re using your knees like this.

 Maybe it’s unconscious, maybe it is, but I don’t really get it.


“You go on and on, you go on and on, with these details.” (Neptune)


 Neptune was admiring me with his usual smiling face.


 Behind Neptune, a strange man appeared and approached him.

 Lil noticed him and went towards the man.


 The man asks Lil something.


 I wonder if he knows him.


“He’s a boy from our family.” (Neptune)


 Even though he didn’t turn around, Neptune knew what he was talking about.


“You can tell?” (Ryouta)

“By air.” (Neptune)


 The words, “You’re more amazing than I am,” were almost in my throat.


“What?” (Lil)


 Lil’s urgent voice came out first, and then it was gone.


 Straddling the man, Lil comes over to Neptune.

 He glances at me and then – “Oh my God!”


“We have a problem!” (Lil)

“What’s going on?” (Neptune)

“They say that all the neon has stopped producing. The reason is probably the spirit.” (Lil)

“This is …….” (Neptune)


 Neptune’s eyes were serious, even if they were distracted.


 Rebecca Neon, a.k.a. The Perfect, is an all-A female.

 That Rebecca, with her spirit, dungeon.


 Neptune looked at me, somewhat wryly.


“Looks like both of you (you and me) did okay.” (Neptune)

“I don’t think so.” (Ryouta)


 I chuckled, too.

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