Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 200

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 The battle against Koga was a pitched battle that could be described as a grinding contest.

 Koga attacked with high-speed movement, which is not unlike that of a demon tribe, and I tried to respond with magic bullets and their application. There were no decisive blows on either side, and the battle shifted to one where both sides simply wore each other out.

 In the midst of this battle, a change occurred.


“Let your heart take shape.”


 In the middle of the fight with Koga, a mysterious floating object suddenly fell down.

 At that moment, I heard a voice saying that.

 When I opened my eyelids, the world I could see was pure white, and on the palm of my left hand, the only one that looked sane, was a silvery sphere-like object.




 Somehow, though, we know that the voice is not the enemy.

 This is why I couldn’t understand why he would say such a thing along with the memory of what seems to be Usato’s point of view.

 But I thought this was also meaningful, and I tried to form my own heart as he said.

 I focused on my left hand, which was holding the sphere, and opened my mouth.


“I’m not as handy as people say I am.”


 He is extremely awkward with people, and when faced with important choices, he shies away and is too weak to move forward on his own.

 What do other people think of me? In the end, he has no choice but to do nothing and wait for time to pass in a hazy state of uncertainty.


“But ……”


 —It is my own will that I chose to fight in this world.

 I took up the sword because I wanted to do everything in my power for my friends, for those who adore me, and for my companions. Even if I am torn to pieces as I am now, I can assure you that I have no regrets or mistakes in the decision I made that night in front of Usato.


“Hmm ……?” 


 When you think to that extent, the silver light becomes even stronger and gathers in your left arm.

 With that, the light that was brightly illuminating the surroundings subsides, and as it fizzles out and disappears like particles, the surrounding scenery returns to that of the battlefield.

 Bewildered, I looked ahead and saw Koga, enveloped in black magic, a few dozen metres away, arms crossed, listening to me.


“Oh, you’ve finally made your appearance.”

“What is this ……?”

“I didn’t expect to be surrounded by light in the middle of a fight. …… Could that left arm be some kind of new power? Hm?”


 Koga told me to look at my left arm and gasp.

 It was because my left arm had somehow been equipped with a silver gauntlet.

 It was very similar to Usato’s gauntlet, but the atmosphere emanating from it and the power flowing into his body through the gauntlet was unusual.


“You are Kazuki the hero?”

“! You are ……?”


  The same voice as before echoed in my head.

 I turn my attention from Koga, who is tilting his head and listening to me, to the gauntlet from which the voice originated.


“My name is Falga. It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.

“…… are you sure this is the heroic weapon Usato was talking about?”

“You learn fast. It is not often that we can talk. In the meantime, I will teach you how to use your weapon.”


 Surprised to hear a voice coming from the gauntlet, I guessed that the owner of the voice was Falga-sama, the divine dragon of Mia Rak that Usato had mentioned.

 I’m not sure why the timing of this, but it means that the weapon of the brave has now come to me.


“Your gauntlets are to assist in the manipulation of magic power and to allow you to handle light magic as a more risk-free magic.”

“Danger-free, thing ……”.

“You’re aware of the dangers of light magic, aren’t you? It’s a powerful but useless magic that can wipe out anything it touches.”


 Falga-sama is right.

 Whatever touches my magic disappears. Since I myself am no exception, it is almost impossible to clothe my fists or sword in it.

 The fact that I was able to compensate for this drawback with a gauntlet means that my fighting style is more flexible.

 I grip the sword with my right hand and take a stance.

 Koga, who had been silently observing the situation, let out an innocent smile.


“Hmm, are you done talking to yourself?”


“I’m not going to let you get away with it!”


 Koga moves at high speed from the spot with the sound of magic bursting out of him.

 As soon as he starts to move, he releases several magic bullets from his left hand and places them around himself, he notices that there is a sound of something being sucked from the cage hand.


“What? Did it restore your magic?”

“It seems to have converted the light into magic power.”


 …… photosynthesis?

 No, although it would be magical power, not nutrition, that would be converted.


“Anyway! I don’t have to worry about running out of magic!”


 He moved like a quadruped, leaping around the area, and when he gained speed, he raised his distorted claws and attacked with an outburst of magic.

 In response, I turned the magic projectile that was drifting towards him and cut it up with the sword clutched in my right hand.


“I can already see the movement!”

“How about this then?!”


 He dodges the magic bullet with an irregular movement, and then flips his sword to avoid it.

 I notice that something stirs behind Koga, and at the same time, something that looks like a tail is coming towards you.


“A tail!”

“Sora yo!”


 You’ve grown a tail……!? This makes me feel less and less like I’m fighting a person!

 I immediately defended myself with the sword, but the moment the tail hit me, the sword on my right hand snapped, shattering around the base of the hilt.




 It couldn’t withstand……!

 Koga, who was trying to cut me to pieces with his fangs, unleashed a series of magical powers that utilised the gauntlet on my left arm—-


“Make up for brokenness with light. Be flexible and use your abilities.”



 I attach the gauntlet of my left arm to the broken sword, absorbs the surrounding magic bullets and reconstitutes the light magic as a blade.

 A sword with the magical power of extinction — or should we say an artificial magic sword ……! With this, you can go unprotected!

I strike the sword, which is lighter than an ordinary sword, at Koga, who is approaching.


“Ha, it’s coming!”


 My body was deflected and although I was able to avoid a direct hit, I succeeded in cutting away Koga’s magical armour and inflicting a laceration from his chest to his shoulder area.

 Koga tried to distance himself from me while holding the wound, but it was not to be.

 Gripping the sword in both hands, I took a thrusting stance and released the light magic concentrated on a single point.


“Light point sword No. 2!”




 The blade of the constructed sword is ejected with the release of magic power.

 This guy is a simple enhanced version of the light point sword, but with this gauntlet case, he can modify its trajectory and make it track the opponent!


“That’s a troublesome technique!”


 Giving up on running away and swinging his enlarged arms wide, Koga hits both arms against the oncoming blade of magic, causing an outburst of magic power to nullify the attack.

 It may be difficult to strike a fatal blow while it is offset by the outburst of …… magic power.

 I create a blade of light again on the sword, which is now only a hilt, and glance at Koga.

 That side also understands that an easy step is dangerous, so they won’t come at you with the same battle strategy anymore.





 I reply to Falga-sama’s voice.

 He lets out a small sigh and speaks to me in a quiet voice.


“You, you are too hard-headed.”



 It’s a word I never thought I’d hear, and for a moment my mind goes blank.

 I look away from Koga and wonder what he means.


“Fight with flexibility. If you just manipulate and release magic bullets, you’re not ready.”

“But what should I do ……?”

“Hmm …… you can try to rely on your intuition like your friends Usato and Suzune. The tactics and means of …… well, I’ll leave it at that, because they have something you lack.”

“Usato and senpai……”


 It’s true that the two of them don’t fight in a way that makes you feel suffocated like I do.

 I have been able to break the ice by following my instincts and freely …… sometimes inventing a technique on the spot.


“I’m going to try it without thinking too hard,……. Thank you very much. Falga-sama.”

“No need to thank me. It’s something I’ve noticed eventually. …… It’s about time we lost the connection. You don’t have to worry about the rest, do you?”

“Yes, I’ll try to manage.”

“I wish you the best of luck. Kazuki the hero.”

“Yes, ……!”


 I replied, and then I didn’t hear Falga-sama’s voice again.

 He was a kind-hearted man, as …… Usato had said.

 After regaining my composure and stretching my own cheek, I turn my attention to Koga, who is covering the cut area with black magic.


“Now, let’s not think too hard.”


 Floats a magic bullet in his palm and lets it drift around him.

 While simultaneously manipulating about 30 magic bullets, he takes a slow, deep breath and holds the Sword of Light in his opposite hand.


“You’ve changed your look.”

“Yeah, I thought I’d go wild like Usato.”


 Koga’s shoulders shook in a funny way at my words.

 I can’t see his expression because of the mask, but it seemed to me that he was not mocking me, but simply amused.


“Ha ha, can you do it? I’d say he’s pretty good, if I do say so myself.”

“I’ll do it.”


I draw the magic bullet to my side and send it flying towards Koga, bouncing it with the sword of light in the opposite hand.

 I run towards Koga with the magic bullet in tow.


“So you’re rushing after me!”

“Because if I don’t, I won’t be able to catch you!”


 It’s the first time I’ve attacked on my own in a fight with Koga.

 Seeing me approaching, Koga, who produced four scythes from his back, tries to intercept me while dealing with the magic projectiles that attacked him.

 The sword of light, which was wielded at the same time as the rush, collides with Koga’s arm, which uses the outburst of magic power.





 The thorns caused by the outburst of magic power cannot be easily extinguished even with my magic power.

 Without striking each other badly, I let go of the hilt of my sword and brought it into melee combat. ……!


“So you can do it if you try!”

“I’ll skewer you before that!


 I swings the magic-clad gauntlet carelessly, scraping away Koga’s mask and the magical spikes protruding from around his chest.


” Ha ha! I knew it was bad! That magic!”



 Koga’s expression was like that of an innocent child as he leapt backwards and said so happily.

 He is enjoying a battle in which a single wrong move could kill him in an instant.

 Surely, I can’t face this guy no matter what. Convinced of this, and biting his teeth at his inexpressible emotions, he draws multiple magic bullets towards himself.


“I’m not going to let you get away with it!


 The magic bullets levitated to his feet are concentrated into one and kicked away with all their might. ……!

 The magic bullets, sent out on the same principle as Usato’s healing magic bullets, split up as soon as they were in front of Koga and attacked his body.

 Nevertheless, the scythe on his back defends the majority of them, but some of them gouge him, snatching at his legs.




 When I was about to fall to the ground and my movements had slowed down, I put my right hand on my left arm and converted the surrounding light into magic power while concentrating it into the gauntlet— activating the system reinforcement.

 You cannot escape on that foot! Here, I’ll end it!


“System strengthening ‘Gathering’.”


 The gauntlet, filled with magic power, begins to make a deafening squeaking sound.

 With that, I turned my palm towards Koga and released it with a yell.


“Eat thiiiiiisss!!!”


The light magic power released becomes a torrent with an intense radiance, eroding the landscape in front of you.

 A wide-area attack with light-based magic.

 I myself, who released the light, cannot even keep my eyes open due to the sheer brilliance of it.

 When the light subsides after a short release of a few seconds, the ground in front of me is scraped into a fan shape, even the armour that had been thrown away on the ground disappears, and everything is gone.


“Did I …… do it?”


 There was no sign of Koga there either.

 The …… power is too strong. I can’t use this in a crowded battle.




A dull pain runs through the left arm.

 If you look, something like smoke is being released from the gap in the cage, and the cage itself is also hot.

 Although I don’t feel the heat itself, …… it seems that this technique takes a certain amount of load.

 It is indeed too convenient to use all the magic power you can get your hands on. ……


“For now, this is the end—–.”

“—–I’m not done yet!”



 When I turn around at the sound of a voice that I should not have heard, I see Koga about to slam his fist into me.





 Catching him with his basket hand, he looks at him from a distance — speechless.

 At any rate, the tip of Koga’s left arm from around the second arm was gone.


“If you had escaped a little later, you would have disappeared without a trace. Ha ha ha..”

“What the …… hell, you’re not …… decent.”

“I, you know, I love fighting more than anything.”


 As he speaks these words in a calm manner, he releases black magic power from his lost left arm and forms it into the shape of his former left arm.

 While splitting it like a tentacle or transforming it like a blade, Koga still smiles at her with the same belligerent smile.


“You don’t understand, do you? Well, there are people out there like me who’ve lived their whole lives knowing nothing but that.”


“But, well, he was the only one who understood that and fought (or played) with me. I’m grateful for that. I really do.”


 Having uttered that much, Koga transforms his left arm, which was formed by magic power, into a sickle shape.

 Do I have to fight this guy again ……!

 I also try to put magic power into my left arm, but — at that time, I notice that five big shadows are descending from above.




 A soldier from the demon army on a flying dragon comes down to intervene between me and Koga.

 The five flying dragons are roaring menacingly at me, and the soldier on their back is calling out to Koga, who looks doubtful.


“Koga-sama, please retreat here!”

“What? What do you mean?”

“It’s an order from the Assistant Commander of the First Corps! I have undertaken to give the same order to Amira-sama!”

“…… All I could do was stall a hero and a healing magician? I’m not even close to being as pathetic as I am. …… All right, I’ll go back to the main camp. Let’s go back to the main camp for a while.”


 Koga jumped onto the back of a flying dragon with his shoulders slightly slumped.

 When the flying dragon with Koga on it was about to take to the sky, I came to my senses and tried to drop the dragon by releasing a magic bullet, but it was repelled by my left arm, which was wielded like a whip.



“Sorry for being half-hearted. Hero of light, let’s continue when we have a chance to meet again.”


 I can’t let you get away with this!

 I managed to attempt to bring down the flying dragon, but soldiers on the flying dragon stood in the way of my attempts.

 I wanted to make sure one of the army commanders was taken care of here. ……!

 That is an enemy that cannot be left alone.

 It grows stronger in battle and acts out of the ordinary.

 Above all, its very willingness to fight is extraordinary.

 We cleared away the attacking soldiers and flying dragons, but the flying dragons had already flown high into the sky where our magic could not reach them.

 I could only stare regretfully at the flying dragon on which Koga was riding, which was moving away from me.


Author’s Note:


Finally, the three enhancements are all here.

They are now divided into the defensive and all-round type Usato, the speed-specialised Suzune and the super-firepower Kazuki.

Leona, who has the same hero weapon, is a little different from Usato in that she’s an all-round type.

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