Level 1 Guy: Chapter 508 Ferrum shock

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“Huh? What’s up with that?” (Ryouta)


 When I came home on time and no one had left yet, I wandered down a random corridor and encountered Elza and Emily coming back from the normal entrance, not the transfer room.


 They’re an unusual combination, and it’s unusual for them to come back through the entrance.

 And more than that, they were carrying a lot of luggage.

 You’ll be able to find a lot more than that in this article.


 That luggage is –


“Toilet paper?” (Ryouta)

“Oh, I’m home, Ryota-san.” (Elza)

“Yoda-san nanodesu? I’m home nodesu.” (Emily)


 Elza was able to get her face above the large amount of toilet paper she was holding, but Emily was unable to do so and spoke to her from behind a ‘wall’.


“Welcome back, why don’t you put that somewhere else first?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. Elza-san, this way, please.”


 With Emily leading the way, they carried a large amount of toilet paper into the room they were using as storage, and unloaded it.


 Elza dangled her hands and rolled her shoulders to unwind, but Emily, who was half as small as Elza and carried five times as much luggage, was nonplussed.


“I’m home nanodesu.” (Emily)


 On the contrary, she said “I’m home” again with the smile of an angel, showing not the slightest sign of fatigue.


“Welcome back. What’s the matter with this?” (Ryouta)

“I had to stock up because they might be in short supply desu.” (Emily)

“Shortage? What’s going on? Something like this – something that would make it look like an oil shock?” (Ryouta)

“I’m not sure about the oil shock ……, but there are rumours that the spirit may have resolved.” (Elza)

“Uhh what?” (Ryouta)


 I’ve never heard that term before.

 I looked at Elza, wondering what it meant, and asked for an explanation with my gaze.


“Well, it’s a dungeon called Ferrum.” (Elza)

“It’s…..Ferrum?” (Ryouta)


 I thought, twisting my head around.

 I’m not used to hearing that.

 Is it Ferrum…… F and E…… F and E?


 Fe…… iron?!


 I thought I’d look it up in the encyclopedia later, but I focused on Elza as she explained it.


 My “what was that?” was taken to mean in this world, Elza explained.


“It’s a dungeon that specializes in dropping paper.” (Elza)

“Paper …… ah.” (Ryouta)


 I saw a high pile of toilet paper, probably enough for a decade.

 Okay, that’s paper, too.


“There’s a rumor that the spirit there has a fight with a spirit adventurer and resolves it.” (Elza)

“I wonder, it sounds like a lovers’ quarrel, doesn’t it?” (Ryouta)


 I don’t think there’s anything heterosexual about it, or is it just my imagination?


“It sounds like a very rare story. The cause this time is apparently a ‘personality disagreement’.” “Are you sure it’s a lover’s quarrel? That’s the reason for the divorce, isn’t it?” (Ryouta)

“Oh, Ryouta-san, you don’t want to get into that, do you? The dissolution with a spirit will always turn into a quagmire. Even Neptune-san said, ‘That’s filth?’” (Elza)

“That’s why you’re getting a divorce! Ahh, so that’s the reason?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, after the resolution, the spirits usually sulk, so the drops decrease or stop drastically.” (Elza)

“I see. …… So, …….” (Ryouta)

“It’s from a pretty reliable source……” (Elza)


 Elza chuckled at this.

 They look as if they don’t want to be hit.


 If that’s the case, I won’t intervene. …… No, no, that’s not the case.


 The spirits in our family, we have to make sure we don’t offend them.




 I met Cliff in the unique monster village of Ryouta to tell him about the rumour of the iron but paper spirit.


“Elza says she has a reliable source. I think it’s a good idea to start hoarding paper products now. It’s going to be quite expensive.” (Ryouta)

“Okay, thank you very much.” (Cliff)


 Cliff, one of our guys, the guy who once rescued us from the Black Party, bowed deeply.

 He too has friends to protect, and he will make good use of the information.


“Well then, I’m going back to the mansion.” (Ryouta)

“Oh, have you told Margaret-san yet?” (Cliff)

“Ahh no. But I’m sure she’ll be fine. The four knights are very good at what they do, so they probably know about it already. …… Even if there is a real shortage, they can usually get it.” (Ryouta)


 The four knights who follow Margaret.

 Sakura calls me a “cheatrem,” but I think those four are more like cheats.


“No, you can’t do that.” (Cliff)

“What? But the four of them are.” (Ryouta)

“No, I mean, you have to teach them.” (Cliff)

“Me? Why?” (Ryouta)

“Just make sure you teach them too, Margaret.” (Cliff)

“Hmm …… well, better to do it than not.” (Ryouta)


 You never know.




 The ground floor of the Nihonium dungeon.


“Thank you very much!” (Margaret)


 I found Margaret producing an air box, and I told her the same story I told Cliff, and she thanked me very, very much.

 She looked up at me and was very touched.

 Her face was red.


 I was a little confused because she was more pleased than I expected.

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