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 I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect Leona to come to the party.

  We haven’t received any prior communication that they are coming to reinforce us, and above all, Mia Rak is a long way from here, and Mia Rak itself must not yet be fully recovered.


“Excuse me. I’m the man in charge of this place, Hyde-san. …… Are you sure you are the hero of Mia Rak?”


 Hyde-san speaks to Leona-san, who is wary of the Mandibuzz, which is writhing and its tail is flailing.


“That is right. I was ordered by Norn-sama to come to this place.”

“You alone?”


 Leona nodded at Hyde-san’s words.

 She turned her gaze to the frozen and still writhing Mandibuzz.


“I blocked his movement, but only for a little while. In the meantime, I need you to get into position.”

“…… I trust you. Helena! Let those whose magic is depleted fall back! Once again, form up and let’s take down this monster!”


 While the Mandibuzz’s movement is blocked, Hyde-san calls for his men to retreat.

 When Leona-san saw this, she turned back to me and took something like a small bottle from her pocket and handed it to me.


“Usato, take this.”

“What’s this? A small bottle?”


 Why are you giving this to me now ……?

 I took it and tilted my head.

 In the vial was a translucent liquid, very similar to the potion that the Queen of Miarak, Norn-sama, used to drink.


“Falga-sama gave it to me. It’s a potion that restores magic power and has a slight calming effect.”

“It restores magic power. …… Isn’t it something very valuable, ……?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just what you need.”


 It restores the amount of magic.

 Gulping down fresh spit, I unscrew the mouth of the vial and pours it down my throat in one gulp.

 The peculiar pungent odour and bitterness made me teary-eyed, but as I swallowed it — a heat gradually rose in the centre of my body.


“Ugh ……!”


“Is it poison!”


 I hold my chest and almost fall down, but before I can do so, Leona-san supports me.


“Don’t worry. It’s just that my body is generating heat in the process of restoring my magical powers..”

“Ahh, I see …….”

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to listen to this.”


 Tormented by the strange sensation of recovering magic power within herself, she listens to Leona’s story.


“First of all, let me apologise for the delay. We flew in the fastest small ship in Mia Rak, but we were still very late.”

“No, it’s enough that you’ve come to help us.”


 In fact, it was a real help that they had stranded Mandibuzz.


“Could it be that the reason for Leona’s delay is ……?”



 She nodded at my words.

 There was no way she would have been late if she was going to join the fight from the beginning.


“I was late, but I carried the things that were entrusted to me by Falga-sama up here.”

“! Is it here?”

“No. It has already gone to those who have been recognized as bearers.”


 The moment after Leona-san said those words, a white radiance and a bouncing electric shock was emitted from the direction where Senpai and Kazuki were fighting Koga and Amira.

 Along with this, my right arm’s gauntlet and Leona-san’s spear trembled as if in resonance.

 I see, at last the ‘armour of the heroes’ made by Falga-sama has passed into the hands of the two of us. I feel joy as I hold my hand on my right hand, which is vibrating.

 At last, the hero’s armour was delivered to Senpai and Kazuki.


 For the two of them, it’s going to be a spur-of-the-moment experience, but I’m sure they’ll be able to use it to its full potential.


“Thank you very much, Leona-san. Really.”

“It’s my way of repaying your kindness. For me, this is still not enough.”


 I feel like I’m being helped all the time.

 And then, Ferum. I feel like I’m being punched from the inside out. What is going on? Is she trying to release the heat by hitting me?

 I mean, you don’t want to open your mouth in front of Leona-san. …… Is she surprisingly shy?


“You too …… have changed a lot in the little time I’ve seen you.”

“Ha-ha-ha. I’m kind of merging with one of my teammates.”

“…… Hmm? Hmm?”


 As might be expected, she tilted her head to the side, as if I hadn’t explained myself well enough.

 Nea, who couldn’t bear to look at her, spoke to Leona-san.


“Ah, I think it makes sense if you consider that this guy is doing what he always does.”

“…… I see.”


 Why was she convinced?

 I mean, what do you mean, he’s doing what he always does? It sounds like you’re always doing something on par with assimilating with Ferum.


“…… Good.”


 The heat that had been rising from within receded.

 The depleted magic power has recovered by 40% in physical sensation. This amount of magical power is enough.


“I’m fine now.”

“Mm, I see.”


 I leave Leona-san and stand up by myself.

 If you look around you, you will see that the formation has been set up by Hyde-san and is ready to intercept Balsinak.


“Usato. What are you going to do now?”

“I’ll stay here and help the wounded.”

“Huh. Then it looks like I’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with you once again.”


 Leona-san, who turned the spear somewhat happily, levitated eight ice spears around her.

 Seeing her completely accepting herself as a hero, I couldn’t help but smile as I became somewhat happy despite the situation.


“I don’t know if I can be useful this time, but I’ll try my best.”


 What I have to do hasn’t changed from the beginning.

 Senpai and Kazuki, who are now fighting a critical phase—and for Rose’s sake we will defend this front.

 I made up my mind inwardly to do so, and looked at Mandibuzz, who was about to start moving again after the freeze was lifted.






 Wielding two swords clad in electric blasts, me and Amira engage in a sword fight.

 The heat was so intense that my skin almost burned, and the blows, delivered from solid ability and experience, contained enough power to put me out of action.


“Not with that kind of a weapon!”

“Tsk. ……”


 The swords in both hands were shattered after only a few pounds.

 I click my tongue and leap backwards, repelling a stab to the heart with my palm, which is covered in electric shocks.

 As soon as I landed, I picked up the sword and spear, which are discarded on the ground, and attacked Amira once more.


“That’s a hell of a lot of power! It reminds me of an ogre!”


 I threw the spear, which is covered with electric shock, at her, provoking her.


“You’re so fast! You’re like a dog running around.”

“You call me a dog, for crying out loud!”


 Aren’t I like a wolf?

 But there is no way that Amira, who can burn through an approaching spear with a single swing of her sword, would consider herself a knight of strength alone.

 She is no ordinary warrior when she responds to a series of attacks with speed.

 As I was thinking of a way to break the deadlock while avoiding attacks and flames by weaving together electric blasts and sword attacks, Amira, who looked somewhat irritated, stopped and gripped her own sword in both hands.


“It’s depressing, let’s sear it out ……!”



 Amira holds her sword in a lower position, making the flames she wears burn even brighter.

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“Oh,……, what a flame,……!”


 I land on the ground and let out a cry of anguish as I throw off the scorched armour of my right shoulder

 I’ve taken a few bites, but I’m fine to move ……, but that explosion is phenomenal.

 Amira is pinging as she approaches at a slow gait through the orange flames. The only attack she hits is shallow and not fatal.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve been away from Kazuki-kun. ……”


  Barely visible, Kazuki-kun is also engaged in an intense battle with a man from a demon tribe called Koga.

 His opponent is a demon tribe with physical abilities on par with Usato-kun and magic of the dark system.

 If possible, I’d like to defeat Amira and join him as soon as possible, but that’s not easy to do.




 As I dumped the sword, riddled with spills, on the ground and went to pick up the nearest sword, I saw something shining in the sky.

 What is it? I looked up at Amira, who was approaching me with flames in her eyes, and realised that the glowing object was falling straight towards me.




 Two shiny spheres of gold and silver.

 They split in the air, the silver sphere falling to Kazuki-kun and the other golden sphere falling to me —— they burst with an intense light, releasing a flood of electric shocks and turning the surroundings golden.


“Let your heart take shape.”


 I could not open my eyes because of the light, but I heard someone’s unknown voice.

 It was a voice that was heavy and solemn, but also somehow kind.

 With it, my vision, flooded with light, was transformed into another scene, not of the battlefield.


 A memory of when I was summoned to this world.

 Memory of when I visited Usato-kun in the rescue team.

 Memory of when I was lost in the darkness of Lingle.


 In addition, there are other memories of the time when I was almost killed by the Black Knight, and even the time when I travelled away from Usato and Kazuki in Lukvis, like a running horse.

 I saw it and understood it immediately.

 This is not my memory, this is Usato’s memory.


“You’re kidding me ……!?”


 What is this? From the side I was this weird!

 I think I’ve done too many things!

 Of course, Usato-kun would react like that!

 I’m such a pain in the ass!

 I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life, but I’ve managed to endure it.


“Give form to my heart……?”


 I don’t know what the hell is going on right now.

 But I do know that the reason why Amira is not attacking me right now is because the light that is covering me is protecting me.

 I believe in the voice and the golden light that is being thrown at me, and I slowly meditate.

 Gradually, the light fades, and when I open my eyes, the scene is the same as before, on the battlefield.

 In front of me is Amira, staring at me with her eyes wide open.


“You, what’s that ……?”


“I mean the weapon in your hand.”



 I’m speechless as I look at my hand, which Amira pointed to as she was told.

 I had a weapon in my hand that wasn’t there before.


“A ka-ka-ka-katana???!”


 I was so shocked that I couldn’t help stuttering……!

 The hilt of the sword, which was housed in a black scabbard, was decorated with a yellow and black pattern, and the tsuba was of a conspicuous gold colour.

 A Japanese sword —- in this world, a sword that can only be confirmed to have been used by the previous generation of heroes – now exists in my hands.


“This is what Usato-kun said …… my own hero weapon.”


 To be honest, I don’t know much about swords.

 However, I can understand that this is the weapon that is in my hand now, which will increase my power to the maximum.

 With this in mind, I tried to raise the weapon towards Amira, but…


“You are the hero Suzune?”

“…… what?”


 Suddenly, someone’s voice echoes from the sword.

 I quickly look at Amira, but she is tilting her head as if she doesn’t hear anything.

 Only I can hear it ……!

 Eh, I mean, maybe this is that thing? I think it’s the one that can be called the royal road at the earliest opportunity!


“My name is Falga, and now through your weapon——“

“At last, a talking weapon is in my hands!”



 I don’t expect it, and I turn my attention back to the sword while almost being directly hit by Amira’s attack.

 No, wait a minute. Falga is the …… that Usato-kun was talking about!



“How long are you going to stand there with a stick? Are you belittling me?”


 I wiped my forehead as I dodged the flames that were closing in on me.

 After I have gained some distance, the sword, who calls himself Falrga, throws a stern voice at me as if to scold me


“What are you thinking about in the middle of battle? You fool. You’re just as much of a joke as Usato said you are.”

“Yes, I’m sorry …….”


 I was amused by Falga-sama’s more venomous tongue than I expected.

 All the talking outsiders I get involved with are so hit and teary.


“Sigh, the hero of light is a serious young man. …… We are now conversing through your weapon. Soon that connection will cease, but in the meantime I will teach you how to handle your weapon.”

“I understand.”

“First of all, try to pull out that katana.” 


 When I follow Falga-sama’s words and pull the sword out of its sheath, a white silver sword blade with a rippling pattern is exposed.

 The magic power of the electric shock system is circulating, as if it is constantly electrified, and when I pull the entire blade out of the scabbard, a purple electricity runs from the hilt of the sword to my body, as if something is released.

 It is the same feeling as the “thunder beast mode” — but different.

 It was as if electric blasts were being efficiently circulated through this sword to the vessel that is me, instead of being needlessly spread out like before.


“This is ……!”

“There’s no time to be surprised!”


“Where are you looking ……!”


 Amira, accelerated by exploding flames, comes at me just as she is about to cut my head in two.

 When I instantly try to fly to the side, clad in electric blasts, an acceleration greater than I had expected occurs.

 —I didn’t activate the Thunder Beast mode, but it accelerated even more than that ……!




 Having moved more than 30 metres in an instant, I stare at the charred footprints on the ground.


“The efficiency of magic power. It is also the one that is applied in the most suitable form for you?”

“You can move …… faster with surprisingly little consumption of magic power. ……”


 As I re-gripped my sword, I moved lightly and tried to return to the spot.

 That speed is nothing compared to what I’ve seen before.


“In addition, it seems that your katana blade has some abilities as well.”


“It has a counterpart. Try it on him.”



 I put the scabbard into the belt where the sword was kept, and grasping the sword with my right hand, I faced Amira.

 I’m not sure if she knew I was coming or not, but she got her sword up and moved into a defensive position.


“I’m going ……!”


 Wearing the purple electricity transmitted from my sword on my body, I leap forward at the same time as I lower myself.

 With electric footprints etched with electric shocks, I come at once to Amira’s eye and glare at her as she tries to hit me with a precise counter.


“Little girl, put some magic power into the blade.”



 Through my right hand, I put magic power into the blade.

 The silvery blade shines and begins to emit a powerful buzzing sound.

 When she matched Amira’s sword with the flames and tried to hit it, she forced the sword to change direction and slammed it into the ground.

 While avoiding the flame-encrusted debris that bounced off the ground, she was astonished by Amira’s action.


“She deflected the sword!”

“I think she knew she was going to be cut down. The other party is also a very good user.”

“I know that better than you do!”


 While I was returning it, Amira forced the sword that had slammed into the ground to pull it up and correct its trajectory into a cleaving blow to my torso.

 You can’t get a good fit with the sword at this angle. ……!

 You don’t have to go out of your way to strike each other, just let your speed do the work and go for the win!


“Ha! ……!”


 He evades the sword at the same time as he leaps, and fixes his gaze on Amira’s neck while spinning in the air with the same momentum.

 –I’m going to cut off her neck like this ……!

 With his vision upside down, he goes to cleave Amira’s neck.


“As if I let you!”


 However, my opponent was no ordinary one.

 By setting the weapon on my own body on fire and pushing my body out with hot air, the blow that tried to cleave my neck was held back to only slightly cut the armour on my shoulder.

 I missed the kill. ……!

 At the moment I took a step back to regain my stance, an electric shock was released from the part of Amira’s shoulder armour etched by the sword, and struck her body.




 Electric blasts emanated from the place where I slashed ……?

 Amira, who had kneeled down after being hit by an electric shock, was met with a calm tone from Falga-sama.


“The sharpness increases in accordance with the magic power caged in. It imparts an electric shock to any object it slashes. These are the two abilities of the katana that we can currently grasp.”


 If you lightly slash the ground with the sword as a test, an electric shock gushes out after a few seconds.

 I see …… that, depending on how you use it, it may be possible to set it up like a trap.


“Well, let’s use this opportunity to launch a follow-up …… attack.”


While Amira is frightened, she tries to attack, but the purple electricity around her body disappears and her movements return to normal speed.

 The magic power in the sword’s blade has also disappeared, and it has reverted to an ordinary sword.


“It seems that the magic stored in the katana has run out.”

“What? Can’t I use it anymore?”


 I was just about to jump out of the plane with great enthusiasm!

 I am shocked, and Falga-sama lets out a sigh of dismay.


“Listen to me until the end, you fool. Put it back in its sheath. You’ll be able to get the power back into your katana if you do. But if you time it wrong, it will be a fatal gap—“

“Isn’t recharging a romantic idea ……!”

“…… Well, I think you’ll be fine. …… Haha, one half of the hero is a real problem …….”


 The negative aspects can also be positive depending on how you look at it.

 In my case, the romance of recharging gives me more energy and tension.


“It’s about time the connection between the armour and Me was broken. You don’t need me to explain the rest, do you?”

“Thank you for your advice! If possible, I’d like to meet you in person next time we talk!”


“…… Huh?”


 My voice trailed off as if I were hanging up the phone.

 Well, that’s it, isn’t it? The connection was cut off before I could reply, wasn’t it? It’s not as if they naturally refused to meet you.


“As expected of a hero …… No, it would be disrespectful for you to praise her just because of that?”


“Let me say it again. My name is Amira Belgred. I am one of the …… warriors without title in the service of the Demon Lord.”


  Amira looks back at me, throwing away her scorched cloak.

 The damage from the blitz must surely have taken its toll on her body — I feel even more pressure and spirit from her than before, and I put my hand on the hilt of the sword in its sheath.

 …..It’s only polite for me to say my name, now that she’s introduced herself.


“I’m Suzune. I’m Inugami Suzune.”

“Hu, how easily he surpasses us in the body of a human being? Human beings are truly terrifying beings. …….”


 Amira continues with these words, and once again she wears the armour of fire on her body.

 The heat is incomparable to anything she has ever done before.

 Feeling the flames on her skin, which can be felt even from more than ten metres away, she understands how much power she will put into her next blow.


“Inugami Suzune! I’m not leaving you here alive! For the sake of the Demon Lord! I will risk my life and reap your life here!”

“Well, ……! I’m sorry, but I have to get out of here alive! I’m going to go beyond that!”


 I pulled out my sword, threw the scabbard on the ground, and stared at Amira as I clutched the hilt with both hands.

 I’m not going to use any of the techniques that I’ve used in the past.

 It would be rude to use such a technique against her now.


“I’m going ……!”


 Cage the magic of the charge in this blow. ……!

 The magic power that covers the blade accelerates and begins to vibrate with an overflowing electric shock.


“Come on!”


 In response to Amira’s voice, I step forward as fast as I can with my lower stance.

 In an instant, I reach my maximum speed, and shaking off the heat, I swing my sword at Amira.

 In contrast, Amira swung her sword at me with precision, as if she had anticipated my movements.





 A sword clashes with a flaming sword and an electrified sword.

 Their magic power bursts out, hurting each other’s bodies like blades, but that doesn’t stop their legs from stepping forward.


“If I pull it here, I’m sure to lose ……!”


 Amira’s current blow is literally a full-throated blow. She’s using her will to slaughter only me, without thinking about the future!

 I have no reason to fight for my life like Amira, but! There is a reason why I must definitely return alive!

 I stopped breathing and put all my strength into my hands and feet.

 I shut my eyes and let out my emotions in my voice.


“Uoooooo! Usato-ku~~~~n!!!”



 With a yell that even I cannot recognise, I swung my sword with all my might and leapt forward.

 As it is, I lose my position as I pass Amira, and I throw myself down so that I roll on the ground.


“Ha …… ha …… what did I just shout! Me!”


 I feel like I’ve just made an unbelievable, unsharable yelp.

 No, it’s more than that, it’s Amira!

 What happened to her! 

 I got up in a panic and looked at the place where Amira was, and found her slumped over, clutching a sword that had been severed in half, as if it had been dissolved.

 Blood was flowing from her side where the attack must have struck her, but she still looked alive.


“It was a strong opponent,……, much more than that thunder beast,…….”


 Her determination, spirit, and experience in battle clearly surpassed mine.

 It’s frustrating to say, but without this sword, I might not have been able to beat her.


“I think I pushed myself a little too hard ……”.


 As expected, I couldn’t stay in one piece either, and my body is covered in scratches here and there.

 At any rate, as I try to put the scabbard back in my hand — I suddenly realise that I haven’t given this sword a name.


“I have to name this sword ……”.


 Naming a sword is a matter of intuition.

  Inukirimaru…… No, there seems to be some anecdote about him slaying a dog demon, rejected.

 Raigu…… something that doesn’t look like a sword, rejected.

 After a few seconds of thinking, while resting, I decides on a name for the sword.


“……The name of this sword should be “Inumaru”. Yes. Simple is best.”


 I’ll show it off to Usato later.

 I was writhing in physical pain, but I was determined to do so.


Author’s Note:


I thought that this was the only weapon suitable for senpai.

Like a sword, already. ……

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