Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 193

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 The electric blasts released by Inugami senpai went straight through and hit Koga and Amira.

 The sound and light of the electric shocks gushing out, it is hard to tell what is going on, but for the time being, it is safe to assume that they have been able to stop them in their tracks.

 After witnessing the direct hit of the attack on Koga and Amira, senpai turned to me with an almost onomatopoeic “Hurun!” She turned back and excitedly crowded towards me.


“Usato-kun! I’m very, very curious about your appearance, but! I dare not ask you about your figure!”

“Well, yes……?”

“I’ll look forward to it later!”


 …… No, what?

 Senpai nodded with a big smile without waiting for my bewildered response, and turned again towards where Koga and Amira were.


“Well, I’m off!”

“Ah, yes. Off yo go….wait no!? Wai-, Senpai?!”


 Senpai, still as excited as ever, cut off the conversation and slashed her sword at Amira, who shook off the electric shocks.


“A hero!”

“I’ll let you be my opponent!”


 Amira catches senpai’s sword, which is clad in thunderbolts, with flames, and, as if being pushed in, she moves away from us.


“Oh, you’re still like a storm, Suzune…….”

‘Did you split Amira and Koga up……?’


 As I nod to Nea and Ferrum’s mutterings, Kazuki comes up behind me somewhat late.

 He rushed over here and looked surprised to see me.


“Thank goodness I made it …… in time. You look so different! What’s going on?”

“Kazuki, you came here too? Why did you come to ……?”


 Kazuki looked me straight in the eye at my question.


“Couldn’t I be here …… to help Usato?



 The unexpected words brought up feelings that I couldn’t describe.

 I manage to suppress my emotions and shake my head.


“…… Ahh that’s not it. Thank you, you really helped me.”

“Me and senpai were both saved by Usato, so we’re partners. Besides, …….”


 Kazuki’s gaze turns to Koga, who has been blitzed clean.

 He watches me and Kazuki’s movements as he changes his form to respond to my movements, clad in more dark magic.


” If the Legionnaire is out, then we heroes will have no choice but to go out, …….”


 Certainly, if the commander is the opponent, Kazuki and senpai, who are heroes, plus Hyde-san and Sigurth-san, will have to go out.

As far as I’ve fought, a commander class is not so naive that he can manage by sheer numbers.

 I even had Nea and Ferrum supporting me, and I was finally able to corner them.


“So, Usato, is that guy over there Koga?”

“Yeah, he’s an incredibly tough guy. The first time you see him, he’s a very tough guy, and I attacked him a lot earlier, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.”


 I attacked him a lot earlier, but it didn’t seem to have any effect.


“He’s probably more stubborn than I am, that guy.”

“No, he’s not.'”


 I was thinly aware that Nea and Ferrum would deny it.

 Yes, I know. I’m also aware that I’ve become considerably more defensive since I became one with Ferrum.

I sighed a little, and Kazuki smiled at me.


“I hear a lot of buzzing from Usato.”

“In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve gained a roommate of sorts.”

“Haha, what’s that?”


You’re not far off………

 You can deactivate it, like the state of me and Ferrum right now, can’t you? I tried not to think about it, but I was getting worried.

 I made a light remark, tightened up, stared at Koga in front of me, and took a stance.

 Koga unmasked himself and revealed his true face to me.


“I don’t care if I take two of you. Win or lose, as long as we can fight, that’s all that matters.”


 Koga says this in a somewhat good mood.

 The two men were not in a position to win or lose, but rather they wanted the fight itself.


“…… Kazuki, if we fight together, we can defeat Koga.”


 Koga is a strong enemy, but if Kazuki and I join forces, it shouldn’t be an opponent we can’t push through.

 That’s what I thought, and I suggested a joint fight, but he shook his head next to me.


“No, leave this to me and senpai, Usato, go and help the others.”

‘Eh? But …….”


 Kazuki’s words make me look at him unintentionally.

 He chuckles reassuringly at me and continues


“We’ll be fine. Besides, I have an important favor to ask of you, Usato.”

“A favour?”


 What is the request?

 Kazuki opens his mouth as I tilt my head back and forth.


“Did you know that there’s talk of a demon that uses magic to control people?”

“Yeah, I was attacked by a manipulated person too.”


 The magician in the Demon King’s army is hypnotising his allies and forcing them to split up.

 We have to do something about that person first, although the war situation will be even tougher. …… Why are they bringing it up now?


“Flana found out where he is, near the centre of the battlefield, where even the distinction between friend and foe is blurred, and it seems that the magician is brainwashing the knights.”


 She was able to find the demon that was performing the hypnosis because she has illusion magic, which has similar properties in terms of deceiving people.

 As I recall, the place where I was attacked by the knights on my side was also close to the centre.

 If that’s the case, does that mean she was hiding there and quietly increasing her ranks?


“I left Frana on her own, but I have a bad feeling about …… it. Usato, can you help?”

“Okay. We’ll go and help you.”


 Kazuki’s eyes widened at my immediate answer.

 Either way, I have to be on the front line, and as for me, I can’t just stand by and watch the knights on my side being manipulated and falling out with each other.


“Thank you. I told …… Flana the same thing, but be careful.”

‘Kazuki, don’t let that full-body tights bastard get the better of you.”


 We nod to each other and start running.

 Right behind me, there is an intense light and a metallic sound like popping steel, but I don’t care, I go straight to the place I want to go.

 Rose entrusted me with the job, and Kazuki asked me to do it.

 I have a lot of work to do, but if it’s for someone else’s benefit, I’ll move forward at full speed.



 Usato-kun engages with what appears to be the commander of the enemy’s First Corps.

 In the middle of the battle, when I heard the news, I literally felt my blood freeze.

 It was the same for Kazuki, who was also very upset.

 There were other reasons for being upset.

 At any rate, we had never imagined that the commander of the Legion, the highest power in the Demon King’s army, was out there all alone.

 Normally, it would be insane to challenge an opponent who outnumbered you alone, but the one that Usato-kun was dealing with was advancing towards the halfway point of our formation, cutting down the knights as he went.

 Frankly, I was horrified.

 The fact that he had disturbed our formation with just one man, and the fact that Usato-kun was facing such a dangerous opponent…


“If it wasn’t for Usato-kun, the base would have fallen by now. ……!”


 With partial electric shocks on his legs, he shoots electric shocks at the flaming Amira.

 After swinging her sword wide to cancel out the electric shock, Amira caught my movement with her eyes and opened her small mouth.


“Certainly, if there was no interference, Master would have easily taken your base.”

“That means……the First Legion Commander is your master!”



 I give her an attack with electric shocks from a medium distance, but the attack does not go through at all.

 Is it because of the fire on that body?

 It’s similar to me, but that one seems to put more emphasis on defense.

 If I jumped in without a plan, I wouldn’t be able to avoid a fatal wound either.


“If I’m going to get close, does that mean I have to be clothed in the right kind of magic too! Then!”


 For a moment, I activate my thunder beast mode and try to attack with a speed that even Usato-kun couldn’t handle.


“That technique is ……!”



 Ignoring the opponent’s muttering, I slash at the neck as I pass by.

 I definitely catch her by the neck, but it is blocked by Amira’s sword, which she holds up without warning.


“I have been blocked ……!?”

“You can’t be too precise with your aim, you know? The attack is too honest.”

“Really? It’s not often I’m told I’m honest!”


 Mainly because of Usato-kun ……!

 After a great deal of self-deprecation, I dodged Amira’s downward swinging sword and moved away.


“You’ve highlighted your lack of experience with opponents……”


 I’m good at fighting wild demons and the like, but when it comes to fighting people, even people above a certain level of competence, I’m overwhelmingly inexperienced.

 And Amira, in front of me, has certainly had more occasions than I have, and she has changed her fighting style to one that is more welcoming to us.


“As expected.”



 An unexpected word of praise from Amira stops me in my tracks.

 She speaks to me in a well-defined voice as she reduces the momentum of the flames she wears like a suit of armour.


“Is that your own technique you’re using?”

“…… Yeah, I learned it from the way some demons fight.”

“That’s quite a feat.”


 It’s a fighting technique that I learned from fighting a monster, a thunder beast, that I encountered on my journey to deliver a letter.

 It’s not that I’m not happy to be praised for it, but there’s no way I can be happy about it in this situation.


“It’s amazing that someone who is self-taught and not as physically robust as a demon could do it. If I could, I’d take care of it in its unfinished state.”

“…… Does that mean that if my thunder beast mode is completed, can I assume that it will be troublesome for you?”

“…… raiju……? Modo?”

“I’m talking about the magic of wearing lightning ……!”


 I get the usual tilt of the head and blush to correct her.

 Generation gap……! I’ve experienced this many times during my travels, but this is the only thing I can’t get used to……!


“I don’t understand the language of the heroes. But yes, …… you’re right, if that technique is perfected, it will be a threat to us.”


 The words were an opportunity for Amira to set the flames in her body ablaze.

 So much for useless talk, huh?

 …… So far, Amira’s attacks have not hit me, but there is no sign that my attacks will reach Amira either.

 But both I and she know that it is only a matter of time.


“Then it won’t be a problem if I can grow in this fight ……!”


 There is a magician in front of me who is on the verge of reaching his goal.

 I know what I have to do in front of the best example I can find.

 In battle, I will steal and absorb Amira’s skills.


“If I’m a hero, there’s no reason why I can’t do it!”


 Here I go!

 Clad in electric shocks to rouse myself, I head towards the powerful enemy in front of me.



 Koga, Amira and I were interrupted, but thanks to Inugami senpai and Kazuki coming, I was finally able to return to my role as a white uniform.

 As I was heading to the destination Kazuki had asked me to go to, Nea, who was on my shoulder, spoke to me.


“Usato, what do we do first?”

“Let’s go to the centre, healing the wounded first. Nea, do you think you can find out who’s controlling our allies?”

“We’ll have to go there to find out.”


 So the first priority is to get to the scene.

 Besides, if they’re targeting healing wizards like they did when I was attacked, it’s not a problem that can be left alone.


“I’ll help you as much as I can.”

“Yes, we’ll help together.”


 I nodded strongly to Ferrum’s voice, which had finally returned to its normal state, and I ran through the battlefield again.

 Those who were blown away by the tornado, injured and knocked out are being helped by the black clothes and the knights in the rear, so don’t worry, we’ll go ahead.

 I step into the front line, keeping my eyes wide open.

 While I was fighting, the battle was getting fiercer and fiercer, and the white-knuckle battles between the soldiers were turning into wild, with no formation whatsoever.

 I looked around and spotted a wounded knight and pulled him to me while I stretched a belt from my left wrist and twisted it around him.


“Usato, I’m going to fix the injured man to your body.”



 While applying healing magic, the knight, which was moved to my back as if I was wearing it, is secured by a black belt extending from the group uniform.

 The knight is fixed firmly to his back and I unintentionally let out an exhale of admiration.

 Wow, my arms are moving freely.

 This means I can take more people with me. ……!


“Usato, over there! We’re surrounded!”



 Looking in the direction indicated by Nea’s wings, three sky-blue-armoured knights can be seen surrounded by a group.

 That is the knight in sky-blue armour of Samaria that we saw several times in the meeting: ……!

 One of them is wounded and two of them seem to be fighting to protect him, but he can’t last long isolated from his allies!


“I’m going to jump over that siege!”

“What? What are you going to do, jump over?”

“Uwaaaaa, what are you doing? You!”


 After running as fast as I could, I used my magic power to jump.

 With this, they jumped over the heads of the demon soldiers surrounding the sky-blue knights and landed on the ground, and at the same time slammed their right fists into the ground with great force, releasing a radiant magical shockwave.


“Healing fallen fist!”



 The soldier loses his balance due to the sudden impact on his leg and falls forward.

 Ferrum then transformed my left arm into a shield-like shape, and I continued to use my shield to strike the soldier who was off balance, creating a hole in the siege.


“Captain! Usato-sama, carrying a knight on his back, has fallen in front of me!”

“Huh, I guess it’s a good thing to keep your feet on the ground. Gofu.”

“Captain, ooooo?!”


 Why does the most seriously injured person look so healthy?

 ….. No, the people who seem to be your subordinates are also injured in no small way. You have to get them out of here right away.

 With the injured captain in my arms, I glared around me and called out to Ferrum.


“Ferrum! Fix these two for me too!”

“What, with all these people?”

“No problem!”

“Okay, okay.”


 A black sash from my uniform wraps around a sky-blue knight who can’t keep up with the situation and holds him in place as well as the knight on his back.

 But are the knights okay?

 I’ll check that out before I start running.


“It’s very stable!”

“……!? ……!?”

“The captain is at a loss for words in an unprecedented situation!”


 …… looks okay! Yeah!

 With the captain firmly in my arms, I kick the ground as hard as I can and push forward into the hole in the siege that I just knocked down.


“I’m breaking through!”


“A mass of humans is attacking us!”

“Oh, we’re going to get run over!”


 For some reason, the soldiers of the demon king’s army do not attack, but run away.

 For our part, though, it’s just as convenient to avoid them.

 I immediately left the front line and put down the two injured and the sky-blue knight, and I reconfirmed my strength once again.


“Okay, let’s keep going.”

“…… Nea, does Usato move like this all the time?”

“Nah, I think it’s probably going to get worse.”


 As vice commander, I’ll move for Rose.

 That’s exactly what I’m going to do to make up for being stranded by Koga.

 After listening to Nea and Ferrum’s words, I ran across the battlefield at full speed and headed for the place where Frana was.


Author’s Note:

It was never intended to be that way, but Usato is now like a de●fying third form. ……


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