Level 1 Guy: Chapter 504 – The bunny manoeuvre

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 After breakfast, the Ryouta family went off to work one after another.


 Emily, Celeste and the others went to the dungeon, while Elza and Ena went to an independent buyer via the dungeon.

 Aurum, Carbon and other spirits, whom they would not normally meet, also commuted from the house.


 Of the many unusual families in this world, there remained two that were particularly high up on the list of unusual people.

 They are Sakura Hoshino and Eve Kalsrider.


 Sakura, like Ryouta, is a Japanese who has been dropped (transferred) into this world.

 Eve is a girl who is often said to be unsure why she is in this family, but from her usual behaviour she has an air of being a guest in an insular position.


 The two of them were flirting in the dining room when their friends disappeared.


 Eve is nuzzling Sakura with a delirious look on her face that she rarely shows to anyone else, and Sakura is loving Eve as if she were a cute pet.


“Doesn’t Eve have to go to the dungeon?” (Sakura)

“I’m with a higher level. If there’s somewhere you want to go, I’ll follow you.” (Eve)

“Is that alright with you?” (Sakura)

“Even if the world fizzles out tomorrow, I’ll follow you.” (Eve)

“Haha. I like that about Eve. Oji-san told me you did the same thing with the carrots. What would you do if you had to choose between the end of the world and a carrot?” (Sakura)

“If the earth split open and the sky cracked open and the sun burned out, I would only choose the carrot.” (Eve)

“Hahahaha, that’s great.” (Sakura)


 Sakura laughed happily at Eve’s, which Ryouta was sometimes taken back or taken aback by.

 There was no malice in this kind of reaction, and it was something of a skill for a girl like Sakura to be able to behave in a way that told the other person correctly that there was no malice.


 Then Sakura took a step forward.


“Are you okay with Californium’s place too?” (Sakura)

“I’d rather be at a higher level than that guy.” (Eve)


 Eve replied immediately.

 Sakura took it a step further.


“Shouldn’t you be in a bit more of a good mood for Oji-san?” (Sakura)

“……” (Eve)


 Eve froze for a moment.

 Sakura thought, “I knew it,” but she didn’t bother to say it.


“…… What are you talking about?” (Eve)


 There was a pause of a few seconds and then Eve blurted out.


“That induction was brilliant. Flattering the spirits and modifying the dungeon to make it more convenient for the real adventurers, yeah, brilliant.” (Sakura)

“……” (Eve)

“It’s brilliant, but it’s the same old Oji-san trick. I’ve only been here a short time, but I can tell you from the stories I’ve heard in that amount of time that it’s the same.” (Sakura)

“That’s not …….” (Eve)

“Really?” (Sakura)

“Bunny wouldn’t lie to you.” (Eve)

“Can you swear on a carrot?” (Sakura)

“I don’t know if that’s possible or not, but I think it’s possible.” (Eve)

“Ha ha ha, you’re so honest when you bring up carrots, Eve.” (Sakura)

“…… high level is nasty.” (Eve)


 Eve’s face turned red and she turned away, her lips pursed.

 Is it because Sakura is a high level that she doesn’t get the chop in there, or is it because …… she is a high level?


 In any case, Sakura didn’t go in for it.

 She knows when to back off and not push too hard.


 A girl who tinkers on a daily basis has an excellent sense of balance when it comes to pulling back.


“I see…” (Sakura)

“What?” (Eve)

“It’s great to see in real time that you can make a good dungeon by fooling around with the spirits. I’d like to try it too.” (Sakura)

“…… If you do it for personal gain, you’ll get pissed off by the lower levels.” (Eve)

“Yes, of course I know that, so don’t worry. Thank you …… for worrying about me.” (Sakura)

“……Nn” (Eve)


 Sakura left it like that.

 I decided to do that, even though I knew that Eve’s wasn’t just a matter of taking care of herself.


 She is always talking about cheatrem —– cheat harem —- but she doesn’t do so only when she is alone with Eve.


 Even she, who has only been with us a short time, understands this.


 Eve has a complicated mental structure.

 And he likes Ryouta to the extent that he tricks the spirits into remaking the dungeon accordingly, taking Ryouta’s wishes into account.


 That’s why she doesn’t say it.


 When she mentions it, that’s when Eve falls completely.


 Now is still the time to slowly nurture the seeds of these feelings.


 Sakura was thinking about that while flirting with Eve.

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And he likes Ryouta to the extent that he tricks the spirits into remaking the dungeon accordingly -> And she likes Ryouta to the extent that she tricks the spirits into remaking the dungeon accordingly


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