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“Yes, this is where Oji-san comes in.” (Sakura)

“Ahhh …… alright …….” (Ryouta)


 Now then…… where to start, and there are a few things I’d like to ask, but I think this is the one…


“Why are you going after the weaker adventurers?” (Ryouta)


 I still think it’s this.

 There was a ticket in the Grand Eater’s pocket, and I was curious about that too.

 But I knew that since I had met the spirit in person, I had to ask him about his behaviour, which was different from the others, and what he was particular about.


“……” (Californium)


 Californium was bummed.

 His lips are turned away with a pout.


 It was like—


“A baby.” (Sakura)

“Shh.” (Ryouta)


 Sakura murmurs, and I rush to make the classic finger-on-the-lip gesture.


 I had the same thought, but swallowed hard when it reached my throat.


 I wondered if Sakura’s mumbling had reached his ears or not.

 Californium didn’t really change, he just stared at us sideways with the same feeling.


“Well, …… I’d like to hear about it if you don’t mind. And if there’s anything else, I’ll do my best to help you.” (Ryouta)

“You will?” (Californium)

“Yeah. I’ve listened to Aurum, Nihonium, and Bana—-Erythronium. I’ve listened to all kinds of spirits and worked with them to solve their problems. So.” (Ryouta)

“……” (Californium)


 Californium looks at me straight in the eye and pouts, a complete change from earlier.


“Lies!” (Californium)

“No, it’s true. I can prove it to everyone by letting them see you if they need to.” (Ryouta)

“Let them meet……! Who the hell are you, anyway?” (Californium)

“I’m just an adventurer. Yeah, I guess I have a bit more friends than the others.” (Ryouta)

“That’s no way to say it Oji-san. You could at least say that you made a harem of spirits and impregnated one.” (Sakura)

“Impreg – that’s just not true!” (Ryouta)


 I know it’s about Carbon and Yuki, but that’s a bit of a perversion or an expansion.


“—-Ehem! So, that’s why I’ll ask you if there’s anything I can do, and in some cases, I might be able to come up with a better way. about what you want to do.” (Ryouta)

“I’ll call his kids and—” (Sakura)

“Shoo!” (Ryouta)


 I covered Sakura’s mouth again.


 My partner is my enemy.

 I’ve chosen words like ‘consultation’ and ‘concern’ and avoided them, and I’m trying to say them in a way that benefits the other side, and I don’t want to provoke them.


“……” (Californium)


 Perhaps my attentiveness paid off, because Californium said nothing, but his demeanour softened as I looked at him.


 I was wondering if I should give it another push.


“Hmmph, you’ve got a good head for a human. I’ll give you a special lesson.” (Californium)

“Bra–nugu!” (Sakura)


 Sakura is about to make a third attempt, but this time I made the first move and covered her mouth tightly.


 And then Californium speaks up.


“I hate them, the weak ones.” (Californium)

“Hate them?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. Why do you indulge them in their weakness? It’s so annoying to see them so corrupt, so sleep deprived!” (Californium)

“Then why don’t you watch it–Mug!” (Sakura)


 Sakura tries to butt in again.

 To be honest, that’s what I thought a bit too, but I decided not to because it would complicate the conversation.


“Which means………………that you’re beating the guts out of the people you don’t particularly like?” (Ryouta)

“No, it’s not like that.” (Californium)


 That’s the expression I chose after a lot of twisting and turning.

 Californium said it, but he didn’t seem too happy about it.


“I really hate them. I’m doing this to bring those things in and wipe them all out of the world.” (Californium)

“I see.” (Ryouta)

“Well, I suppose you could say that.” (Californium)


 He was still in a good mood.

 He was well “hooked”.


 He didn’t disagree with me, he agreed with me, but he interpreted it differently and made me talk to him.

 It’s a method I’ve learnt to use to get requirements and specifications out of bad clients.


 So, what do you do from here?


 I’m glad I got it out of him, but I felt it was deeply rooted in him.


 It’s a common adolescent pattern.

 The more you point it out, the more they rebel, and if you make them aware of it, they become more stubborn and the story gets more complicated.


 I felt like he’s that type.


 The solution will be …… difficult, at least in the short term.


“……………… Can you give me a minute?” (Ryouta)

“What?” (Californium)

“I’ll be right back.” (Ryouta)

“Come back, how can a human being casually come here–” (Californium)


 Remembering the face of one of my friends, I dashed away from the place and went to look for her.




 Less than ten minutes later, I was in the Spirit Room of Californium, which this time was easily reached by the transporting room.


 The room was filled with a disturbing atmosphere.


 Californium was staring at Sakura like he was having a tantrum, and as soon as she saw me, she stuck her tongue out cutely and said, “Tehe!”


 After all…


“You’ve done something, haven’t you?” (Ryouta)

“I’m sorry.” (Sakura)

“Mmm ……” (Ryouta)


 It was my fault for leaving Sakura behind, so I couldn’t say anything strongly.

 Unexpectedly bad air, wondering if she was okay, I turned to her as I brought her to me.


 She was wearing her own bunny suit and bunny ears.


 Carrot junkie, Eve Carusleader.


“Please.” (Ryouta)

“Leave it to me. Rabbit is a woman who would sell her soul to the devil for a carrot.” (Eve)

“That’s a cool way of putting it.” (Ryouta)


 With a slight chuckle, I send Eve on her way.


 Eve stands in front of Californium.


 Spirit and rabbit, looking at each other.


 What will happen now —– and the worries about what will happen next —- are completely unfounded.


“Destiny.” (Eve)

“I’ve been waiting for this moment.” (Californium)


 The two of them shook hands firmly, exchanging grandiloquent lines.


 I brought them here to see if they would hit it off, but they hit it off a lot more than I expected —- even before they said a word.

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