Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 192

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Author’s Note: If you take off one of the collars of the uniform, you will find that the inside of the uniform is stained black. It’s fortunate that the colour of the uniform hasn’t changed from white, but the inside of it is all black. 





 As I was puzzled by the changes in my body, I heard Ferrum’s scream coming from somewhere inside my body.

 At the sound of her voice I call out to her, who is nowhere to be seen.


“Ferrum! Are you all right?”

“S-shut up! Don’t talk to me now! Kuoooooo, are you kidding meeee……”

“I can hear her voice coming out from Usato.”


 She looks like she’s in pain, but not a physical pain.

 It’s more like she’s in agony.

 It’s hard to say that she’s safe.


“Here I come!!”

“Tsk, Koga…..!”


 I caught Koga’s claw, which was unexpectedly unleashed, in my gauntlet.

 He glanced at my left arm, which was wrapped in something black, smiled happily and tried to thrust one of his scythes, which was extended from his back, into my shoulder.

 I quickly tried to defend myself with my gauntlet, but Koga grabbed my it with both arms as I tried to move it.


“! Let me go!”


 I kicked him in the knee, but he ignored me and slammed the sickle on his back into my face.

 A distinctive metallic sound rang out.

 The sound echoing from my own cheek stunned me, and when I put my left hand on my cheek, I felt a hard touch.

 M-my face is intact……?


“Usato, black magic power from the neck ……”.


 No, the magic power from the inside of the uniform extended to the cheek and made it hard ……!?


“And the next one is coming!”



 I raised my left arm, which is wrapped in a black gauntlet, and grabbed the tip of the scythe that continues to be wielded.

 It’s also perfectly strong.

 This would seem to be a problem if used in the same way as the right arm.


“Well, it seems to have a certain degree of hardness, so we can assume that the ‘inversion’ property has completely disappeared.”

“Get off me, ……!”

“Yes, yes.”


 I swung my arm with all my might and pulled Koga away.

 But his attack isn’t over yet, as four scythes come at me from his back, pinning me down.

 Attack from all sides.

 Can I cope with my current mysterious body ……!?


[Uu, can’t be helped.]



 As I prepared to respond with the gauntlet on both arms, a black sword extended from my left arm with a metallic sound.

 The black sword was extended straight from the forearm through the fist.

 I noticed the change in my arm and shouted “Uee?!” Ferrum then shouted to me as if to hurry me up.


[Use it!]

“What?! It’s only a blunt instrument!”

[Just use it!]

“Tsk, aaa alright!”


 I swung my left arm sideways with all my might, flicking the sickle away.

 After confirming the power of my swing once, I continue to combine the sword in my left arm with the gauntlet in my right arm and repel the oncoming scythe.


“This left arm is ……!”


 The black gauntlets are surprisingly comfortable on my arms.

 It seems as easy to handle as the gauntlet of Falga-sama, which was created especially for me.

 Both feet also feel no discomfort, as if they are wearing the same shoes as before.

 I was just now being penetrated (?) into my body by Ferrum, who was enveloped in dark magic. It’s not even uncomfortable, even though it’s afterwards.

 …… If it feels the same as the gauntlet on your right arm —– let’s give it a little try.


“Usato, don’t dawdle! It’s coming from the left!”

[It’s coming from behind too!]

“I’ve only got eyes in front of me!”


 I look at the sword in my left arm and then hold it in an iai-like stance, putting magic power into my left arm.

 The sword is integrated with the left arm, so naturally the magic should pass through it.

 Aiming at the moment when Koga pursues with his scythe, I swung the sword in a circular motion, and at the same time unleashed a burst of magical power in the manner of a healing burst palm.



“What the hell are you doing Usato?!”


 At that moment, the same shockwave as the Healing Burst Palm was released from the sword integrated with the left arm, repelling in mid-air the scythe that had attacked it like an encirclement.

 The impact of the magic power that was released radially as if it was a slash —– I looked at the sword that released the shockwave, amazed at what I had done, and my voice trembled.


“Let’s name this …… “Darkness Healing Rupture Slash” ……!”


 I’ll show it off later in front of senpai with a smug look on my face.


[Uwaahh, I don’t think that’s happening…]

“Don’t say anything bad. I’ll think of a better name for you, okay?”


 After being pulled away by Ferrum and gently admonished by Nea and suffering mental damage …… 

 However, despite the fact that I unleashed magic power with my left arm, there is no injury or even pain.


“So this left arm gauntlet is one with my arm,…….”

“Ha, I see. I guess that’s what it means to be completely assimilated.”


 Koga nodded his head in agreement.

 I would like to get away from this guy as soon as possible, but if you know what happened to us, I have to ask.


“…… Do you know what happened to me?”

“Why don’t you ask Ferrum in you first?”


 With a grin, Koga pointed at me —– or rather, at Ferrum whose inside me.

 I feel something nasty in his expression, but I don’t take my eyes off him and talk to him.


“Did you do this, Ferrum?”

“My magic has taken hold of you. That’s why I can use it.”


 Isn’t that too brief an explanation ……?

 I understand that, but I’d like to know more about …… how it got on me.

 I wondered if she had the same question as I did, as Nea spoke to Ferrum in me.


“Isn’t it your will that is attached to him?”

“M- M- M- my magic sucked it in by itself! It’s not my fault!”


 Ferrum stammered and hissed at Nea’s words. 

 In the meantime, I reminded myself to return the sword on my left arm, which is a very noisy one, and the blade extended from my wrist back to my left arm.


“’…… So you say you can do some manipulation from me? What do you think, Nea?”

‘I can only say that Ferrums power is now available to you. Though the person herself didn’t really do much explaining.”


 Is there a reason for this?

 It’s possible that Ferrum herself simply doesn’t understand.

 Perhaps unable to see our distress, Koga laughed somewhat happily as he unmasked only his head.


“Well, I can’t help it. I can understand why Ferrum doesn’t want to talk about it, to be honest. But since I’m the furthest thing from caring, it doesn’t matter, so I’ll reveal it.”

“Usato! Shut him up right now!”


 Black blades shoot out from my left arm and the heels of my feet, but I make them stay put.

 I glare at Koga, feeling slightly sorry for the grunting Ferrum.


“It’s simple, it’s just that Ferrum’s altered dark magic has given you that ability. Didn’t I tell you before? Dark magic is magic that is strongly influenced by the mind of the wielder.”


“I’m sure you’re aware of that. It’s called …….”


 Koga crosses his arms.


“‘Coexist’ …… or ‘assimilate’? I think that’s what Ferrum’s ability to be with you, fight with you, and die with you has become.”


“Isn’t that proof enough? The magic of Ferrum, assimilated by you, protects on its own, and half of its initiative is yours.”


 That’s why Ferrum’s magic was trying to attach itself to me against her will.

 I didn’t realize it until just now, but now that I’ve come into contact with Ferrum, who is wearing a black uniform created by dark magic, she herself has attached herself to me as dark magic.

 In the meantime, let’s confirm this with her.


“Is that so, Ferrum?”



[Uuuuuu, kuooooooo ……]



 She’s in some kind of agony.

 Well, of course it’s embarrassing to see your magic assimilate with someone else’s, but the feelings that led to the change are not a bad thing.

 Rather, she has lived and fought alone, and now she can trust others.

 It couldn’t be better.


“We fight together ……. Alright! Ferrum!”

[What the hell, ……?]

“We’re all in this together. Me, you, and Nea. …… No! Us three in unison… we’re gonna beat Koga.”

“…… Ah!”


 Ferrum’s dark-system magic is completely assimilated with my body. Just like the gauntlet on my right arm.

 If that’s the case, it means it can make a drastic change in my fighting style.

 I’ve already thought of a new way to fight.

 Then it’s just a matter of putting it to the test.

 I tap my toe on the ground to see how it’s doing, then turn to Koga, who’s moving into a fighting stance.


“Nea, I need a restraining spell for large attacks only.”

“Leave it to me.”

“Ferrum, I’ll leave the shape-shifting to you, but no blades when you’re dealing with people.”

“You don’t mind if I make my arms bigger or use a shield or something?”

“Yes. And a word of warning. We’re about to do some weird stuff, so don’t get drunk, either.”



 As soon as I said that to them, I stepped towards Koga and unleashed the magic from his leg armor.

 I approached at once by acceleration combined with leg power different from the healing acceleration fist, and Koga, while being faced with me, tried to move the sickle and claw on his back.


“Too fas– ……!?”

“Healing Rapid Strike Fist.”


 –The first of these is a series of healing quick strike fists with both arms, to crush the start of the attack.

 We won’t give them time to attack us anymore and pull off that dark magic: ……!

 It launches a series of magical outbursts, instantly moves behind Koga and slams a roundhouse kick into his side.


“Ugh! No way your whole movement is that?!”

“Aah! Now I can unleash a burst of magic with my whole body!”

“What’s that? Hahaha! You’re not normal after all!”


 The attack doesn’t seem to have worked on Koga, who was hit by a fist in pursuit.

 But the scythe on Koga’s back can’t keep up with my movements.


[Ugghh, my vision is circling ……]

“H-Hold it in, Ferrum……! I’m trying my best too,……!”


 However, the method of movement using the outburst of magical power seems to cause damage to allies as well.

 Any further burden is dangerous for both of them. We have to settle this as soon as possible.


“It’s not a good time to be in a situation like this. ……”


 Koga, perhaps deciding that he was at a disadvantage at this stage, stabbed his sickle into the back and tried to break free, but he suddenly stopped moving.

 It looked to me as if he had been forced to stop, rather than stopping of his own volition, but a closer look at his body revealed that a black belt had somehow been wrapped around it.



[I won’t let you go!]

“It’s a binding spell! Defeat him now!”


 With the help of the two of them, a black band from my left wrist was wrapped around Koga, through which the binding spell was being cast.

 I try to cut the restraints wrapped around my body with my scythe, but they seem unable to cut due to the resistance spell.


“You have too many good supporters around you!?”

“They’re too good for me!”



 He grabbed the black belt with both arms and pulled it as hard as he could.

 I keep Koga in my sight as he is drawn towards me, and I put magic power into my right foot.

 — I recall the kick I received in the mock battle with Rose after returning from the letter-delivering trip.

 The image of the kick, which destroys even the spell of Nair’s resistance in an instant and blows up a human being by tens of metres from the top of the defending cage, is unleashed on the Koga in front of you..





 With a thud, the kick thrusts into Koga’s torso.

 Koga’s body bends in a figure and he lets out a cry of anguish, and at the same time, I unleash the magic power on my legs and unleashes the Healing Legs, not the Healing Fist.


“Enough of your faints! What is this Healing Strike Legs!”

“You really have no mercy at all!?”


 Koga flies like a ball.

 But I don’t think that’s enough to defeat him, so I hold my left arm ready while switching the black belt connected to him to my right hand.



[Eh?! I-Isn’t this enough?!’

“That’s enough! Thank you!”


 Surprised by my voice, Ferrum makes my left arm twice as big as the other.

 I grip it tightly and move into the Healing Blink Fist position.

 I continue to reap consciousness!


“Wait a minute, Usato! Something’s coming from above!”



 At that moment, I feel a kind of heat above me.

 I stepped back as fast as I could without looking up, and flames cascaded down between me and Koga.



“These flames are ……!?”


 A fire magic so powerful that you can see it.

 After retrieving the black belt that had been split, someone jumped down from the flying dragon that had been flying above them before they knew it when they looked up at the sky in frustration.

 The red-haired demoness — Amira Berglett, who landed near the kneeling Koga, sheathed the sword in her hand, extinguishing the flames.


“Stupid army leader who took off on his own.. What the hell is going on here?”

“Hey, don’t call your Commander an idiot.”

“Quickly, talk.”

“…… Usato combined with Ferrum became ridiculously strong.”




 Whatever she was thinking, Amira swung her sheathed sword at Koga.

 Suddenly attacked by an ally, Koga panics and rolls to avoid the attack.


“W-What do you think you’re doing! I’m your superior and I’m on your side!”

“No, I thought you were delirious from the shock of being hit.”

“I don’t blame you for thinking that, but it’s the truth! Look at that! He looks like a proper healing magician!”


 Koga points at me, and Amira looks at me.

 It’s true that my current appearance is not that of a normal healing magician, but I don’t like it when Koga says so.


“It’s hard to say that I’m decent when I’ve survived my master and hunted down this idiot army leader,……. At the same time, it has been established that you are the enemy that must be defeated on this battlefield with the highest priority. That’s what makes you even more dangerous than the heroes who are an obstacle for us.”

“That’s quite an assessment you’ve made …….”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’ve fought my master and survived unscathed. That alone is extraordinary.”


 I try not to let my frustration show on my face in front of Koga, who still looks fine, and Amira, who is apparently not even worn out.

 I didn’t expect Amira to barge in here.

 Moreover, the way I and Amira fight is too incompatible.

 I want to get out of this place as soon as possible, so why are all these corps leader-class competent people gathering here?

 The fight with Nero is like sticking my head in the sand, but if I keep going like this, I’m going to end up enlisting even the third corps commander.


“We’ll make sure we get him. Sorry, but it’s going to take two of us to take him down.”

“Can’t be helped I suppose. This isn’t the time to prioritize your personal feelings. ……”


 Amira, with her sword drawn, and Koga, with his scythe deployed, are poised in front of her.

 In terms of numbers, it’s three against two, and this one has the advantage in numbers! I’d like to say ……, but I can’t joke about that.

 It is true that I, in white, am stranded, but before that, it is doubtful that I can even make it through safely against these two.

 As I thought about this, my ears suddenly caught the sound of something popping.


“This sound is …….”


 The sound came out of nowhere.

 The next thing I know, I’m standing next to a person who hadn’t been there before, landing on the ground with her hands on her head.

 I couldn’t help but let out a sound of infatuation at the sight of her shiny black hair, clad in electric shocks.


“Inugami, senpai ……?”

“Yeah, now it’s our turn to help. Usato-kun.”


 Inugami senpai replied strongly, thrusting the sword in her opposite hand into the ground and unleashing a powerful electric shock at Amira and Koga.


Author’s Note: 


Ferrum was the first to understand why she had assimilated with Usato and was in agony.


Usato dark magic mode (?).

Specialised in defence: hard (gauntlet), hard (resistance) and hard (dark magic guard).

In addition, it can unleash systemic reinforcement all over its body, and can transform its left arm and other parts into weapons, shields, etc.


These enhancements really don’t make sense from a …… opponent’s point of view.


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