Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 188

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 The mistakes I’ve made up to this point in my life have been very simple.

 The first is that I was summoned to this world as a hero with senpai and Kazuki.

 The second was that Rose found me and put me in a rescue squad.

 The third is that I wanted to help senpai and Kazuki fight as heroes.

 If you think about the training that Rose gave me and the strong enemies that I have faced in this world, you can definitely say that these were mishaps and bad choices.

 Without them, I would have been able to live in a much more peaceful world and not have to suffer so much.

 But I can assure you that I would do the same thing over and over again.

 Because no matter how hard the path I have taken, the encounters, the lessons I have learned, and the things I have gained here are things that I could never have got in the world I came from.

 That’s why I’m going to keep moving forward.

 Even today, on this day of battle when I don’t know how it will go, I’m going to run as fast as I can.


“Tongs, you bastard! I told you not to mess around with the disinfectant! We only have a limited number, you octopus!”

“Hey hey, sorry about that! I’ll leave the rest to you then! Vice Leader-san!”

“And that goblin over there! Put on a normal face when you talk! Don’t scare the wounded!”

“I’ve always had this face! You son of a bitch!”


 I shouted at the strong men, who gave me a hateful smile and walked out of the tent.

 I’ve been thinking about the past a little bit, but I need to stop yelling and start working on my hands.

 I don’t want to look like a failure to Gerna-kun and the others.

 As I was healing the two knights lying next to each other with my hands on them, Ferrum and Bluerin came running into the tent.

 On Bluerin’s back were four wounded knights secured by belts, and Ferrum had one on his back and two on each arm.

 Ferrum, who approached us while slightly out of breath, set down the three knights she had secured with dark magic.


“I’ve brought them to you, ……!”

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. ……”


 As he and Nea set down the four knights that were secured by the belt on Bluerin’s back, he was concerned about Ferrum, who looked tired.

 As for Bluerin, he seems to be completely fine and sniffs confidently, “Hmph.”


“It’s hard to deal with people who used to be your friends, isn’t it?”

“…… No, not at all. It’s just annoying. …… I’ll get the next one.”


 She said bluntly, and Ferrum ran outside.

 After giving Bluerin a look of concern for her, I focused on healing the injured.

 No matter how many times I healed the wounded, their number showed no sign of decreasing.

 It’s no wonder that every time a knight who has finished healing returns to the frontline, injured people are brought in to replace them… but once again, I am reminded of the intensity of this battle.


“I’ll help you. Usato-kun.”

“Ururu-san, …… that’ll be helpful.”

“It’s times like this that we need to help each other.”


 With a grim expression on her face, Ururu-san comes to stand next to me as I use my healing magic.

 She opened her mouth as she treated the injured person that Ferrum and Bluerin had brought earlier.


“I heard from the knight I just treated that the battle situation is very close at the moment.”

“Is….that so?”

“But you know, the other side’s warlord class hasn’t come out yet. I heard that there were several large snake demons, but it seems that the demon race has not yet sent out their main force.”



 It’s tough that there’s more than just that one snake, and I’m worried that there hasn’t been a corps commander like Koga yet.

 Maybe there’s not even a demon race called Amira with legion leader class abilities, and I have no idea how the war will play out.


“Besides, …… I heard one thing that’s bothering me.”

“What’s bothering you?”

“One of the knights was injured when he was attacked by an ally. ……”

“Attacked by an ally? Didn’t the blade hit him by mistake or something?”

“No, the knight who told me said that his best friend from childhood attacked him like a leopard.”

“…… leopard.”


 They’ve been manipulated?

 It could be that he was delirious from the battlefield, but the worst possibility is that the other party is a demon or a demoness with magic that can manipulate people.

 If that’s the case, then they’re making us fight each other.

 As my hands naturally focused on healing magic, I heard a loud, deafening yell from outside the tent towards the battlefield.

 As if in response to this, the cries of countless demons were heard after a delay.

 When I heard the voice, I quickly turned my gaze to Rose, but she had already taken her hands off the knight she had finished healing and was looking up in the direction of the voice.




 With that one word from Rose, I could immediately guess what she was going to say.

 I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do as a white uniform—run on the battlefield and save my allies.

 As I nodded to her and stood up, Ururu-san looked up at me with anxious eyes.


“Usato-kun ……, don’t die.”

“I’m off.”


 After looking around at Olga-san, Sharn-san, Gerna-kun, and Kate-san, I follow Rose to the entrance of the tent. 

 As I did so, Nea, who had transformed into an owl from behind, jumped onto my shoulder.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring you all the way out here.”

“It’s not too late for that. Besides, I’m your familiar, so it’s unnatural for me not to follow you now.”


 When I found out Nea’s true identity, I never thought we would be able to have such a trusting relationship.

 She had betrayed me, played on my innocence with charms and such, and then revived a wicked dragon, so I had a bad impression of her.

 But now that I’ve gone through the journey, she’s a friend I can trust with my back ……or rather, my shoulders.


“I’m glad you’re here. Thank you.”


 The sincere words of gratitude put Nea in a good mood.

 As she left the tent, straightening the collar of her troupe uniform to keep her spirits up, her eyes met with Arc-san, who was guarding her.

 —-He’s a very strong, yet dependable person. Thanks to his kindness and advice as a familiar adult, I was able to overcome my anxiety-filled journey.

 So, I can leave this place to him and move on.

 After exchanging a silent glance and nodding, he and Rose headed towards the entrance of the wall leading to the battlefield.


“This is the second time you’ve done this, isn’t it?”



 I tilted my head at Rose’s unexpected words.


“You know, the one where I go to the battlefield with you.”

“Yes ……. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather the fight never happened.”

“Ha, you’re right. But now that it’s started, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.”

“Of course, I understand that.”


 Even if we don’t want to fight, the Demon Lord army will attack us without question.

 There was no way I could just sit back and watch it happen.


“Leader. I’ll tell you this while I can.”


“Don’t think that if you meet Nero Argents, you’ll stab him in the wrong direction, okay?”

“What about ……?”


 I think this might be the first time I’ve seen Rose’s expression of dismay.

 But I’m being very serious, so I’m not making fun of her.


“No, I know that Leader, who has been telling me about self-sacrifice for a long time, would never do such a thing, but I thought I’d tell you. I don’t think Leader will die, not even slightly.”

“If you’re going to make excuses so quickly, you shouldn’t have said it. ……”


 I just wanted to say this ……! 

 I had a feeling that if I didn’t say it out loud, Rose would really act on it.

 It’s not fair that she doesn’t protect herself after telling me so tightly. 


“…… Huh.”


 This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

 But, unexpectedly, there is no impact.

 Instead, Rose, who had brushed her hair, had a radiant smile on her face.


“You’re an idiot, you know that? Why should I give up my life for a demon race that I don’t like?”


“You don’t need to risk your life. It’s just a matter of blowing them up first.”


 It’s an incredibly crazy thing to say, but when Rose says it, it’s very convincing.

 I guess my concern was misplaced in the first place.

 I was more than relieved by her reaction, and turned to face forward again.


“We’ll go our separate ways from here.”



 The battlefield was completely different from before, but I was still calm.

 It was partly because it was my second battle, but more than anything, it was because I had my master, Rose, next to me.


“Don’t die, okay? If you die…”

“I’m going to beat the shit out of you, right?”

“You’re really cocky. You little shit.”


 She said, and put her hand on the door of the wall.

 I catch my breath and brace my legs, ready to move at any moment.


“Are you ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“I’m ready, too.”


 After confirming mine and Nea’s words, Rose opened the door with great force.

 The moment I felt something like wind on my skin, my legs shot forward and my body shot out like a bullet.


“Let’s go! Usato!”



 The horrific battlefield scenery reflected in my vision.

 Rose’s figure was already out of sight, and she was already heading in a different direction from me. I took one look at the area next to where Rose had been and then turned around to face forward again, pushing forward through the battlefield as if I were weaving between soldiers without stopping.

 In the back, a squad of archers and magicians continued to check the flying dragon that was attacking from the sky. The flying dragon I saw in person was about two times larger than a horse, and it had no front legs, so its wings seemed more like arms.

 From the fact that it was spitting out something like flames from the sky, it seemed to be not so different from the flying dragons that we often hear about in fantasy.

 As I checked the sky, I soon reached the vicinity of the front line.

 The front line is a jumble of both friend and foe, with vicious-looking demons attacking the soldiers.



[Ga, this shit![

[Wait, I’ll save you!]


 Not far away, a red wolf is seen about to attack a warrior from the Kingdom of Nirvana, who is wounded in the leg and unable to move.

 It seems that he has managed to prevent the red wolf from biting him with the handle of the spear in his hand, but the soldiers of the Demon King’s army approached him with their weapons raised to put a stop to him and his friends.

 I grasped the situation at a glance, and created a magic bullet in my palm.


“Glow Wolf! Bringing in such a dangerous demon, ……!”

“Nea, I’ll leave the use of magic to your judgment!”



 I changed my running direction and accelerated at once, using my momentum to kick the red wolf that was attacking the warrior, a glow wolf, in the side with a restraining spell and blow it away.

 It was a big wolf, nearly two meters long if you looked closely, but it couldn’t withstand the unexpected blow and fainted.

 After confirming this, I fired a healing magic bullet at the injured and immobile Nirvana warrior’s leg, healing the wound to the point where he could move.


“Wow, you’re …….”

“Can you move?”

“!!! I’m healed ……!? When did this happen? ……”


 The Nirvarna warrior and his companions were surprised to see that the pain in his leg was receding.

 When one of the demon soldiers saw this, he became severely upset and pointed at me.


“It’s the healing magician in white! You guys get rid of these guys before they heal you!”


 At the feet of the demon soldiers lay the still living warriors of Nirvarna.

 Are they trying to kill the breathing people for countermeasures against us rescuers……!


“That’s not going to happen!”

“Well, we’ll deal with it with magic! Eliminate them as a top priority!”


 As the soldiers on the demon side unleashed their magic at once, I deployed the gauntlet on my right arm and slammed my fist into the chin of the nearest demon soldier while using the gauntlets to knock down the magic that was closing in to protect the warriors behind me.

 He then grabbed the other two in the face with both hands that were filled with restraining spells, restraining their movements as they were.




 One of the demon soldiers let out a stunned voice.

 Without even looking at the three soldiers who collapsed from their knees, he slams his palm bottom into the neighboring soldier’s midsection.






 I changed my target to the soldier near the injured warriors and held my spear up as if frightened— – but the response was too slow for me.

 In a single breath, I closed the distance between us, grabbed the tip and handle of the spear with both hands, and threw it with all my might to the side.

 With a cry of grief at my back, I set about healing the wounded warrior.


“Alright, take them out now—Mu?”


 As I try to hold them, I notice an arrow flying towards my forehead.

 Quickly grabbing it, I let out a squeal of relief.


“Oh no, an arrow.”

“I think that’s usually dangerous. ……”


 The first thing I noticed was that the demon who shouted for me to attack dropped the bow and arrow from his hand with a look of disbelief.


“You’re not human……!?”


“Ku, don’t come! Oh, my God!


 Why did he react the way he does when he comes across a monster in a horror movie?

 I wondered for a moment, and then used my hand gauntlet to knock the demons unconscious.

 After that, I quickly healed the fallen warriors and asked the black clothes to take care of them before heading to another location.

 —-The magic power used is minimal.

 —-His physical strength is completely fine.

 —-I still have plenty of energy.

 Then, as long as I have my life…?


“Watch out! Heal magic bullet!




 A healing magic bullet is fired directly at a knight of Calm Helio who has been slashed in the arm and is about to be speared by a soldier of the Demon Lord’s army.

 Nea was astonished to witness the spear that was about to pierce his torso being dislodged as it was flicked to the side by the impact of the healing magic bullet.


“Was that a technique you use like that!”


 Saving and healing the injured at the same time.

 That is the true use of the healing magic bullet ……! In fact, it can be said that the way it has been used up until now has been wrong. ……!

 When I strike the stunned spearman with my palm and reach out to the fallen knight to help him to his feet, the hostility of the soldiers in the Demon Lord’s army is focused on me.

 Good one, ……! I clenched my fists hard and stepped hard on the ground to save the life in front of me.


Author’s Note:


It was the main character who was given a stiff scream by the enemy.

This time, it’s like saving your allies while subduing them moderately.


Impressions of each of the Usatos on the battlefield.


The warrior of Nirvana.

He is a healing magician who kicked the side of a ferocious demon that tried to attack him with a yakuza kick (?).


Knight of Calm Helio.

A knight of Calm Helio, he was blown up by something just before the demon tribe finished him off, and when he realized it, his wounds had healed.

He doesn’t really know what happened to him.


A soldier of the Demon Lord’s army.

An unidentifiable creature that was moving at high speed.

If it gets close, it’s over.

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