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Author’s Note:

Thank you for your patience.

As announced, this will be a side story.


I’ll be writing from Amira’s point of view.




 It’s a memory from when I was an apprentice soldier in the Demon King’s Army, before I became the leader of the Third Legion.

 It was when I accompanied my master, Nero Argents, and his men on a mission.

 It was supposed to be a simple mission.

 We went into the human realm to capture a powerful demon for the Demon Lord who would eventually revive, and to create a new demon —– a demon that would now be called Bardinak.


 A scene that is still vividly etched in my eyes.

 I was ordered to wait in the back, but when I arrived at the scene of the battle, I sensed something was wrong and it had turned into hell.

 Trees torn up in a messy manner.

 My compatriots and humans were falling down.

 And then there was Master, crucified in a tree with his own sword through his right shoulder, and the woman glaring at him with eyes full of hatred.


“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.”


 With her right eye slit open and blood seeping from all over her body —- a normal person would not even be able to maintain consciousness —- the woman was crawling on the ground, trying to put an end to Master who was already on the verge of losing consciousness.

 Her body was dying, but her eyes were fixed on Master.

 It was truly frightening.

 I never thought there was such a person in the world.

 I struggled to move my body, which was too terrified to move, and fled the scene with my Master.

 All the way until I escaped and got on my horse, I felt that woman’s gaze on me and didn’t feel like living.


“A- Mi- Ra-.”


“What’s that, a greeting? I’m your superior officer, right? Me.”


 Before the battle, I was reminiscing about the past, but I was interrupted by the Second Corps Commander, Koga.

 The reason why he was still my superior was because it was easier for me to move around as a soldier, and also because I had grown attached to the men who followed me …….

 The place where our army was currently camped for the night was in the forest in front of the great river where Rose had destroyed the bridge the last time, and having experienced firsthand the failure of the last time when the bridge was destroyed, I was on guard duty on the other side of the river with a few of my men.


“What do you want?”

“No, I went to a meeting a while ago, but it just ended. Oh no, that Third Legion Commander is a nasty piece of work.”

“That’s why she’s better suited to be a corps commander than me.”


 Hanna Lohmia, the newly appointed Third Legionnaire, is excellent.

 Compared to me, who is intuitive and can only fight, she is flexible and cunning in her thinking.

 She also possesses magic that is suitable for logistical support.

 I’m sure she’ll be a problem for their soldiers.


“So, is there anything else?”

“Old man Nero says he’s going to leave the command to his second-in-command and go on a raid.”

“…… I, see.”


 In Master’s fight, a person with half-hearted power would instead become a hindrance.

 It’s not strange at all, but it would be a lie to say that I don’t have some thoughts about it.


“Oh, speak of the devil.”



 I looked up at the sound of Koga’s voice and followed his gaze.

 Then I saw a blond-haired demon—master, Nero Argents, standing near the riverbank with a sword at his waist. I could only see his back, so I couldn’t see his expression, but he was looking intently at the scenery beyond the river.


“Is it okay? He’s your master, isn’t he? Shouldn’t you at least talk to him a little?”

“…… Yeah, I know.”


 We hadn’t spoken to each other since Master’s return.

 This is because I was busy right before I marched into battle, but also because I simply didn’t know how to talk to my current master.

 After returning to the Demon Lord’s territory, my master had changed.

 The wounds he had sustained from his own magical sword were so great that even after the Demon Lord was restored, he was unable to return to battle and was forced to recuperate.

 At that time, master was carrying an uncommon amount of remorse for forcing his subordinates to die, and an uncommon amount of obsession due to his defeat in the battle against Rose.

 Perhaps, even now, that would not change.


“I’ll leave things to you here.”

“What? Huh? You want me, a corps commander, to be on guard? Wait, don’t ignore me…”


 Ignoring Koga’s voice, I headed towards my master.

 The closer I get, the clearer his figure becomes.

 His dull golden hair, the armor covering his right shoulder, and the magic sword at his waist made me slightly nervous, but as I was about to call out to him – without warning, my master drew his sword and with a light movement, swept the space in front of him sideways.




 Instantly, a wind blade shot out from the red sword blade and headed towards the one head high mountain at the end of the great river.

 A few seconds or so later, a tree on one of the mountains was cut down, creating a cloud of dust.

 Confused by the sudden action, master with the red magic sword in its sheath spoke as he looked at the mountain.




“They are scouts. I took care of them before they sent them the information. I don’t know if it means anything, though.”


 I didn’t understand the meaning of Master’s words for a few seconds, but the moment I did, I got goosebumps.

 Master had taken care of a person who had been scouting from the mountain. And that was despite the fact that he couldn’t see properly in the dark.

 Once again, it made me understand how out of the ordinary Master was.


“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Amira.”


 As I was simply amazed by my master’s ability, which I had long forgotten, he suddenly called my name.

 Stopping a little behind me, Master smiled as he moved his face slightly towards me.


“It’s been a long time. Master.”

“Master, huh? Can you still call me that?”


 The self-mocking words surprised me.

 Master’s appearance was completely different from before.

 At least, before the fight with Rose, he had never spoken such words of self-deprecation.


“You are the master who taught me the art of fighting. That will not change, no matter what.”

“…… you’re getting stronger, aren’t you?”


 I muttered deeply, and Master closed his mouth again.

 I cannot even begin to guess what Master’s state of mind is.

 However, there was something I had always wanted to ask.


“Master, are you thinking of taking revenge against Rose?”


 Is he trying to humiliate himself against Rose like I once did?

 He must have a reason to do so, unlike me, who was so angry that I only wanted to avenge my Master’s death.

 Master had lost all of his men except me in the battle with Rose.

 Master gave a small shake of his head at my question.


“…… No, I’m not qualified to avenge my enemy. Rather, I am the one who must atone.”

“What do you mean, atone?”

“Because I’m the one who forced them …… to die.”


 I let Rose’s men get in the way, and they fell together.

 Considering the strength of Rose and her men at the time, he would have known that they would become a threat later on.

 I’m not saying that my master’s decision was correct, but —– if Rose’s men had lived like that, they might have become untouchable.


“My time has stopped since the day of that battle.”


 The murmur was filled with strong emotion.


“Before, I used to think that any sacrifice was unavoidable for the prosperity of the demon race. However, after my defeat to Rose, my enthusiasm and ideals disappeared, and all that remained was the urge to fight.”

“Other than that, nothing?”

“Yeah. I have only one goal: to fight Rose. That’s it.”


 Master was trapped in the past.

 He was hungry for a fight with Rose, someone he had never faced before, someone with equal power.

 Everyone here should be fighting for the Demon Lord —- for the survival of the entire demon race —– but this person was fighting not for the present, but for the past.


“Isn’t Rose fighting now?”


 I answered, surprised by the unexpected question.


“…… Yes. As a healing magician, she travels the battlefield and heals wounded enemy soldiers.”

“So she chose to save them instead of killing them?”


 I couldn’t look into the expression of my master who muttered that, but I knew he had something on his mind.

 He was silent for about ten seconds, but finally opened his mouth.


“If that’s the case, she must be quite troublesome.”

“Yeah, totally. When it came to the last battle, even his disciples came out of nowhere, and even just the two heroes were a handful. ……”


 I remembered the healing magician called Usato and the two heroes, and even though I was in front of my master, I complained.


“Disciple? Are they a healing magician……?”

“Yes. A true healing magician of the same kind as Rose.”

“How good is he?”

“At least as good as Koga.”


 Strictly speaking, Koga had a lot of power, but there was no way that thing was a proper healing magician when he was forced to faint, even temporarily.

 Once I saw him locked in a cage in Hinomoto, he looked like an ordinary boy —– but I could see the strong will in his eyes.


“…… I see.”


 After listening to my story and nodding quietly, Master went silent.

 Did he have any thoughts after listening to Rose’s disciple’s story? Either way, for Master, this march is a battle with the past.

 For me, it is also a battle for …… the demon king, and by extension, the demon race.


Author’s Note:

Nero’s position is the exact opposite of Rose’s.

The next chapter will be updated tomorrow around 6pm. (TL Note: Not me)

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