Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 185

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After meeting with the reinforcements, the healing magicians, Gerna-kun, Kate-san and Sharn-san, I decided to help the strongmen with their work.

 Once that was done, I also helped build the fortifications that protect the base. I was a little impressed by the surprised reaction of the soldiers around me when they saw me and the strongmen carrying timber.

 Then, as the sun was setting, Rose returned to the Rescue Squad’s base of operations to meet Gerna-kun and the team.

 As a reaction, all three of them, including Kate-san, had a uniformly tense expression on their faces when Rose gave off an overwhelming predator aura just by being there.

 I guess it can’t be helped that she’s giving off an atmosphere of being a scary person no matter how you look at her, …… but I thought it was great that she was not suppressing it, but instead was releasing it in a dignified manner.

 Later, Rose, who had been to the base operations centre, told me her story.


“We have confirmed the advance of the Demon Lord’s army.”


 I muttered this quietly as I stared blankly at the fire burning in the stacks of wood like a campfire.

 The story Rose told me was about how the Demon Lord’s army is currently behaving.

 The demon king’s army has already passed the place where the scouting was reported to have come, and is steadily moving towards us.

 It is also marching with a large number of demons.



“…… Yeah, I’m fine. Bluerin.”


 After dinner, as I sit on the burlap-covered ground polishing Bluerin’s new armour, Bluerin, who is lying curled up beside me, looks up at me with concern.

 I laugh at him and pat his head.

 Gerna-kun is with the strongmen and Olga, Kate-san and Sharn-san are with Ururu, Nea and Ferum, where they are interacting with each other.

 In truth, I should go to Gerna-kun too, but I wanted to think a little alone, so now I’m in front of the fire, lost in my thoughts.


“It’s reassuring to know you’re here.”


“You’re so proud of yourself.”


 The first time, the battle against the Demon Lord’s army made him stay away, but not this time.

 Just like when we fought that wicked dragon, we are entrusting our backs to him as trusted companions. I have no worries about that. This is because he has a strong heart that will never give in to anyone he decides to fight.

 I naturally smiled at Bluerin, who sniffed confidently, and continued to speak to him.


“Are you scared?”


“I knew you would make that face. Haha, I’m just joking, don’t get mad at me.”


 I chuckle at Bluerin, who looks miffed.

 I mutter to myself as my vision reflects the sight of the flickering red and orange fire.


“I’m …… scared.”


 When I mutter this, emotions flood out of my chest like a balloon that has been unplugged.


“I’m afraid of fighting, I’m afraid of being in danger. But I’m most …… scared of being reminded of my helplessness.”

“Gua ……”.

“…… Haha, don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”


 I stroke Bluerin’s head as he looks up at me with concern.

 Did I sound a bit whiny?


“Well, now, let’s stop talking and start working with our hands.”



 I moved my hand, which had stopped, to work on polishing his armour again.

 I was absorbed in my work, listening to the sound of popping flames and the lively voices of the soldiers in the distance.



As night falls, I finally finish polishing and inspecting Bluerin’s equipment and stretch my back.

 It took me a little while, but it was a good time to gather my thoughts.

 Biting back a sore throat, I looked at Bluerin, who was in a daze, and then tried to clean up the messy armour–and


“Who~is it~”



 My view was suddenly taken away by the hands of Inukami-senpai, who approached from behind.


 Thinking who the familiar presence is approaching ……

 With my vision still pitch-black, I begin to clean out Bluerin armor without a care in the world.


“You chose to ignore?!”

“Senpai, please conceal your footsteps if you want to sneak behind me.”

“And he’s ruining it!”


 Senpai moves in front of me in surprise.

 I am a little relieved to see senpai unchanged from a few days ago.


“I’m a beautiful girl you know!”

“I see you finally got rid of the subject.”


 I know what you are trying to say by pointing at yourself, but it is a pretty funny statement if you are not senpai.

 …… No, even if she was senpai, it would still be quite strange at this point, though.


“Why do you go off the template so much!”

“I just thought it would be okay if it’s senpai…….”


 Then senpai grabbed my shoulder, looking desperate.


“What if Eva did what I did!”

“Well, I would normally be embarrassed, wouldn’t I?”

“The difference in treatment…?”


 I chuckle at senpai who kneels down, puts her hands on the ground, and shouts.

 I won’t tell her that I was quite surprised when she covered my eyes.

 As I was about to call out to senpai, Kazuki and Flana-san walked up behind me, laughing.


“The exchange between Usato and Suzune, it’s kind of funny to watch ……”

“Senpai loves to give everything out at one go. Yo, Usato! Looks like you made it over here in one piece.”

“Yeah, I’m glad to hear that Kazuki and Flana-san are doing well. You too, senpai.”


 When I look at senpai and say this, her expression brightens with an almost onomatopoeic poof.

 No, I know I was teasing, but to see her emotions rise and fall. ……

 As I was thinking this, senpai who had changed her target from me to Bluerin was nipping at my heels.


“Bluerin, you’re here too! Let me pet you!”



 She smiled belligerently at Bluerin, who immediately flicked off senpai’s outstretched hand.


“Fu, you have some guts!”

“I’m sure you can pet it if you go in thunder beast mode……”

“That doesn’t make sense. Usato, I am longing for a situation where Bluerin will voluntarily let me pet him ……!”


 I have a feeling that it’s not possible to do that, at least not with a whole lot of desire. ……

 I turn from the staring senpai and Bluerin to Kazuki and Flana-san.


“Since Usato is here, does it mean you came before the meeting?”

“Yes, that’s right. If Flana-san is here too, does that mean you are going to join the …… fight?”


 Is it safe to participate in a conflict between humans and demons, even though she’s an elf?

 She shook her head firmly at the question that included that.


“Yeah. I decided to fight for Kazuki because this is what I chose to do. Besides, Kazuki is a bit of a daredevil, so I have to watch him closely!”

“Am I a kid ……”

“And let’s just say it’s a direct request from the princess.”

“Wow, even from Celia. ……”


 You are loved, Kazuki.

 I stand up, smiling at the smug look on senpai’s face, as if to say, “See, I told you so.”

 As expected, it’s bad to talk while standing, so let’s get a place to sit anyway.

 I call out to senpai as I lay the linen cloths that are gathered nearby on the ground.


“Since you’re here anyways, want to sit down and talk about it? If you don’t mind this place. ……”

“That’s totally fine. We’ll just rest afterwards too. Kazuki and lrana don’t mind either, do they?”

“Of course.”



 When the three people who had been standing sat down, I decided to ask them what was on my mind.


“Senpais must’ve heard……. About the demon army.”

“Yeah. It’s probably only a matter of time before they get here. The battle is imminent.”


 I frown at the words of senpai who turn to me.

 If the fight was the same as last time, Rose could go and destroy the bridge at the stage of building a bridge over the river, but she herself objected to that.

 The Demon Lord’s Army would not have left the previous failure as it was, and above all, this time there was a flying enemy called a flying dragon, so they had decided that it would be difficult to go and destroy the bridge.

 …… And Rose seemed convinced that it would be absolutely impossible to destroy the bridge.


“We’ve done what we’ve got to do to this day too. But I can’t do the difficult thing of commanding an army like …… Sigurds.”

“What have you been up to today, Kazuki?”

“Mainly to check on the assembled soldiers. After all, it’s not easy to rally four armies, so I first had to understand the chain of command and its fighting style.”


 It’s not as if we’ve got it all figured out just from the previous exchanges.

 Unlike me, who runs the battlefield on my own, senpai go into battle with their fellow soldiers, so collaboration is probably more important than anything else.


“You also met with the other …… commanders of the various kingdoms.”

“Speaking of commanders, is it Hyde-san from the Kingdom of Nirvarna?”

“Yeah. Calm Helio and Samaria were not experienced enough as commanders, so the Warrior Chief …… Hyde will lead the front line and …… Sigurds will take overall command.”


 Nirvarna Kingdom Warriors, Warrior Chief Hyde, who taught me many things in the Kingdom of Nirvarna.

 We can rely on Hyde-san to be there for us.

 Relieved that he was here, senpai now spoke up.


“Usato and the rest of the rescue squad, Sigurds gave them a big explanation.”

“Oh, really? …… Just asking, what kind of explanation?”

“If you encounter a person dressed in white or black on the battlefield, entrust the wounded who cannot move. On the other hand, if they are in a situation of danger, go to their aid with all your might. …….”

“I see. ……”


 I don’t want to be in a situation like the second half, but in the first fight I was in danger too and the knights saved me. I was really saved that time.

 Besides, it’s very nice that they know about us beforehand.

 I mainly find injured people myself, but I can help them quicker if they see us and ask for help.


“I heard that Usato’s side has received an increase in healing magicians……”

“Yes. We have just finished meeting with the three healing magicians who came as reinforcements during the day.”


 In answer to a question from senpai member of the team, Flana-san speaks to me in a gingerly manner


“A-A healing magician other than Usato……. They don’t hit you or move very fast, do they?”

“Haha, they are all general healing magicians. In fact, healing magicians like me and Leader are extremely rare.”

“Yes, that’s right! There are fewer healing magicians like Usato and the leader of the Rescue Squad!”


 It’s not that there aren’t many, but I’ve never seen anyone other than Rose either.

 No. Did Rose start it all in the first place? When you think about it, she’s really tremendous, that woman.


“Three people, huh? What were they like?”

“Well, let me explain one by one -“


 I introduce them with Gerna-kun, Kate-san and Sharn-san in mind.

 I myself have only known them for a short time, but I kind of know their personality.


“I’m glad they’ve come in and they seem to fit in well with the other members.”

“Yes, ……. I was worried about it too, so to be honest …… I’m relieved.”


 I nodded honestly at Kazuki’s words.

 Then, after hearing my introduction, senpai puts her hand on her chin as if in contemplation.


“I’m a bit interested in a girl called Kate from Calm Helio.”

“What makes you think that Suzune?”

“No, I don’t have any reason for this, but I have a bad feeling about it or something. …… I wonder if I’m overreacting to the word Calm Helio.”



 I remember Kate’s condition during the day and she didn’t say anything.

 …… Let’s talk about it before senpai is left badly injured.


“About Kate-san, I’m sorry. It might be better if senpai and her meet up.”

“W-Why do you suggest so?”

“She brought the complete version of her article at …… Calm Helio here …….”

“Gafu ……!”


 Senpai collapses to the ground as she is sitting down.

 I somehow knew it was going to happen, so I immediately supported her shoulders.


“What, is that for real?”

“I’m serious. I’ve denied it regarding the rumours and the article, but Kate-san is a pushy person, so I thought I’d pass it on.”


Senpai, the public must be quite embarrassed when their public confession is reported in an article, and when it is known by so many people.

 I’ll also say this, which I kind of felt when I heard Kate’s story.


“This is just speculation, but …… maybe Kate was there to see the scene where senpai turned down Prince Kyle’s confession.”

“……? ……?!”


 I feel like there was a lot of enthusiasm in the narrative.

 The way Kate-san mentioned the name of senpai was somewhat like when she met someone she admired or, in my world, a celebrity.

 I had to correct her immediately because she was calling me like that too, but it was the same then.


“Hey, Kazuki. Suzune is lying there writhing in shame, but is it okay ……?”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine, but …… yeah, I wish senpai would reopen.”


 Senpai grunts, her face turning red.

 I know very little …… or nothing at all about the scene where Prince Kyle refuses to confess, but he must have said something quite embarrassing.

 Otherwise, I wouldn’t have reacted this way.


“Senpai, in case you’re wondering, what did you do in the case that was the main source of the …… article?”

“I can never tell Usato-kun! Oh, God, I can’t do it!  ‘ve completely remembered… ohhh… ……”

“Aahh okay. ……”


 While hugging Bluerin, who always refuses to be stroked, senpai is just writhing in shame.

 Seeing such senpai, I was afraid to find out what she had done in Calm Helio.


“If you find out about this, I have to be ready for it ……!”

“Excuse me. Is that a curse or something?”


 She has to prepare mentally for this just because I know?

 Or rather, preparedness for what? In some cases it is more frightening than the Samaria’s Curse. ……

Author’s Note:


The heroine who has had one of the biggest black histories written about her and spread on a continental scale is Inukami Senpai.


This, too, is a unique personality. ……?

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