Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 182

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 The two heroes, Senpai and Kazuki, were to go to the base they had set up earlier in the plains area.

 After seeing them off with the knights, I was carrying out my duties as vice leader while making preparations to ensure that there were no flaws.


“What’s the matter, Usato! Is that all you’ve got?”

“Of course not!”

“Then show me how you can fight back!”


 With Rose’s shout of anger, a gouging kick was unleashed as if to pierce my temporal head.

 As soon as I received the kick with my gauntlet, I jumped to the side to escape the impact and did a couple of spins on the ground before standing up, but I immediately did a backflip and managed to avoid a crushing heel drop from directly above.


“Looks like you’ve got pretty good at running away.”

“I’m not quite there yet ……!”


 I’m sweating profusely and out of breath, but Rose smiles at me.

 The day before I head to the dorm, I have a practical training session with Rose —- an act that would normally make me question my mental health, but since I won’t be able to train if I go over there, it’s now or never.


“I’ll at least hit you once!”

“Bring it on! If you can do that that is!”


 To be honest, I’ve been fighting under extreme conditions for the past hour, so my tension is a little out of whack.

 I let my impulses get the better of me and shouted out, heading towards Rose who had her fists tightened.


“Why am I here ……?”


 —-with Nea at my shoulder for support.



“–Should we stop here?”

“Yes, I think so…….thank you.”


 Rose looks down at me as I’m lying down in a big heap in the middle of the training ground.

 Nea is also tired, lying on the ground in her owl state, completely deflated like a stuffed animal.


“I’ll definitely, definitely get you vomiting blood……otherwise it’s not worth it……!”

“I know. You better keep your words.”

“I promise?!”


 I don’t know if I should be so sure.

 Well, I’m not going to say no to that.

 In the first place, the reason why we are having a mock battle with Rose the day before we head to the base we set up in the plains is because I wanted to get used to Rose’s movements at the last minute, as she has more physical ability than me.

 Also, as the vice leader, it was my duty to consider the possibility of acting in place of the leader in case of emergency.

 I didn’t know how well I could take Rose’s place, but I figured I had no choice but to do it since no one else could do it.


“I’ve put a healing spell on you, but make sure you get some rest.”

“I understand.”


 I nodded at Rose’s words, who didn’t look tired at all.


“Quit it with the polite speech, also, are you taking Bluerin to the battlefield this time?”

“…… Ah, that’s—-“


 A while ago, I asked Bluerin if he would go to fight against the Demon King’s army.

In response, he angrily tapped me repeatedly on the leg, signalling his intention to go to war.

 I nodded at Rose’s words, remembering that …… maybe I was being too overprotective of Bluerin.


“Yeah. I’ll take Bluerin with me.”

“I see. If that’s the case, I’ve had the rescue squad’s special armor prepared for Bluerin. You should equip it for him.”

“What? When did you make such a thing……?”

“While you guys were at the meeting with Lukvis. I had it made just in case, but I’m glad you need it.”


 So it’s a special armor for Bluerin.

 …… “Bluerin Armor”? No, I think “Metal Bluerin” would be better.

 I’ll think about the name later, but I’ll thank Rose for her help.


“Thank you very much!”

“You don’t need to thank me. It’s something I did on my own. Oh, and one more thing.”


 Rose pulled out a single note from the pocket of her uniform.

 When she tossed it over, she saw that it had been sent by Miarak.


“Mia Rak …… Leader, this is …….”

“It was given to you personally. The kingdom has been sent a formal one. The content is …… well, it is a report that the weapons of the heroes are not sure if they will be ready for war.”

“I see. ……”


 So they don’t know whether it’s going to be made on time.

 No, it’s better that they didn’t assure us that they won’t make it time.

 Unlike that time with me, Falga-sama is trying to create a hereo weapon from scratch, and I’m sure it’s a lot of work..

 If I think about it that way, I can’t really blame Falga-sama.


“It’s fine to be pessimistic. Our departure is tomorrow. As soon as the preparations are made, you should rest your body in preparation for tomorrow.”



 Rose replied as she got up and walked back to her dorm.

 I was sure she was busy preparing for tomorrow, but Rose took time out of her precious time to help me. I stand up, feeling both apologetic and grateful.


“Well, I have a lot of work to do for tomorrow too.”


 I have to continue my preparations for a situation where the healing magician is useless due to the use of his magic power, such as first aid bandages and medicinal herbs.

 In fact, that’s more important than my personal luggage.


“Ueeee, I forgot about the …… preparations. ……”

“You can rest a bit longer if you want. I’ll take care of the preparations.”



 I activate my healing magic while placing Nea, who is lying on the ground like a stuffed animal, on my shoulder.

 I chuckle at the moaning Nea and look at the letter I received from Rose.


“Well, before we get to that, let’s read this one.”


 The letter that they’ve sent, there’s a question about the gauntlet in addition to the hero’s weapons.

 I carefully unwrapped the letter and opened it to find a beautiful, flowing sentence.



 This is separate from the letter sent to the Kingdom of Ringle, and is sent to Ken Usato personally.

 I am Leona, the hero of Mia Rak.

 I understand that this is not the time for a lengthy preamble, so I will simply state what you need to know.

 First, the creation of the weapons of the two heroes by Falga-sama may not be ready in time for the attack of the Demon King’s army on the Kingdom of Ringle.

 As soon as it is completed, I will send it by the fastest ship in Mia Rak, but there is no guarantee that it will be ready in time.


 And as for your question about the gauntlet.

 First, is it possible to transfer or lend the gauntlet to a third party? According to Falga-sama, it is not possible.

 It is, in the truest sense of the word, a piece of equipment that is exclusive to you, a piece of armor that cannot be used to its true potential by anyone else.

 As an exception, I have the “Spear of the Hero”, but this is because Falga-sama made it so that it can choose its bearer and change its shape, but your gauntlet cannot do that.



“I thought there was a possibility, but I guess it’s not.”


 Can’t I lend my gauntlet to someone else?

 It may not have extraordinary power, but on its own it’s a gauntlet case of extraordinary hardness. I thought if I could get it to senpai and Kazuki, it might help them, but I guess I’ll have to give up ……


“But you’re the only one who can use this gauntlet, right? It’s only hard, and I think it’s only good for defense.”

“It’s good enough to use as armor. Besides, it can help you control your magic power.”


 If it was senpai, the thunder beast mode would be further enhanced, and if it was Kazuki, his outstanding magic manipulation would be further enhanced.


“Ah, yes. Maybe you could try putting some cuirasses on your feet? That way, your technique will be even more awesome, right?”

“No, it’s just hand armor, so if you deploy it with it on your foot, you’ll be in trouble.”


Specifically, the legs are forced to transform into the shape of a gauntlet.. ……

 …… It looks painful just imagining it.

 It’s not like you can fit a gauntlet around your ankle in the first place.


“Well, if you can do the same thing with your feet as you can with your gauntlet, I think you can do a lot with them.”


 Nea muttered, looking bored.

 It’s not that I hadn’t thought of it myself, but the price is too high.

 …..I would have loved to have tried the healing kick by jumping with the healing magic bursting palm or healing magic bursting leg.

 Like, “Healing kick!” or something like that.

 While I’m thinking about such stupid things, a dark-haired rescue squad named Nack comes from the entrance of the training ground.


“Hmm? Nack, what’s wrong?”

“Usato-san, Tong-san wants you to come help him as soon as possible.”

“Oh, okay.”


 It’s bad enough that they’re the only ones getting ready, so I should get going too.

 I’ve almost recovered from the mock battle with Rose.

 I stood up and headed for the dormitory with Nack.


“Usato-san, you’re leaving tomorrow, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Nack is going to the castle?”

“Yes. I’ll be the only one here, so Rose has made arrangements for me.”


 If we left here, Nack would be the only one here.

 We can’t let a twelve year old boy live on his own, and Rose’s decision is a natural one.


“If I’m being honest, I’d like to follow …… Usato and the others, too.”

“Nack …….”

“I know. I’m still a kid, and I’m not as strong as all of you. I know that best myself.”


 Nack’s muttering, as he floated the healing magic in his palm, seemed to be somewhat stifled with emotion.

 As a healing magician, there was no way I could take the inexperienced Nack into battle. No matter how much manpower is needed, that’s the only thing I can’t compromise.


“But I thought it would be different if I just regretted it.”


 Looking up, Nack looks up at me.


“The other day, I asked Rose if I could ask her to help me at the castle.”


“Yes. There are a lot of people out of the castle right now, and we’re pretty short on staff, so I was wondering if I could help out.”


 I see.

 Now that people are gathering at the base, it’s safe to say that the castle is quite short on manpower.

 I heard that they left some knights in case of an unexpected attack, but even so, it’s still a small number.


“Well then, I guess I’ll leave the castle’s defense to you.”

“Eh, such an overreaction ……. Besides, I can’t do much yet. ……”

“Nack, you’ve thought this through and acted on your own. I think that’s great.”


 Maybe if I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t have been able to do the same thing.

 I might have stopped thinking and only trained my muscles or something, or I might have lamented my helplessness.





 I was surprised to hear Nack speak up with a determined look on his face.

 He looked up at me and opened his mouth in confusion.


“When Usato-san returns, please teach me how to do healing punches and healing magic bullets!”

“Eh, if that’s what you mean, now–“

“You idiot!”


 I tried to teach him normally, but Nea smacked me on the cheek with her wing.

 I looked at Nea in disbelief and she looked at me in disbelief..

 …… So that’s it.

 I kneeled down to make eye contact with Nack and put my hands on his shoulders.


“You should not learn the art of hurting people, Nack. Even if the other person is unharmed in the end.”

“Usato-san, …….”

“You still have a choice to make. You don’t have to force yourself to become a violent healing magician like me.”


 I don’t know, denying yourself outright sounds pretty good.

 But this was also to keep Nack from going down the wrong path. If that’s what it takes, I don’t care what kind of damage it does to my heart. ……!


“But I ……”

“Do you remember the training we did in Lukvis?”

“There’s no way I could forget it. That …… training was …….”


 …… That?

 I don’t know, that’s a strange thing to say.

 Let’s not worry about it too much, yeah.


“It’s the same as that time. If you can’t find it on your own, I’ll do something with you.”

“…… Yes!”

“Good answer.”


 I put my hand on Nack’s head as he nodded strongly.

 His growth was far from over.

 As his one-time mentor, I had to see it through.

 I slowly stand up and thank Nea on my shoulder.


“Thank you. Nea, I guess this is what you meant to say.”

“No, that’s not it, but it was …… good in the end, wasn’t it ……?”



 I nodded my head at Nea, who was whispering in my ear, and started walking again with Nack.

 We’ll leave tomorrow.

 I’m going to be temporarily away from the rescue squad’s base, and only Nack will be left alone in the kingdom, but I’m sure he’ll be fine.

 After all, he’s the one that Rose …… and the rest of us rescue squad team recognize.

Author’s Note:

In all honestly, I rewrote about half of it.


It was originally going to be a strengthening event for Usato, but I rejected it because it had no demerits and would have expanded the range of applications.

The enhancement itself was endlessly simple, though. ……


I wrote an activity report about the release of the third volume of the comicalized version of “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic”.

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