Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 181

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It was a feeling I had experienced many times before.

I felt as if I were floating in water, and my thoughts and vision were inversely proportional to this.

The first thing I understood was that this feeling was caused by my own precognitive magic, and I looked at the scene in front of me to make sure that I could see the future that I was about to be shown.


“——-This is.”


The first thing I saw in front of me was the soldiers of the demon race riding on the backs of dragon-like demons, running on the earth and flying in the sky. In addition, there is a wolf demon that looks ferocious, and other forces that are incomparable to the prediction that we saw before are about to attack the knights of the Ringle Kingdom.

 And behind them, there was a snake as big as that evil dragon, and around it, there were also several smaller individuals about a size smaller.


‘It’s a different scale and everything from the last battle: ……’


 I expected this, but when I wake up from my dreams, I have to tell him about this prediction as soon as possible.

 As I think about this, the scene of the prediction shifts as if it were a painting.

 Usato and Kazuki are facing off against Koga, who is clad in a beastly robe.

 Suzune clothed in lightning, and a female demoness clothed in flame.

 In the middle of the battlefield, a huge tornado is spreading damage around.

 The scene of the future is changing like a picture book.




Perhaps the scene you’ve just been shown is the key moment that will determine the course of the battle, or perhaps the future of demons and humans.

 The same premonition …… that I had when I saw the future when Kazuki and Suzune were killed by the black knight.

 As you are thinking about this, the scene changes to something else. I braced myself, but I was taken aback by the scene.


“….What are you doing! …..Usato!”


I can see that Usato is about to kick a flying dragon in the air with a demonic look on his face.

 I don’t understand the situation at all.

 It’s hard to tell from a distance, but Usato’s uniform seems to have changed slightly, and I can’t understand how he’s in the air.

 …… No


‘Let’s not think too much about it. It’s Usato.”


 Experience has shown that Usato’s behaviour in the lead up to this scene is definitely not normal, so thinking about it no more will not resolve the question.




A sense of being drawn back to something that signifies the end of foreknowledge.

 Apparently, this is the end of the predictions I can see.

 The sight of the prediction fades away, and with it the sensation of darkness in front of my eyes.




The next time I woke up, I was on my bed in my familiar room.

 Wiping my eyes, I sit up lazily and think about my earlier prediction.


“……Why is Usato in a special situation every time he sees the prediction ……?”


 I know no one can answer that.

 I know, but I couldn’t help muttering to myself.



In the days following the day Ferum became a true member of the Rescue Squad, I had been doing a lot of work to prepare for the battle.

 I had been doing my job as vice leader, sending messages to Mia Rak through the castle, checking on the materials for the additional healing magician personnel, etc. But things changed dramatically when Amako visited me.

I’ve seen a prediction of a battle with the Demon King’s army.

 Lloyd-sama and the people at the castle, who understood the importance of Amako’s premonition, immediately called a meeting to hold a conference on the premonition she had seen.

 The following is a brief summary of Amako’s premonitions


  • The demon king’s army will use demons as a fighting force.
  • Kazuki and I face off against Koga, the leader of the second legion.
  • Senpai fights against a demon who controls flames, probably Amira, who Arc-san fought in Hinomoto.
  • In the middle of the battlefield, there is a tornado that seems to overrun the surroundings.
  • I’m not sure why I’m fighting a flying dragon in the air.


 …… I’ll leave aside the question of why I’m being predicted as a punchline, but it must be important information.

 Right now, we are at the critical stage of setting up a base on the plains where the battle will take place. If we can find out what they are up to in that timing, we might have the upper hand.


“Kazuki and Usato will fight the second in command, and I am with the flame wielding demon.”

“Don’t think too much about it, Suzune. It’s not uncommon for the future to get twisted if you try to force a change.”

“Yes, I know. But when it comes to the people I’m fighting, I’m not so sure.”


After the meeting, Amako and I were walking in the corridor of the castle with senpai.

 The place we were heading to was the castle gate where Arc-san was.

 Senpai wanted to ask her more about the time when she fought against a demon called Amira, so Amako and I, who knew her well, decided to follow along.


“If it’s about that demon, I heard that Arc-san gave you a report.”

“I’ve already looked through that. But I thought you’d like to hear from him about the circumstances of the fight.”

“I see.”


It’s certainly easier to imagine what it was like when you hear the story from Arc-san himself than from the written word.

I was convinced by his words and decided to ask him about one thing I was curious about.


“Are Kazuki and you going to be at the base soon?”

“Yes, because the Demon King’s army is on the move. We heroes must also head to the base and get ready.”


The Demon Lord’s army is already on the move.


 In addition to this, they have called the forces of the kingdoms of Nirvarna, Samaria, and Calm Helio to their bases in the plains, and in less than a few days, the four kingdoms will form a coalition army.

We, the Rescue Squad, will be heading to the base a little later than Senpai and Kazuki.




 There is already a sense that we have a battle ahead of us.

 But it’s a bit of a strange feeling, because I have more time to prepare than in previous battles.

 Isn’t there something I still need to do? Am I missing something important? That’s what I’m thinking about.



“Huh? Oh, yeah, sorry. I’ve been in a bit of a daze.”


 I replied to senpai who looked into my face with a start.

 I’m not sure what she was thinking when she saw my reaction, but she made a show of being embarrassed.


“Could it be that you are worried about me?”

“Yes, I am. I’m worried about Kazuki.”

“Me too?”

“I’m also worried about senpai, but …… you seem to be able to manage on your own after all ……”


 In fact, I feel like this person could get through most pinches.

 I mean, if she’s in trouble, I’ll be there to help.

 After shaking her head desperately at my words, senpai points to me and talks to me.


“Usato! I’m the one who should not be left alone! I don’t know what I would do without you, Usato! If you’re okay with that, then you’d better prepare yourself……!”

“Why should I be threatened in this way?”

“Amazing. I’ve never seen anyone threaten to use themselves as a shield.”


 If I wasn’t there as a stopper, I’d be scared to death of what she might do.

 And Amako, don’t mutter to yourself that you’re impressed.

 I’m not impressed at all though?


“Anyway, senpai can let most things slide, but Kazuki has a tendency to let his worries accumulate, so I’m worried about him.”


That’s what worries me.

When he asked me for advice before the first battle of the Demon King’s army, I saw in him a weakness appropriate to his age.

Of course, that weakness is also in me. Of course, I have that weakness too, more so than Kazuki, I think. But I was prepared for it after my conversation with Rose before that.


“He’s got Celia and Frana, he’ll be fine. Besides, I don’t think you can speak for anyone else, can you?”

“Oh, really? No, it’s just that I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.”


I cross my arms and think about what I’m struggling with at the moment.

The first thing I need to do is to behave as a vice leader.

I’ve been thinking about the strengths I need to develop for the fight against the Demon King’s Army.

Secondly, the training policy for Nack, Ferum, Nea and Bluerin.



“Usato’s problem is training-related, isn’t it? Isn’t that all you’ve been thinking about lately?”

“Amako. How do you know?”

“Because it’s Usato.”


 Why are you asking me something so obvious? As though that’s what she’s thinking while tilting her head with a look of innocence in her eyes, and I was at a loss for words.

 She was a fellow traveller, after all.

 I’m sure she knows what I’m going through.





I talk to senpai who also tilted her neck.

Is there something on her mind?


“I feel like you don’t really think of your problems as problems.”


“Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s just a feeling, that’s all. Anyway, we’re almost at the gates.”


 I was taken aback by senpai’s words, and found myself nearing the castle gate, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted the guard, Arc-san, guarding the gate.

 Once I regained my composure, I called out his name and waved my hand.



“Oh, Usato-dono. And Suzune-dono and Amako-dono too. …… What can I do for you?”

“Yes. Actually…”


I tell him that senpai wants to ask him about the flame-wielding demon swordsman that he fought.

When he heard about the situation, he gladly agreed.

After letting his fellow guards handle the situation for a while, he turned to us.


“This is about your fight with Amira Berguerret, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I’m trying to find out what kind of fighting style she’s going to have.”

“Well…… my impression from the fight was that she was a tremendously skilled fighter.”


 As if remembering the fight at the time, he placed his hand on his chin and started talking.

 Senpai listens to his story with a serious look.


“He has more fire magic than I do, and more swordplay. Plus the skill to make it completely my own. If she had come at me with the intention of killing me, I wouldn’t be here.”


The fact that Arc-san, who controls powerful flames, would go so far as to say that this was a very tough opponent.

 As she listened to Arc-san while thinking, senpai asked him a question.


“The report says that she wore the flames like armour, what on earth does that mean?”

“It means literally. By wearing the flames themselves, she was able to repel all attacks with hot air, even simple movements were boosted by the flames, and slashes with her sword were always covered in flames.”

“…… Sounds a lot like my thunder beast mode.”

“Yes, it does. In my opinion, Amira’s technique is similar to Suzune-dono’s technique.”


 A technique that senpai has acquired through her travels, the thunder beast mode.

 It is a powerful technique that enables you to move at high speed by being covered in electric shocks.

 It seems to me that senpai specializes in movement, but from Arc-san’s point of view, the techniques used by Amira and senpai are similar.


“Clothed in magic, huh?”


 Amira’s fighting style is also very similar to the fighting style of Nero Argents that Rose told me about.

 You can see that it’s not a half-baked technique, so it can’t be a coincidence that Amira is dealing with the same technique as Nero.


“To be honest, I wasn’t able to bring out her true spirit. Even my best blows only temporarily tore through her armour, and very few of my attacks reached her in the flesh.”


“Amira Belgret is a very dangerous opponent. Her swordsmanship and skill are extraordinary, and when facing such a woman, …… Suzune-sama may as well use her own strengths to fight.”

“My true strength ……”


 When I hear “my strength” from senpai, I think about it.

 The first thing that came to mind was–


“The part where you don’t read the air ……?”

“I know exactly what you think of me, Usato! This means that I can be serious, right?!?”


I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but for some reason I had a bad feeling about it.

Senpai grabbed me by both shoulders and said a few words of excuse.


“Oh, please calm down. Isn’t it sublime that you can ignore the other person’s pace and go at your own pace?”

“I don’t feel like I’m being complimented!”


 When I was wondering what to say, Arc-san, who had been quietly watching the exchange between me and senpai, opened his mouth.


“Haha, Usato-dono has a point.”

“Even Arc!”

“Also, I think that Suzune-dono should seek a way to fight that makes use of the strengths of her own system of magic.”


 The strengths of senpai’s Thunder system magic.

 It’s not like I’m using gauntlet and system enhancements to force myself to expand my range of abilities, my magic can handle any situation depending on how I do it.

 Her own magical talent and unparalleled sense make it possible for her to apply her magic in ways that anyone else would say are impossible.

 The best example of this is the Thunder Beast mode.


“The first half is not easy to explain, but …… is my way of fighting. It’s worth thinking about. Thank you, Arc. It’s been very helpful.”

“I’m glad I could be of some help. Now, I’d better get back to my duties.”


 Arc-san bowed to us on the spot and returned to his guard duty at a short run.

 After watching his back, senpai turned to me.


“I really want to go play in the city with you guys, but I think I’ll just go back to the castle. I, too, have things I have to do as a hero.”


 Senpai said with a rueful smile.

 As the rescue squad’s vice leader, you’re also a hero and you’ve got things to do.

 In addition to that, you can also call it the hope of the knights, the importance of the knights will not be incomparable with me.


“I’ll go out with you as much as I can after the battle is over. Right, Amako?.”

“Yes. Not at all.”


 Of course, Kazuki is with us then.

 When I and Amako said that and smiled at senpai, she turned around and put her hand on her chin with a straight face.


“Are you sure? You promised to do that to me? I’ll never forget it?”

“…… Usato. Suzune, you have a serious face, are you okay?”


Saying it in such a serious face gives me a bad feeling, but I know it won’t be bad, so I won’t take it back.

 Anyway, here’s another reason why I absolutely have to go home alive.

Author’s Note:

This time it was a predictive magic chapter.

I thought it was unnatural that Amako didn’t see the premonition before the big battle with the demon king army, so I decided to write about it!

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