Level 1 Guy: Chapter 493 – 1 and F

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“Let’s check. Alice, and Margaret, we’ll need your help. Alice is good for checking levels and Margaret is good for checking abilities.” (Ryouta)


 My friends who are suited to the task, and formulate a combination for the test in my mind.


 If my guess with Sakura was correct, I should be able to carve out a test with Alice and Margaret, if not, it’s just a case of guessing wrong and moving on.


 Then I’d have to go back and find Alice and Margaret.


“Hey Oji-san.” (Sakura)

“Hmm?” (Ryouta)

“Are you the type of person who doesn’t look at strategy sites until you’ve cleared the game?” (Sakura)

“How did you know?” (Ryouta)

“Because this is usually the dungeon managed by Oji-san figure. I could have asked him, but I’m trying to find out for myself.” (Sakura)

“Oji-san Figure?” (Ryouta)


 I giggled a little.


“Well, you’re right. But it’s not a pointless obsession, you know?” (Ryouta)

“What do you mean?” (Sakura)

“Adventurers in this world go around dungeons on the premise of circumvention and optimization. They’re producers who support everyone’s consumption, and anyway, everyone produces mindlessly. There’s very little extra work to be done.” (Ryouta)

“You mean they’re all streamlined?” (Sakura)

“Yes, they all work almost optimally, so when you talk to them, they give you a lot of preconceived advice.” (Ryouta)

“Okay, so I shouldn’t listen to that.” (Sakura)

“Well, for normal work, you should listen. After all, we’re optimizing on the level of thousands and thousands of people.” (Ryouta)

“I see.” (Sakura)


 I make small talk and explain a little more about our world to Sakura.

 I try to be as objective as possible and just give her a list of facts, as I try to avoid preconceived opinions.


 This is how I came to this style.

 I started to do this because I had some big events and I was in a position to be asked for help whenever something happened.


 Sakura may turn out to be a very different adventurer to me.


 She may be the same, she may be different.


 Status will continue to be power leveling, and there’s no harm in having a base ability.

 Other than that, I try to keep my mouth shut.


 The Ryouta family used to go to dungeons together when Emily and I first started living together, but as we got better and better equipped, we started soloing in the styles we were best at.


 It’s not Sakura, but it’s a different world.

 I want her to have the kind of life in the other world that I think is good for her.




 The front of Californium dungeon, in the city.

 Margaret arrived to meet us, and the four of us, me, Sakura, Alice and Margaret, were all together.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you out of the blue. Is everything alright with your work over there?” (Ryouta)

“It’s fine.” (Alice)

“Thank you.” (Margaret)


“So, what are you going to do, Oji-san?” (Sakura)

“Do you want me to go into the dungeon with you?” (Alice)


 Sakura, then Alice.

 The two looked at me and waited for my instructions.


“Well, to make it simple, the monsters in this dungeon may have a slightly different target. They may be targeted by level or by ability. I’d like to find out which it is, so I’ll need you to enter in pairs.” (Ryouta)

“All right. Then it’s best if you don’t take everyone with you.” (Margaret)

“Everyone?” (Sakura)


 Sakura tilts her head.


“Yeah. Lat, Sosha, Play, and Builder.” (Margaret)


 Margaret calls, and the four ninja knights appear behind her soundlessly.


“Whoa! What the hell was that? Where did you come from?” (Sakura)

“You’ve all been with me the whole time, haven’t you?” (Margaret)

“That’s amazing! The princess and the knight who follows her like a shadow. The book is getting thicker!” (Sakura)

“Don’t thicken it, don’t thicken it. It’s not the sort of thing you want.” (Ryouta)

“No, it’s not. In order to save the princess, who has been brainwashed or drugged into a nympho state, the loyal us who respond to the nympho while crying blood in their hearts would be in great…” (Sakura)

“Okay, that’s enough. It’s not polite to do that in front of her.” (Ryouta)

“Oops, you’re right. Sorry.” (Sakura)

“Uhhh, y-yeah. That’s fine.” (Margaret)


 Margaret, who did not understand what was going on, smiled in confusion

 The four knights seemed to understand perfectly and gave Sakura a look that was colder than ice.


 Let’s get back on topic.


“Well then, the order is …… first, Alice and Margaret. Let’s see the levels here. Then Margaret and Sakura. A very high level duo. And then me and Alice, a very low level combination. Let’s try it out in this order for a while.” (Ryouta)


 The three of them nodded in agreement to my suggestion.


 After all this testing and analysis, and summoning additional friends to try out more conditions, I found two things.


 One is that the monsters of Californium concentrate on those they consider to be weak.


 And another.

 Level 1 or F-final (whether combat or drop).


 Without one or the other, it was impossible to enter the dungeon in the first place.

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