Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 177

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 When I returned to the Ringle Kingdom, I carried Nea, whom I had met again on the road, on my shoulders and visited the Leader’s office.

 When I entered the Leader’s office after saying no, I saw Rose at her desk looking over some papers.

 I was surprised to see her looking through the documents and writing something on the paper in her hand. I knew that she was working as the head of the rescue squad, but I had never seen her actually working.

 After a bit of dismay, I quickly came back to myself and told her that I had returned from the meeting.


“Leader, I’ve just returned from the meeting.”

“Oh. I’ve heard about the meeting. It was your first assignment as Vice Leader, but it seems that you managed to do well.”

“I got a lot of help from a lot of people, though. Hahaha ……”


 I don’t know if I was able to fulfill my duties as the vice leader.

 I’d like to say that I did it in my own way, but it’s also true that there are more things to reflect on in this meeting.

 Rose paused at my words, looked at me, smiled and put her pen on the desk.


“So, it’s about the Demon Lord’s Army.”

“Until the Demon Lord’s army arrives, how are you going to move the rescue squad?”


 Last time, it was a sudden march, so we immediately headed to the battlefield after calling all the rescue squad members, including Ururu-san and Olga-san, but compared to last time, we have more time, so we should be able to do a lot before we leave.


“Basically, unlike the knights in the castle, we won’t make any major moves until the Demon Lord’s army starts moving in earnest. If they do move, it will be when they meet up with the armies of other countries.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means that we should prepare for the coming march.”


 The rescue squad itself doesn’t need to make such a big move.

 Rather, it’s only when the battle begins that the rescue squad needs to start moving in earnest.

 When I was satisfied with myself, Rose slid a document on the table in front of me.


“What’s this?”

“It’s a plan that was flown in before you came back. Take a look.”


 I picked up the document and moved my eyes to the words.

 I look at the first sentence and let out a gasp of dismay.


“Sending healing magicians from other countries to ……? Leader, this is …….”

“Literally, it means that more healing magicians are coming from outside.”

“The healing magician from outside ……? And you’re going to train them? Like me.”

“You idiot. No matter how much healing magic they use, they’ll never be as good as you. I’m not going to train them, I’m just going to treat their injuries.”


 I don’t know, I don’t feel right at all.

 It’s as if I was never sane from the start.

 You’re the one who created this hell though ……?

 I’ve been kicked around and cursed at a lot.

 No, I was the one who didn’t want to lose and I was determined to give Rose a run for her money. ……

 Nea, who had been quiet until now, looked at me sideways and muttered, “I knew it, my mind is in trouble”…….


“Is …… it going to be okay?”


 I’m happy to have more people.

 I’m glad, but I’m a little worried about the perception of healing magicians outside of …… Ringle Kingdom.

 Perhaps sensing my anxiety, Rose put her chin on her crossed hands and looked at me.


“Don’t get your hopes up too much. Not all healing magicians are as strong as you and me.”

“…… Yes.”

“A time of peace, when there is no more fighting, it changes people’s perceptions a lot. The same is true for healing magicians who were needed in battle.”

“I heard about this from Welshey-san. She said that healing magicians were also very useful in the past.”


 Although it was ironic, healing magic was active in the world because it was a world where there were battles.

 However, after the battle against the Demon King’s army, and the hundreds of years of peace that followed, the need for healing magicians disappeared, and finally they came to be equated with recovery magic that could be handled by all.


“Ah. The general perception of healing magic now is that it’s just magic that heals wounds a little faster than recovery magic. Pulled by this perception, the users themselves do not face their own magic and rot.”


“They think it’s a useless magic, a magic that heals only halfway, and they stop trying. In other words, you’re destroying your own potential. …… just like Nack once did.”


 I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. As a result, he stopped moving forward, as Meena had said.

 When you think about his past, I can understand what Rose is saying.


“It would have been a little better if I could have handled systematic enhancement, but in this day and age, it is difficult to learn systematic enhancement, and as far as I know…… you and I are the only healing magic users who have reached that level of proficiency.”


 If you hear that the system enhancing healing magic can even heal diseases, you will think it is very useful, but it is extremely difficult to learn itself…

 It’s not something that a normal person would do, like me, forcing myself to learn to strengthen my system while ignoring my injuries.

 I’ve been told by Welshey-san that I’m crazy. ……


“What about Olga-san?”

“That guy was just born with magic power on par with a systemic enhancement. There is no special training in systemic enhancement.”


 I see.

 Then there really aren’t enough healing magicians in this day and age who can handle systemic enhancement.


“An age where healing magicians are no longer needed?”


 That would certainly be something to be happy about, but it seems like a hard time for healing magicians.


“Leader, are you going to accept this increase in staff?”

“For once in my life, there’s never enough manpower. The healing magician that will be dispatched may not be as skilled as Ururu and Olga, who deal with healing magic on a daily basis, but they are still healing magicians. It’s definitely better than not having them.”

“Indeed, it is.”


 There were only five healing magicians in the rescue squad, including Olga-san, Ururu-san, and Nack.

 However, since we will never take Nack to the battlefield, Olga-san and Ururu-san are practically the only two who can treat with healing magic at the base.

 When I think about it, I’m very grateful to have an increase in healing magic even if my ability is unknown.


“There’s a possibility that I might not be able to move. You’d better be as prepared as you can be.”



 I didn’t dare respond to her musings.

 This person never speaks of weakness. If that’s the case, it means that there might be a situation where Rose, who is as strong as a demon, gets stuck as she says.

 …… I don’t want to imagine such a situation, but at that time, like the other white coats, I have to take the initiative.


“Do you have any opinions? As the Vice Leader.”

“…… Yes, I have no objection to the decision itself. However, there are two things I want to do before the Demon Lord’s army arrives.”


“The first thing is to send a letter to Norn-sama, the Queen of Mia Rak, about the weapons of the heroes.”


 The hero’s weapon is necessary in the battle of the Demon King’s army.

 If we can’t get them in time, we’ll have to think of a way to fight on that basis, so either way, contacting them is essential.

 But since it’s the other party that you’re sending it to, you have to send it through the castle as an official letter approved by Lloyd-sama.

 Also, there are some questions I want to ask him about my gauntlet, so I want to visit him about that as well.


“One more thing, if you have time, I would like to ask the Leader to teach me in person.”

“Hoh. You’re going to get hurt again, you know?”

“As you wish.”

“Huh, fine.”

“Hoot, hoo-, …….”


 Rose twists the corner of her mouth into a grimace, and Nea lets out a frightened sound.

 There are no shortcuts to growth.

 If there are certain results ahead, even if you are beaten to a pulp, you have no choice but to train.

 As I make up my mind, I notice that Rose, who has her arms folded and her eyes closed, is thinking about something.



“About time …… huh?”


 She muttered that after about a dozen seconds of silence, and looked at me.

 I can’t tell what she’s thinking from her expression, but I vaguely know it’s something important.


“After dinner, come to my office. I want to talk to you.”

“What? Can’t it be now?”

“I’m sorry, but I have some work to take care of. So later.”

“…… Okay.



 I don’t know if it’s about Nero Argents, the demon who injured Rose, or something else.

 But I had a feeling that it would be an important story for me.



 After listening to the report and instructions, Nea and I left the Leader’s office and went to the lifeguard quarters where Bluerin was staying.

 Our goal was to check on him.

 After all, he hadn’t been away from him for this long, so I was worried that he might have done something wrong.

 I could assure that he wouldn’t attack anyone, but there was always the possibility that he might mistake me for someone else and end up on Nack’s back in his sleep.

 According to Nea, he hasn’t caused any disturbance, but …….


“Bluerin, have you been a good—-“



“Oh, Usato-san.”


 When I visited the stables where Bluerin was staying with Nea on my shoulder, I found Nack and Kukuru, a black rabbit sitting on a bundle of straw, beside Bluerin.

 I was relieved to see that he seemed to be getting along well with Bluerin from the looks of it, even if I had to ignore Nea, who was blatantly alarmed at the sight of Kukuru.


“Welcome back! Usato-san!”

“Yeah, I’m back. It looks like Bluerin is okay with …….”

“Yes. He’s basically a quiet guy, so he was totally fine with me!”



 I pet Bluerin, who squeals as if to say, “Of course.”

 As I was thinking that his fur was as coarse as ever, Nea on my shoulder jumped up without warning.

 As I was wondering what was going on, Kukuru jumped on my shoulder instead of Nea.

 It seems that Kukuru jumped up to the shoulder where Nea was, and Nea avoided it.


“Ha, I’m not the same person I used to be! A rabbit attack like yours seems to stop at nothing! Stu~pid! Id~iot!!”


 Nea uttered a low-level rant while flying through the air.

 I pull back a bit and look at her.


“Nea, doesn’t it make you sad that you’re dealing with a rabbit?”

“Not at all, if you know his true nature!”


 Well, he’s a devilish rabbit who doesn’t mind seducing people.

 Kukuru, on the other hand, is rubbing his head against my cheek, as if he doesn’t care one bit about Nea’s agitation.



“Kii! That’s my spoooooooot!!!”



 Nea, with a surprising lack of agitation resistance, charges at Kukuru.

 Sensing this, Kukuru jumped up from my shoulder and kicked Nea’s owl back towards the stable entrance.

 Nea, who was kicked in the back, let out a pathetic scream and almost crashed. But I catch her with both hands before she does.


“Are you okay? Nea?”

“Ugh, that rabbit… ……! I’m pissed! I’ll never forgive you!”


 With a flash of light, Nea reverted to her black-haired, red-eyed girl form and ran out of the stables in pursuit of the fleeing Kukuru.

 …… I’m glad you’re having fun.

 Kukuru is happy to have someone to play with I guess. ……?

 I look at the exit of the stables, let out a vague smile and sit down on a pile of straw.


“I’ve met Kiriha and the others in Lukvis. And also with Meena.”

“! I see. It was still the same, right?”

“What can I say, ……, I thought you and that girl had a lot on your plate. It’s not like your relationship was complicated.”


 If they had met at school,their relationship would have been somewhat easier to understand, but the fact that they were childhood friends made it more complicated.

 I’m not going to say that much, though.


“Do you still think so?”


“…… Well, me and her both had our bad points. I can’t easily forgive her for what she did, but …… I don’t have time to think about it right now, so I’m putting it on hold.”


 On hold, huh?

 Well, I’m almost an outsider, I don’t need to interfere, and I should keep an eye on it if I can.

 …… Now I’m feeling a bit like an old man, aren’t I?

 What’s wrong with me lately? Has having a younger brother like Nack made me a bit mentally old?


“Anyway, how are Kiriha and her friends?”


 I was shocked to see that my mentality was turning into that of an old man, but Nack changed the subject.

 I quickly changed my mind too and smiled at him.


“Of course. Kiriha, Kyou, and Satsuki all cared about you.”

“Everyone has been …….”

“Why don’t you send them a letter or something? I’m sure you can ask Amako to deliver a HootBird to Kiriha and the others in Lukvis.”

“By all means!”


 To Nack, Kiriha and the others must be invaluable friends.

 Smiling at his cheerful answer, I stood up and did some light preparatory exercises.


“Well, since we’ve been traveling in a carriage until today, I think I’ll do some exercise. How about you, Nack?”

“If it’s okay with you, Usato-san, I’d like to run with you.”


 Maybe it was because Lloyd-sama and Rose had told me about the Demon Lord’s army today, but I couldn’t help but feel like moving my body.

 In fact, Rose has told me to take a break. …… Well, if you don’t overdo it, you won’t get mad, right?

 It’s also a good idea to wake up Bluerin, who is coasting through the night.

 He woke up sleepily, rubbed his back and walked out of the dormitory with Nack.

 Then, outside, Nea was still lying on the ground, looking breathless.


“This, get off of me……….!”

“Kii, Kyuuu!~”

“This, this, ridiculing me over and over again. ……!”


 Nea tries to get rid of Kukuru, who is bouncing and agitating on her head, but he dodges and runs away again!

 I turned away when I saw the situation.


“…… Nea looks like she’ll be fine without an invitation.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”


 After passing through Nea, who was already exhausted, we started running at a slower pace than usual.

 Perhaps it’s because we’re running with more room than usual, but I can’t help but think about a lot of things.

 I was thinking about what Rose was going to tell us tonight, when the Demon King’s army was going to arrive, and what kind of plan I should follow from now on.

 My thoughts are mainly going in the wrong direction, but if there’s one thing I can say for sure…


“We don’t have much time left.”


 Fighting is inevitable.

 That’s why we have to do the best we can with the limited time we have. 


Author’s Note:


It’s me again, I put out the situation of a healing magician in this world.


In the past, when there was a lot of fighting, healing magicians were very useful, but in the time of this story, there are almost no skilled users, let alone users who can enhance their system, so it is recognized that they can only use magic that is a little more powerful than recovery magic.


That’s one of the reasons why healing magicians are so rare.

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