Level 1 Guy: Chapter 490 – Sakura’s thoughts

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 At night, in Sakura’s room.

 Sakura has changed into her pyjamas and is drawing a picture in her sketchbook.


 She loves to draw, and this situation, where she can use the otherworldly magic of Genesis to materialize and summon her own drawings, is just like being in heaven.


 Even now, in the upper right corner.


[Super] The right arm of true glory.


 She’s still drawing a small picture in the upper right corner.

 From the chunky title, it’s clear that she’s already made a lot of improvements.

 The performance of the picture that Genesis summons depends on “the quality of the work that she admits to herself”.


 Normally, no matter how many additions and alterations are made to a picture, or even if it is rewritten.

 At best it will go from a 90 to a 99, and then, by some miracle, to a 100.


 But with Genesis, and with the right person,, it’s more than 100 points, it’s 200 points, 300 points, 400 points.

 The performance goes up with the person’s, in a good sense, self-satisfaction.


 That’s why Sakura kept on drawing in her room after the night salon broke up.


 Knock knock.


 Then a visitor appeared.


“Yes~, who is it~?” (Sakura)


 Sakura didn’t even look up and responded only with her voice.


“Um, it’s …… Elza.” (Elza)

“Hmm?” (Sakura)


 On the other side of the door, Elza said her name, and Sakura looked up for the first time.

 She made a thoughtful face, looking diagonally upwards as she did so, and lifted one corner of her mouth in a grin.


“It’s open, do you want to come in?” (Sakura)

“Well, good evening.” (Elza)


 Elza opened the door and walked into the room, still acting like a wallflower to Sakura, who had only been a member for a short time.


“What’s up?” (Sakura)

“Um, ……it’s …….” (Elza)


 Elza squirmed and stammered to say.


“Is it about the ring?” (Sakura)


 Sakura, on the other hand, was really rusty, and cut directly to the expected subject.


“Uh, yeah. That’s right …….” (Elza)

“Well, that was just for now, I guess. I don’t think getting a ring is going to change anything because Oji-san is always slow.” (Sakura)

“No, but still……. Thank you” (Elza)

“You’re welcome.” (Sakura)


 Sakura smiled.


 That she had led on.

 Elza, looking covetous, and Ena, looking unconcerned but actually feeling the same way.


 With a good excuse, she induced both of them to get a ring from Ryouta as a present.


“Isn’t Ena-san here?” (Sakura)

“Ena? Why?” (Elza)

“No, it’s okay if she hasn’t come.” (Sakura)


 Sakura quickly understood that she was hiding her true feelings from Elza as well.


“Um, …….” (Elza)

“Huh? What?” (Sakura)

“Why did you help us?” (Elza)

“Another world and CheatRem are a set, I get itchy when I see one that isn’t. It’s like when you see a manga with the title “Nantoka Harem Isekai Hen”, but after two volumes there’s not even a hint of harem in it.” (Sakura)

“Ha, ha……” (Elza)


 Elza is puzzled.

 Being from this side of the world, she can’t understand what Sakura is saying at all.


“That’s why I’m giving you a pat on the back, Oji-san. If I don’t, it’ll be a waste of the cheats you have in the other world, right?” (Sakura)

“Um, …….” (Elza)

“Sorry, sorry, I mean, it’s just a hobby of mine.” (Sakura)

“Oh, really? ……” (Elza)


 Elsa is getting more and more confused.

 In order to shake off her confusion, she decided to ask Sakura a question that she had brought with her beforehand.


“Um, …… about Ryouta-san. What do you think about him……?” (Elza)

“Hmm? You mean whether or not I’m going to join the CheatRem?” (Sakura)

“Uhhhm …… uhhhh ……?” (Elza)

“Haha, sorry, sorry. You mean, will I be in his harem?” (Sakura)

“Oh, umm …… yeah.” (Elza)

“There’s a quote I use in these situations.” (Sakura)

“Quote?” (Elza)

“Only those who are prepared to be shot are allowed to shoot.” (Sakura)

“What?” (Elza)


 Elza is getting more and more confused.


 Aside from the prerequisite knowledge, she and Sakura are fundamentally different races.


“I mean, I don’t have love yet, but I can get into a harem even if I want.” (Sakura)

“…… Uhm.” (Elza)


 For this reason, as Sakura, she explained it in a way that made it more comprehensible each time, but Elza didn’t understand it at all.


 Sakura was used to that kind of reaction.

 That’s how she had always reacted around her until now.


“In other words, I will continue to support you as a friend, Elza-san.” (Sakura)

“Ah, …….” (Elza)


 Elza’s cheeks flush.


“Well, thank you ……?” (Elza)

“You’re welcome.” (Sakura)


 With the conversation settled for now, Elza left Sakura’s room as if she was half running away.


 After seeing her off, Sakura returned to her drawing without a care in the world.


“I have to finish this girl as soon as possible. It’s going to take a lot of strength to turn her into a cheerleader.” (Sakura)


 Sakura was enjoying this world in a different way than Ryouta.


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