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Author’s Note:

And here it is!

This time, it’s from Koga’s point of view.


 I’m ready to march.

 After receiving the news from my subordinates, I, with the title of Commander of the Second Legion, responded to the call from the Demon Lord.

 However, the only corps commanders who gathered were me and the newly appointed corps commander, a woman.


“It looks like you’re ready to march.”



 I kneeled down and bowed to the Demon Lord who sat on his throne and looked down at me.

 In front of this person, I feel like I’m not even a living being, but a being of a different rank.

 The Demon Lord then turned his gaze to the woman next to me with distinctive light purple hair.


“Third Legion Commander Hanna Lohmia. You’ve just been appointed as the legion leader, is everything alright?”

“Of course. I’m doing my best to fulfill the Demon Lord’s expectations in my role as legionnaire.”


 The person who answered that was a woman named Hanna Lohmia, who was appointed as the commander of the third legion to replace Amira.

 She was a soldier who had originally belonged to the Third Legion led by Armira, and she showed no signs of wavering even in the face of the Demon Lord.

 In the last battle, dozens of people set up a large-scale illusion to deceive the eyes of the human side, and in addition to taking 30% of the burden of the illusion, he went to the battlefield with a sword in his hand in a state of magical exhaustion, and survived almost unscathed.

 That outrageous behaviour seems to have caught the eye of the Demon Lord.


“Then, shall I ask you to confirm the composition of our forces?”

“Understood. Second corps commander, do you mind?”


 I nodded at Hanna’s words.

 I could do it myself, but I think it’s better to leave it to Hanna, who’s good at explaining things.


“First of all, the foundation of the battle will be the infantry troops and the troops that will use the demons as a fighting force.”

“As for demons, how many species can we use?”

“The flying dragon wyvern. The Glow Wolf, a demon as ferocious as the Grand Grizzly. The demonic monsters created by Dr. Hulk, the Bardinak and their large individuals. In the rear troops–“


 Hanna explained the composition of the troops in a fluid manner.

 The Demon Lord, who had been listening to it silently, nodded one and put his hand on his chin.


“As of now, the forces we can prepare can be said to be sufficient. If we want more strength than this, it will be a fetter on our side. Koga, Hanna, I’m amazed that you’ve been able to put together an army this far.”


 At the Demon Lord’s words, Hanna and I bowed our heads more deeply.

 What I’ve done is only to improve the overall quality of the soldiers and make them less likely to die on the battlefield. It was Hanna and Hulk who applied the demon to the battle.

 I did a lot more than that, but I think I did a good job.

 As I was feeling a sober sense of accomplishment inside, the Demon Lord opened his mouth to us without changing his expression.


“As you know, I can’t move here.”

“No, we demons are still alive thanks to the Demon Lord, so don’t worry about it.”


 I quietly replied to the Demon Lord’s words.

 The land where we, the demon race, live is decaying.

 There were few nutrients left in the soil that was supposed to grow crops, and the food we could eat was limited.

 We, the demon race, who live in such a land, could be said to have been in poverty until just a few years ago.

 However, that impoverishment has improved somewhat since the Demon Lord’s resurrection.


“Originally, the demon race that was not supposed to be able to fight is now able to fight. That alone can be a reason for me to swear allegiance to you.”


 The Demon Lord who had been resurrected from the seal had applied his magic to the dying earth and brought blessings to it.

 It is because of this that the demon race has survived until now, but on the contrary, it has become a wedge that binds the Demon Lord to this place.

 In fact, as long as the Demon Lord is in this castle, the benefits will continue, but if he goes to war, the land inhabited by the demon race will return to the decaying land it was before.

 …… Only the legion leader and the demon lord’s entourage are informed of this.

 Even though it is known that the earth is blessed by the Demon Lord’s grace, we can’t leak the information that the Demon Lord is stuck in the castle.


“Right, huh. It’s a tough world, isn’t it? The only thing we can do is to see our compatriots off to battle. It’s a feeling I never experienced a few hundred years ago.”


 The expression on the Demon Lord’s face did not change as he said this, but the tone of his voice seemed to be full of melancholy.

 …… Normally, the demon race should seek the cooperation of other races, especially humans, but the discriminatory mindset held by humans and the impression of the demon king’s army, which committed tyranny hundreds of years ago, will not allow that to happen.

 It’s as if the bill for their mutual avoidance and hatred of each other has now come due.

 This is why the demons chose the path of invasion. It’s not that they chose it, but rather that it was the only way left to them. ……


“…… We’ll prepare for the eventuality. You guys can fight and win as much as you want.”



 I respond to the Demon Lord’s voice.

 From my point of view as the leader of the Demon Lord’s Second Army, there’s no doubt that the demon race is at the edge of a cliff.

 However, they are not inferior in terms of war potential.

 In fact, in terms of the abilities of individual demons and the quality of their soldiers, they overwhelmingly outperform the humans.


[Shit! He dodged it.!]

[Just get beaten up!]

[Go ahead and pass out!]


 With the exception of that guy who just popped into my head, demons are basically superior to humans in terms of magic and physical ability.

 I’m not trying to be careless, but no matter how many people you have on your side, if you combine them with the power of the demons, you’re going to have the upper hand.

 And you don’t have to worry about the strength of your forces.

 At any rate, the strongest man in the Demon Lord’s army, excluding the Demon Lord himself, is———-


“———You’re here.”



 The moment the Demon Lord said that in a small voice, the large door behind him was quietly opened.

 When I turned around, there stood a man clad in tattered robes.

 He had bushy blond hair and stubble, the horns and brown skin characteristic of the demon race.

 A black armor is attached to his shoulders that can be seen through the gaps in the robe, and he is equipped with a longsword in a scabbard at his waist.

 I couldn’t tell who it was at first glance, but when I saw the sword, I realized who it was.


“–Nero Argens, Commander of the First Legion. I know I’m late, but I’m here in person.”


 The man who kneeled in front of the Demon Lord, Nero Argens.

 He is a swordsman who is known as the strongest in the Demon Lord’s army, and until now, he had been forced to recuperate from his injuries before the war.

 After a moment of silence, the Demon Lord opened his mouth to Nero, who was meditating and quietly hanging his head.


“Nero. Is your wound healed?”

“My magic sword, its brilliance has not diminished. Now that I have reached a new level in my training, I vow to be your blade and cut through all obstacles.”


 The edge of the Demon Lord’s mouth twisted into a small smile at the quiet, yet powerful declaration.


“Then there is no need for many words. You may go to the place where you are to fight and fulfill your sworn wish.”

“As you wish.”


 He stood up and bowed deeply, then turned his back on the Demon Lord and walked back the way he came.

 Hanna is taken aback by what could be seen as disrespectful behaviour, but for me, the interaction between the Demon King and Nero is something different.



 Finally, the first three legion leaders are here.

 The First Legion Commander, Nero Argens.

 The second corps commander, me, Koga Dingal.

 Third Legionnaire, Hanna Lohmia.

 Although there were a few replacements and absences, the Demon King’s Army can finally go into battle at full strength.


“Koga-kun, do you know about the wound of the First Legion Commander Nero Argens-san?”


 After the call to arms, I left the hall where the Demon Lord was, and I decided to meet old man Nero for the time being, so I followed him as he walked through the castle ……, but Hanna, the Third Legion leader, somehow popped up.

 Her question, anyway, was met with a subtle expression at the way she called him.


“Hey, why use the word “you”?”

“We’re the same corps commander. …… See, I’m older than you, right? Besides, we have the same position, so I thought we should get along.”

“Oh, really? ……?”


 I walked around the castle while being distracted by Hanna’s unique sense of distance.

 I feel like Amira was and still is only spitting venom at me, but I’m super surprised that she’s so different.


“By scars, you mean old man Nero, right?”

“Yes. I’ve heard that he was seriously injured before the Demon Lord’s resurrection and was recuperating, but the reason why he was injured so seriously has not been revealed.”


 First Legion Commander, Nero Argens.

 A warrior who had been active since before the Demon Lord’s revival.

 Is it understandable that I’m curious about the reason for such a serious injury to him?


“Old man Nero was badly injured fighting against humans before the Demon Lord was revived.”

“Against a human, that old man?”

“In addition, the elite troops that the old man was leading were also wiped out, leaving only one …… disciple, Amira.”

“…… What did he fight?”

“It’s a healing magician. From the Kingdom of Lingle.”


 Hearing this, Hanna’s face lit up with surprise.

 She must have been surprised to find someone she didn’t expect.

 I was gobsmacked when Amira told me about this.


“I’m not sure if I know everything,……, but in that battle, old man Nero was badly injured in the right shoulder, and the other side’s healing magician lost one of her eyes…… so the battle ended in a draw.”

“This healing magician is …….”

“I’m sure you’re thinking of a healing magician right now. It’s Rose of the Rescue Squad, infamous to the Demon Lord’s army.”


 Amira might know the story of that time, but that girl is stubbornly refusing to tell me anything more than that.

 The only people who know what happened at that place and what kind of battle took place are old man Nero himself, Amira, and the Demon Lord.


“Even so, the old man is a monster enough without recuperating. At any rate, even I can’t stand him at all.”

“I don’t doubt his ability. Even before the demon king’s resurrection, he was famous as a warrior with extraordinary strength. ……”


 After the demon king was resurrected, I had a chance to play hand-to-hand with old man who visited the castle once, and even though he wasn’t using his dominant hand, I was beaten to a pulp.

 It was quite a shock at the time to have my nose so spectacularly broken, and then not even be able to get my teeth into him.


“So, what about you?”


“You survived the last battle unscathed, right? And you did it while your magic was depleted.” 


 When I asked that, Hanna waved her hand to the side as if it was outrageous.


“No, no, I didn’t actually do much. I’m more of a support magician than a fighter. The only thing I can do is create illusions.”

“Then how did you survive?”

“I went into battle with too little magic power to understand, and I just used what little magic power I had to deceive the opposing knights and make them fight each other. Well, I wasn’t the one fighting, so it was pretty easy.”



 She smiled as she revealed her awesome fighting skills.

 She’s the kind of person who will use basically anything to keep herself alive. She is not a front-line fighter, but rather a rearguard, and she fights in a way that her opponents do not like.

…..If Amira is a passionate and honest swordswoman, then Hanna is a cold-hearted and cunning illusionist.

 While I was shivering, Hanna continued to talk about her time on the battlefield.


“Ah, but in the end, I fainted for no apparent reason. …… When I woke up again, I was carried away by my allies and defeated.”

“Well, you were depleted of magic power, weren’t you? Then it can’t be helped.”

“No, that’s not it. The next moment, the ally next to me was enveloped in a green light and blew towards me. I got caught up in it and fainted. ……”



 Fainting, green light, and being blown up.

 What is this, it feels so nostalgic.

 I knew the healing magicians of the Lingle Kingdom were crazy.

 That’s why “he’s” the guy.


Author’s Note:


It was the appearance of Rose’s fated opponent, the swordsman Nero Argens.


The new commander of the Third Legion is a character that is suited for logistical support.

The other commanders love to come forward, and as a result, they are positioned this way.

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