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I thought I knew exactly what I had done.

 It is completely my fault that I made unnecessary arrangements and performed a new technique that I didn’t expect, and I knew that I would get that kind of reaction from the audience when I performed the Healing Rengeki Fist.




 Having consumed a lot of magic power in the earlier demonstration, I sat down on a chair in a resting area prepared in one of the training grounds and rested my body while watching the exchange games of the various kingdoms.


“3rd form.”


 It didn’t matter if I was influenced by the atmosphere of the place or not.

 Healing Blink Fist, a one-hit, head-on healing punch.

 Thinking about it again, if the target hadn’t been broken by this technique, I could have continued with the Rengeki Fist. It’s a big burden on the amount of magic power, but this technique must not be directed at living things either.

 As I was wondering how Nea would react if she knew, a voice called out from behind me in the rest area.


“Usato, I’m here.”

“Hmm? Amako?”



 Amako came to visit me, probably to watch the exchange game.

 She sat down next to me and spoke to me with a subtle expression on her face.


“…… What can I say, Usato is a person who weaves techniques out of instinct. Earlier, to put it mildly, I don’t think that’s a technique that should be used by a human, let alone a magician.”

“It’s that severe …….”


 Amako, who sat down next to me, put her hood back on and turned to me.


“Kiriha and the others were surprised, too.”

“How did they react?”

“Exclamation. I mean, I think that’s the reaction of most people who saw it.”


 I knew it.

 I’ve been avoided when I’ve been here before, but now it looks like I won’t even be able to attract people.


“In case you’re wondering, Suzune and Kazuki were words of “awesome! and cool!””

“Well, their techniques were cool. So yeah.”


 Senpai’s ten thunderbolt thrusts were menacing but super cool, and Kazuki’s precise manipulation of magic using light magic was stunningly brilliant.

 I nodded my head as I recalled their techniques, and then I asked Amako one thing that caught my attention.


“What about me, by the way?”

“Dangerous, scary, frightening—-“

“Don’t say anything else. My heart can’t take it.”

“I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Unlike Suzune and Kazuki, Usato’s physical impression is too strong.”


 It’s this difference in treatment.

 Didn’t this, in a way, instill a false perception of healing magic?


“Speaking of which, where are Suzune and Kazuki?”

“They’re playing an exchange game. They’re each playing hand-to-hand with representatives from other countries.”


 Kazuki is interacting with the knights of the Kingdom of Calm Helio, and senpai is interacting with the sky-blue knights of the Kingdom of Samaria through hand-to-hand combat in different formats.

 In particular, I was intrigued by the movements of the sky-blue knights guarding Lucas-sama and Eva, with whom senpai is currently engaged in a mock battle.

 How should I put it, there was no waste in their movements? They showed no signs of wavering, even in a battle where they were forced to fight in close quarters.

 If you can fight against senpai, even if it’s many against one, you can’t doubt their abilities—-


[Everyone~, do your best!]

[H-Hime-sama is watching uusss!]


[Uee?! The electric shocks are dispersed and coming right at us!?]




 In a formation of shoulder-to-shoulder contact, the girls bravely head towards senpai while dispersing the power of the electric shock, emitting a tremendous spirit.

 Looking in the same direction as me, Amako looks at me with a subtle expression.


“…… Hey, Usato. Those people are …….”

“They’re people who fight in unity, bound by a firm vow. Let’s put it that way.”

“…… Uh-huh.”


 At times, spunk and perseverance can be a better weapon than anything else. ……

 So, it’s amazing that they are able to take the blitz of senpai and charge at them.

 Is that it? Is the emphasis on protection and durability to protect Eva? Samaria is a country that knows about magic, so maybe that sky-blue armor has special powers.

 After thinking that much and checking my physical condition once more, I slowly sat up.


“Well then.”

“Are you going?”

“Yeah, as expected, I can’t just sit around and do nothing during an important exchange game.”


 I’m also here as a representative of the Rescue Squad.

 I need to get involved with the people of the other kingdoms, even if it’s just a little bit.


“Also, I have to learn what the people I’m going to fight with are wearing and what their armor looks like.”


 My mission is to save those who are injured on the battlefield.

 If I make even a split-second mistake in judging friend or foe, I’ll end up letting lives die that could have been saved.

 …… I don’t want to have that experience again. So I have to do what I can now so that I don’t regret it when it happens.

 I leave Amako and enter the training ground where the exchange is taking place.

 As I was doing some light preparatory exercises, I saw Hyde-san watching a mock battle between warriors who seemed to be his subordinates and the knights of the Lingle Kingdom.

 Noticing my appearance, Hyde-san calls out to me in a friendly manner as usual.


“Oh, Usato. Are you feeling okay already?”

“Yes, I can’t say that I’m fully recovered, but I’m starting to feel more comfortable with my magic.”

“I see. But don’t overdo it. You’re important to us, too.”


 I was surprised by Hyde-san’s words, which showed his trust in me, and by extension, in the rescue squad.

 What can I say, he’s a person who throws straightforward words at me in a good way.


“The knights of the Lingle Kingdom are all very well-grained. Perhaps it’s because they’ve gained experience fighting the Demon King’s army, but they’re more than equal to the people in the troops I’m leading.”


 Hearing Hyde-san’s words, I turn my attention to the battle between the knights of the Lingle Kingdom and the warriors of the Nirvarna Kingdom.

 The knights fighting flexibly as if complementing each other, and the warriors shouting and fighting wildly but powerfully.

 The battles seemed to show the characteristics of each kingdom, and as Hyde-san said, they certainly seemed to be competing against each other.


“It was the right decision to come to this meeting.”


“It’s true that I was able to give my subordinates a good experience, but above all, I was able to confirm the abilities of the heroes and the rumoured rescue squad. That’s already more than enough for me.”


 Looking at the exchange game, Hyde-san muttered to himself.

 …… It would be a shame for me too to waste this opportunity.

 I bowed my head to Hyde-san, who was standing next to me, to ask for a favour.


“Um, …… Hyde-san, would you mind if I asked for a mock battle with you?”

“…… what?”

“Oh, no, no, if you can’t, you can refuse. ……”

“No, you’re more than welcome, but …… you’re not in the best of shape, are you?”


 T-That’s a relief. He’s accepted …….

 As Hyde-san said, I’ve consumed a lot of magic power, so I’m far from my best in that respect.

 But the physical and mental aspects are fine.



“If I miss the opportunity to have a mock battle with Hyde-san now, I’m going to regret it a lot later. ……”

“…… Hahahaha! I see, if that’s the reason, I can’t help it! Okay, let’s do it!”


 He laughed happily without paying attention to his surroundings, and after tapping my shoulder forcefully, he told his subordinate, Helena-san, who was waiting near him, that he was going to have a mock battle with me.


“Helena, I’ll fight him now. It’ll only be for a little while, but I’m counting on you to do the rest.”

“Wait, wait a minute. I’ve been listening to you talk, but please don’t get too heated, okay? You’re really out of control when you get carried away.”

“Don’t worry about it. Who do you think I am?”

“I don’t understand why you’re so confident. ……”


 Helena-san’s shoulders slumped, and I felt kind of bad for offering him a hand-to-hand match.

 It’s not a good thing that I did, even if she was willing to accept it.

 Even though he is originally a warrior chief, he is a representative of the country, and I had asked him to fight.


“Still, ……”


 That’s more than enough to make it worth doing.

 Maybe, but Hyde-san will fight a battle that is heavy on technique, not easily surpassed by brute force, like Leona-san of Mia Rak.

 But that’s fine.

 It’s not a matter of winning or losing, it’s what I can get out of this that’s important to me.


“Well, I suppose I should use the armor from the training grounds. ……”


 We move to an area that no one is using, but Hyde-san only has a circular shield in his hand that he rents out at the training grounds.

 Doesn’t he use a weapon? As I was wondering if he was going to use a weapon, he put on ochre-colored magic power and swung his right foot up and slammed it powerfully into the ground.

 While I was surprised by his sudden action, something like a handle came flying out of the ground in front of Hyde-san.



“Here we go…”


 Hyde-san pulled the handle out of the ground in front of him.

 The tip of the hilt then turned into a blade, which transformed into a spear-like shape.


“What, it’s just a special earth-based magic. It’s a simple magic that allows you to strike magic power into the ground and manipulate its shape and strength to a certain extent. Oh, and of course, it has a blade pull.”


 I-Is it the same as using magic to make weapons like Leona-san does. ……

 Perhaps it is basic for skilled people like Leona-san and Hyde-san to change the shape of their magic and use it in battle?

 After regripping the spear in his hand to check its condition, Hyde smiled at me, still surprised.


“What you want is to fight with me, who is familiar with all kinds of weapons, right? Then I thought it would be better if I used my magic.”

“You went that far for me …….”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re from a different country or what kind of magic you have, if you have a strong will and want to be strong, I will always show you the way. That’s my role as a leader.”


 After saying that, Hyde-san held up his shield.


“I’m already prepared, but what about you?”

“I’m ready to start, too.”


 I unfolded my gauntlet and took up a stance as usual.

 I can’t use the magic-consuming Healing Rengeki fist much. If that’s the case, I can revert my fighting style back to what it was before.

 As I pay attention to Hyde-san’s movements while creating a healing magic bullet in my right palm, I see him swinging his right hand with a spear in a big swing in my field of vision.





 He threw the spear at me!

 I was taken aback by the sudden attack, but I leaned my body to avoid it, and this time he held up his shield and rushed at me.

 It’s not a small thing, but the impact is not insignificant.

 The impact was not small, but it still prevented the attack itself.

 From here to the healing punch—-


“You’re still inferior in physical ability! Then how about this!”


 Hyde-san pushes his shield into the ground and stomps his foot, “Dang! He stomped his foot, grabbed the handle that came out of the ground, and swung it up from below.

 I barely avoid it, but my heart goes cold when I see the weapon that appears.


“An axe. ……!”


 I couldn’t see it because it was hidden by his shield!

 Almost a seamless weapon creation! Even though it was still not in its full potential, the battle strategy was too irregular!


“You’re not paying enough attention to your feet.”

“Ah shi——-“


 The moment I was distracted by the axe, the kick that Hyde-san released hit me directly in the leg.

 He took advantage of this and slammed his shield into my torso, and then lifted me up and threw me away with great force.


“What the!”


 I adjust my stance in midair and unleash a healing flying fist.

 I’m not sure if he was expecting me to attack while being thrown away, but Hyde-san held his shield in surprise.

 A high-pitched metallic sound echoed as the healing fist struck the shield.


“Hahaha, that’s intense ……!”


 The healing flying fist was spotted at the first sight ……!?

 While trying to keep my composure, I tried to approach Hyde-san as soon as I landed.

 In response to me, he threw his circular shield to the ground and created a new sword with magic.


“Come on, come on!”



 Two weapons, one with an axe and the other with a sword.

 It seemed unbalanced, but it was extremely troublesome simply because he had twice the number of moves.


“Jump into a blind spot without hitting each other badly. ……!”


 After activating my healing Rengeki fist once and accelerating all at once, I deflected the sword in Hyde-san’s left hand with my gauntlet and then slammed the palm bottom of my left hand that was covered with healing magic.




 The bottom of my palm is blocked by the handle of his axe before it hits, but I still push Hyde-san’s body out of the way with all my might.

 The sword Hyde-san was holding was released from his hand due to the impact, and stabbed into the ground in front of me.




 He retreats lightly, and I feel a faint touch on him.

 It was a palm strike, but it must have been somewhat powerful. Then, while I’m at it, I’ll follow up with—-


“There’s something I’ve learned from my time with you.”


“I’m sure you have the ability to compete with the young heroes.”


 With a downcast look on his face, Hyde-san throws away his recessed axe.

 Now unarmed, he slowly rises from his kneeling position, a grim expression on his face.


“But you see, for better or worse, you only focus on the person you’re fighting. You still do.”


 The moment he uttered this, I noticed a trace of magic emanating from the sword that had just been thrust in front of me.

 When I noticed it, it was too late, and something like a cylinder came up from the ground at my abdomen with tremendous force.

 He manipulated the ground with the magic in his sword? How is that possible?!?




 Caught off guard, I give up on evasion and put my gauntlet on the defensive.

 As I prepared for impact, I strained my abdomen and the column stopped just before hitting me.


“……It stopped?”


 No, Hyde-san stopped it. ……

 It was a completely unconscious attack.

 If he has earth magic, I should have been able to assume ……, but I couldn’t because, as Hyde-san said, I was only concentrating on his movements and not on my surroundings.

 When I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself, Hyde-san walked over to me with his big toe and spoke to me after taking a big breath.


“Usato! You’re strong! Extremely so!”

“What? T-thank you so muchh!”


 I couldn’t help but thank him loudly as well.

 Hyde-san nodded in satisfaction at my reply.


“But you have by far the least interpersonal experience with a magician. Or should I say, in your case, you have had some interpersonal experience, but the person you were dealing with was too extreme?”



 Maybe so.

 Thinking back, I feel like most of the people I fought had a special fighting style.

 Like Karon-san in his runaway state, he just let his arm strength and huge amount of magic power do the work, and it didn’t have anything to do with technique.


“Some magicians are good at remotely activating them, as you just did, and some are good at laying them out from a distance. Perhaps now you will always have to be on your toes when dealing with them.”

“…… Yes.”

“Keep an open mind. That’s one of the things you’re lacking. You’re paying too much attention to your opponent’s movements and not enough to the rest. In the hand-to-hand combat just now, you were so focused on my weapon that you didn’t pay attention to your feet, or you were so focused on me moving you back that you didn’t notice the sword with the magic in it.”


 Hyde-san’s words reminded me of the injuries I had sustained in the fight with Koga.

 The attack where I was pierced in three places at the same time: my shoulder, stomach and leg.

 I had been too distracted by Koga’s movements, and I had received that attack as well. 


“Well, it’s good that I spoke so highly of you. I was also easily dealt a blow. It’s not cool at all.”

[Warrior Chief! It’s very uncool to hit a teenager by surprise-!]

“You’re so annoying! I know that better than anyone.”


 I’m not sure if she was watching us play, but Helena-san was shouting at us, and Hyde-san shouted back.

 She said I was hit by a blow, but it was well defended, and I wouldn’t call it a blow like that.

 I was rather curious to see how strong Hyde-san was when he got serious.

 Considering that he was skilled in using a wide variety of weapons, and could also fight using the terrain due to the earth system, he seemed to be quite strong.


“Well, well. Looks like we still have some time, do you want to continue?”

“Of course.”


 I nodded strongly at Hyde’s words as he picked up his shield and created a halberd from the dirt.

 I’m finding things that I couldn’t see before, things that I was lacking.

 In the beginning, I was worried about a lot of things, but I’m glad I came to this meeting, I think from the bottom of my heart.


Author’s Note:


Hyde was a magician of the earth system.

If you think about it, it’s a useful magic that can be applied in many ways, such as breaking down the opponent’s foothold or even restraining them.


I’ve already submitted my work to the “Summer Horror 2018” event hosted by Syosetu.

I’ve already submitted my work.


Horror Short Story

Title: “Peace at the Bottom of the Water”


This is my first horror story in a long time, so I don’t know if it’s scary or not (laughs).

I’m not sure if it’s scary or not (laughs). I think you can go to my page to see my work, so if you’re interested, please do.

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