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 The morning training was unexpectedly heated.

 When I started playing tag with senpai and hand-to-hand combat with Kazuki, the format was such that we naturally took turns to train the basic areas that we wanted to develop.



“Still more!”


 The mock battle with Kazuki, which was the first of several today.

 I stepped to avoid his wooden sword slash and fired a palm strike.

 He avoids it with minimal movement, and then tries to slam the hilt of his wooden sword into my midsection.

 I immediately grab him with my gauntlet and try to counterattack, but before I can do so, Kazuki hits me in the shoulder, forcing me to retreat.


“You finally strike a blow with a painful physical attack. I guess I’m still not as good as Usato in simple combat.”

“That’s not true. I’ve been on the edge myself since a while ago.”


 In fact, that is the situation I’m in.

 In addition to the fact that Kazuki’s movements are incredibly solid, he is also incredibly focused during combat.

 Perhaps it’s because he has Sigurd-san as his teacher, but his fighting style is very similar to that of a knight like Arc-san, and even simple swings, thrusts, and cleaves are powerful, and combined with the pressure, they are uniquely difficult to avoid.

 If I hadn’t been through the fight with Rose, I’d probably have got a decent hit.


“Kazuki. It’s almost noon, let’s cut it short for the afternoon.”

“Is it that time already! I’m finally just getting used to Usato’s moves.”

“Haha, let’s do it again next time.”



 I could say the same thing to senpai, but Kazuki has been able to adapt to my movements in this short time.

 I’m happy as well because I was able to help the two of them through the mock battle, but I feel like I need to work harder.

 I made up my mind that I would continue to train without fail, and headed for senpai and Eva, who were observing with Kazuki.


“Good work, Usato-kun, Kazuki-kun.”

“Good work!”


 Nodding at the words of senpai and Eva, Kazuki and I also sit down on the field next to where the girls are.

 We have some time before the afternoon exchange game, so we can eat lunch and change before then.

 As I sipped the water Eva had offered me, thinking about my future plans, I noticed that there were more people in the training area than before.


“Hey, were there really this many people?”


 There should still be some time before the afternoon exchange game, but no, it’s more like students.


“Usato-kun, I just realized something.”

“Hm? What have you noticed, senpai?”

“Just a moment ago, though. Probably a bunch of students who heard that we were training here gathered here.”

“Oh, I see.”


 If you look closely, you can see that they seem to be excited to see senpai and Kazuki.

 Well, I don’t have to tell you about Eva, but senpai and Kazuki are real beauties. I can understand why they are the talk of the town. 

 Well, not like anyone’s gonna notice….me? Why are those two staring at me like that?



[Hyi! He looked at me.]



 When they saw me looking at them, they turned blue and got scared.

 What is this?



“Eh? Aah, what’s up, Eva.”


 I turned my head towards Eva and she spoke to me happily with a twinkle in her eye, feeling unsure of what to say.


“I’ve always thought that you’re very brave when you’re fighting, Usato-san! You’re just like the Ogre I saw in a book the other day!”



 My cheeks twitch, but I barely manage to keep a smile on my face.

 This girl is saying that to me with 100 percent good intentions. ……! It is not only Lucas-sama but also me who will not allow you to disregard it. ……!

 I thanked her with tears of blood in my eyes, and she gave me a smile as bright as a flower.

 Seeing this, senpai also turns to me.


“I also think you’re brave and like a real ogre! Usato-kun!”

“Senpai, there are things you can and can’t say.”



 Senpai grabbed my collar with a puzzled expression as I spat out the poison with a smile on my face.

 Oh, I didn’t know I looked so scary when I was fighting.

 Kazuki, who couldn’t bear to see me so depressed, calls out to me.


“Maybe it looks like a scary expression because Usato keeps his eyes fixed on you to make sure you don’t miss a move.”

“Well, you have to watch your opponent’s movements whether you’re defending or avoiding them…….”


 The wrinkles between my eyebrows and the look on my face…

 Either way, I’m sure there’s nothing I can do to change the impression I get from the students here.

 No, I had a feeling that they had been avoiding me since I came here before, so it was too late now. ……

 I was even more depressed when I came to that conclusion myself.



 After finishing the morning training, we parted ways with Eva and headed back to the inn.

 As we parted, I felt a little uneasy about the way the sky-blue knights were talking to Eva, but I decided not to think too much about it because I had to concentrate on the exchange game in the afternoon.

 After putting on our group uniforms and having lunch, we headed back to the training grounds where the exchange game was to be held.


“Have Welshie-san and Sigurd-san already arrived ahead of us?”

“Apparently so. They said we’ll be the first to show our skills, so they’ll call us then…….”


 Senpai’s gaze turned towards the training ground.

 It was the place where she and Kazuki had just been engaged in a mock battle, but while they were some distance away, five black targets had been set up that hadn’t been there before.


“Are those the targets we’re going to hit?”

“Looks like it. It’s a different colour than the white ones we used to hit with magic.”


 It looks like the only thing that’s changed is the colour, but I guess it’s stronger and everything is different from the target we know.


“Fufufu, that’s a good arm.”

“You shouldn’t overdo it too much.”

“That said, Usato-kun. In order to gain the trust of other countries’ soldiers, we have to show them our abilities to some extent.”

“That’s true, but ……”


 Senpai, you’re awfully uptight.

 Well, maybe you’re a little elated because there’s something you can put your real power into.

 I’m not the only one who feels that way.

 Anyways, while we were trying to watch the situation at one of the training grounds until the exchange game started, a red-haired woman, Princess Naia, came over to us.


“So all of you have arrived?”

“Yes. Is …… Prince Kyle here?”


 Senpai asked somewhat warily, and she turned around and tilted her head.


“My foolish brother seems to have gone off somewhere on his own again. ……”

“T-That’s quite a brother you have……”


 Prince Kyle, what a free spirit.

 Heartlessly, Princess Naia looks tired.


“I’m looking forward to today’s exchange game.”

“Oh, Princess Naia is going to participate as well?”

“No, it’s not that I don’t have the skill to fight myself. I’m just a spectator because I’m the representative here.”


 From the way she said it, she sounded like she could handle a certain amount of fighting.

 It’s amazing that a busy member of the royal family can be both literate and skilled.

 I’ve only been doing the physical side.


“Usato-sama, I apologize for my foolish brother’s rude behaviour the other day.”

“What? …… Ah no, no! I don’t mind, because the question he had is a valid one!”


 I was flustered by Princess Naia who suddenly bowed deeply to me.

 Prince Kyle’s comment the other day was thorny, but I’m sure it was a legitimate criticism. As for me, it was only because of that criticism that I realized how naive I was, and I would rather be grateful.

 Still, Princess Naia didn’t raise her head, as if she couldn’t get over it.


“Even if that’s the case, I’m certain that he made the statement to humiliate you out of personal grudge at the important occasion of the meeting. Please, hit me once, beat me up, or use me as a test subject for your healing fist.”

“Um, why are all the punishments got to do with hitting?”

“If you would forgive me, I’ll take any punishment my brother has given you……!”

“Huh? Can you hear me? Hello?”


 Are you sure you’re not trying to pin the blame solely on your brother?

 If you listen carefully, you’ll see that she’s upgraded from one punch to the next. 

 Having said all she had to say, she put on a sullen face that was different from the sad one she had earlier.


“To be honest, I think I might have made a bad impression on Calm Helio because of Kyle, so I thought it would be better if I could at least be uncommunicative during this meeting.”

“Aren’t you being too frank!”

“Since you all seem to be aware of our intentions, I thought I’d go ahead and not hide it. That’s right, I’ve blurted it out.”


 I wondered what she was really saying with her expressionless face.

 When I casually looked next to me, I saw that …… senpai and Kazuki were in a state of shock.

 Why is it that the women I meet are, with high probability, all disappointing people?


“So…… you won’t use me as a test subject for your Rengeki Fist.”

“I won’t!”

“I see. It’s a shame. I thought I could use this opportunity to correct that nature.”


 I felt guilty for Princess Naia, who looked really disappointed, but as expected, I couldn’t point my fist at someone.

 Rather, the only creatures I can point that thing at would be Koger, Rose, or some other humanoid, monster-like being.


“How much do you hate Prince Kyle……?”

“It’s not like I really hate him though? He’s my younger brother, and I’m just being harder on him than my father and mother spoiled me.”


 Even senpai felt sorry for Prince Kyle’s treatment and asked her about it, but the answer she got was surprising.

 …… If you think about it, if you really disliked him, you wouldn’t be lecturing him or talking to him, right?


[Suzune-sama! Kazuki-sama! Usato-sama!  The preparations are ready, we are ready to go!]


 When Welshy-san called our names, I turned my gaze to the center of the training ground.

 There, I saw the black target I had seen earlier and the figure of Welshy-san.


“I see you are ready. I apologize for taking up so much of your precious time.”

“No, no, we’re glad we got to know your personality as well.”

“I also feel like I was able to relax and talk to people for the first time in …… a long time. Everyone, please do your best in the exchange games.”


 Finally, after showing a smile that wasn’t a fake one, Princess Naia bowed and left the place.

 After seeing her off, we walked over to Welshy-san.


“Princess Naia is an interesting person huh.”

“I was panicking when she talked about …… the Rengeki fist to Prince Kyle, though.”

“Is it still a technique that shouldn’t be aimed at people? The magic itself is healing magic, right?”


 I nodded at Kazuki’s words.


“It’s healing magic, but it’s too powerful.”

“…… I wonder, the more I hear about it, the more I wonder what kind of technique it is. Ah, yes! What about the order!”


“The order in which we’re going to perform the moves! It’s not like we’re all going to do them together, so let’s decide now!”


 That’s true, too.

 It would be embarrassing to get into a mess over who would be the first to do it.

 I was trying to think of what number would be best, when Kazuki spoke up.


“Then why don’t we just do the same thing we did before?”

“The last time?”

“The last time you came to Lukvis, you had a chance to hit the target with magic, right? The first one was senpai, the second one was me, and the third one was Usato, though in a different form.”

“Oh, I like that! How about you, Usato?”

“I’m okay with that too.”


 There was no need to play rock-paper-scissors.

 So finally, we arrived at Welshy-san’s place.


“Everyone’s here. Let’s get right to it, but at the beginning of the exchange game, I’d like the representatives to watch Suzune-sama, Kazuki-sama, and Usato-sama’s techniques that we had to demonstrate on short notice the other day.”


“I’ve prepared some tools, such as a wooden sword, would anyone like to use it?”

“No, I’ll be using my gauntlet, so I won’t need them.”

“I’m going to use only magic too. ……”


 When Kazuki and I replied, senpai, who had shown signs of thinking for a while, clapped her hands as if she had come up with something, and pointed to about ten wooden swords.


“Okay, here are the wooden swords. I’ll let you use them all.”

“What?!  All of them!?”

“I can’t?”

“Yes, that’s fine, but …… Suzune-sama, please don’t be too reckless. ……”

“Of course not!”


 As soon as I answered that, senpai, who was holding ten wooden swords full of them, stabbed them one by one into the ground about ten meters away from the black target.


“Senpai, what in the world do you think you’re going to do?”

“I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure she’s going to do something we can’t expect.”


 I nodded at Kazuki’s words and watched the situation for a while.

 If I look around, I can see that there are a lot of people gathered here.

 Lucas-sama, Eva, and the sky-blue knights.

 There’s Princess Naia, Prince Kyle who’s holding his head in agony as if he’s been hit with a hammer, and the knights guarding him.

 Hyde and Helena and their muscular-looking warriors.

 And then there’s Sigurd-san and the knights of the Kingdom of Lingle.

 While the other teachers and students of Lukvis were watching, senpai who had finished inserting all but one of the wooden swords into the ground turned to Welshhy-san and us.


“Welshy, can we start now?”

“Yes. Just to be sure, please don’t do anything reckless.”


 Nodding at Welshy-san’s words, senpai now turns his attention to us.


“Usato-kun, Kazuki-kun. It’s gonna happen for ‘a moment’, so don’t miss it.”



 After saying that, senpai turned her body towards the black target and took a stabbing stance with the wooden sword she had left at hand beforehand, and gushed the magic of lightning into her body.

 As soon as the atmosphere in the training hall changed, the figure of senpai disappeared with a violent lightning.




 The next time I heard someone’s voice, the change had happened.

 The first change was that the wooden sword pierced the target, which was supposed to be strengthened, with a strong sound.

 But there was no sign of her, and as soon as the powerful sound of electric shocks resounded again, all the wooden swords that had been stuck in front of the black target disappeared, and in the next moment, several wooden swords were stuck in the target, leaving behind a residue of lightning that burned it to a crisp.


“—Yes! It’s a success!”


 Sliding on the ground, senpai appeared in front of us, and when she saw the still-burned target, she looked at us with a smug expression on her face and snapped her fingers.

 The next moment, a powerful lightning bolt was released from the ten wooden swords, and in almost an instant, the black target was reduced to charcoal.




 And just like that.

 It’s too gruesome for words.

 Eh? Moving at very high speed, thrusting a wooden sword, internal discharge?

 What is that? How can you come up with such a technique?


“This is the 10 thunderbolt thrust ……!”


 And she even came up with a really cool name for the technique.

 I can forgive you just for that technique name.

 I really respect you.

 However, the people around me were not only unimpressed, but also seemed to be speechless at the sight of senpai’s outrageous series of attacks.

 As if she didn’t care about such gazes, senpai came back to us and tapped Kazuki on the shoulder.


“Kazuki-kun, take care of the next one.”

“…… Yes, I’ve been entrusted.”


 She swapped places with Kazuki and moved up next to me, talking to me in a good mood.


“What do you think? It was only for a moment, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, as expected of you. It was very cool.”

“Hmm, you can praise me more. The more you praise me, the more I’ll grow.”


“No comment?!”


 I looked past senpai and over to Kazuki.

 Just as he was standing in front of the target next to the one senpai had turned into charcoal, he was increasing his own light system’s magic power.


“Senpai did something so spectacular. Then I’ll have to do something as great as …… you!”


 More than ten magic bullets flew out from both of Kazuki’s palms and floated up into the air.

 This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

 Not only the delegates, but also the people from the academy who deal with magic gasped at Kazuki’s extraordinary manipulation of magic power without hesitation.


“My power is dangerous. But it can be handled in any way you want!”


 The moment Kazuki raises his hand, the magic bullet is fixed in midair with a snap.


“Pierce the target!”


 The magic bullets shot out with high speed rotation with Kazuki’s command, penetrate the target as if they hit tofu.

 But it doesn’t end there.

 The magic bullet does not disappear even after it penetrates the target, and it floats up into the air again.


“It’s unfinished, but I’m going to strengthen the system!”


 The magic bullets that floated up into the air coalesced and transformed into a spear-like shape.

 Seeing the spear stopping in midair while emitting a divine glow, Kazuki, who had raised his palm, lowered his hand.

 The spear, which had fallen in synchronization with Kazuki’s hand movements, pierced the target and burst with an intense light.

 There was nothing left behind, only a gaping crater of sorts.




 Just like with senpai, everyone here was in a state of shock.

 It’s no wonder, since the target, which would certainly have been strengthened more than the last time, has been destroyed twice in a row.

 But in Kazuki’s case, it’s not just the charcoal that’s gone.

 Both senpai and kazuki are too gory, but I think they’re as good as it gets..

 Now that I think about it, after this, I have to unleash my Rengeki Fist.

 ….In these circumstances, I think it’s a good idea for me to make some changes.


Author’s Note:


[Sad news] Usato makes an arrangement he doesn’t have to make.


Kazuki and Suzune are purely enhanced versions of techniques previously shown in Lukvis.


In terms of gore, both have become quite …….


The second part of “The Right Way to Use Weather Magic” will be serialized from N-Star.


TL Note: Happy Christmas Eve!!!

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