Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 166

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 The Nirvarna Kingdom Warriors, the warrior chief, Hyde-san.

 How is the representative of the kingdom training so hard early in the morning for an important meeting! I thought he might be the representative’s bodyguard, but he was completely different.

 I was so dumbfounded that I couldn’t even speak, but Hyde-san was smiling cheerfully like a child who had successfully played a prank.

 A petite woman with orange hair in a ponytail, who seemed to be his subordinate, was talking to him.


“Chief Warrior, do you know him?”

“Yeah, when I was working out in the morning. There was a boy who had been running at a pretty good pace for a long time since sunrise, so I called out to him. Well, at first I didn’t think he was the healing magician I’d heard so much about.”


 I didn’t think he was a representative of the Kingdom of Nirvarna either.

 And then I was pierced by the gaze of my friends who said, “What is this guy doing in the morning? ……”

 At Hyde-san’s words, a small woman gave a shocked look.


“Huh?! We have a meeting and you’ve been training as usual!”


“Don’t fool me by laughing! I told you that today is a really important meeting!”

“Don’t tell everyone, Helena. I know that today’s meeting is a very important one that will affect the future of the people living on the continent. Isn’t that what you want to say?”

“S-so you know what I’m talking about. ……”


 The woman called Helena lost her momentum in front of him as she calmly replied.

 Hyde-san looked at her, crossed his arms, and nodded his head.


“If we are going to have a meeting, we need to be somewhat prepared. That’s why I’ve spent the morning warming up.”

“The flow of the conversation was obviously strange just now, wasn’t it? Why are you suddenly talking about warming yourself up? In your mind, does the meeting mean going to the battle?”


 Hyde-san laughs cheerfully, but the woman called Helena holds her head.

 As I watched the exchange as if it were someone else’s problem, Hyde-san’s gaze turned to me.


“Kazuki, you were right, he and the other hero are just as solid and strong as you are.”

“Because, you know, they’re both-“

“Of course.”

“That’s kind of embarrassing. Usato-kun.”


 I nodded vaguely at Kazuki’s words, while senpai was honestly pleased.


“Not to mention the two heroes, Usato is even better than me when it comes to physical abilities. That’s nothing short of reassuring for an ally to fight with.”

“No, I’m still inexperienced as well. ……”


 However, even if I’m superior in physical ability, it doesn’t mean that I’m stronger than him.

 From the training scene in the morning, I intuited that this person was someone who fights with skill, not strength. In other words, just like Leona-san, he is the type who can skillfully manipulate magic and weapons to gain an advantage in battle.

 The most troublesome point was that he was familiar with all kinds of weapons, so he could deal with attacks that he had never seen before.

 When I was thinking calmly and not getting carried away by the praise, I noticed that Helena was looking at me with an incredulous expression.


“Y-You’re praising him that highly? He looks so normal to me. ……”

“I don’t think he’s normal just by his looks though? Look at him, he’s dangerous in many ways. The muscles, especially in the arms and legs, are out of this world. This is indeed a training technique using healing magic invented by Rose of the Rescue Squad. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s beyond the realm of human beings.”


 Hyde-san looked at my arms and legs and said something like that.

 Does he have some kind of magic eye?

 I’m soberly curious, and Helena-san asks him a question, tilting her head.


“Every time I think about it, how come you can grasp the muscle structure of others when you don’t have the magical eye?”

“If you’re my subordinate too, you’ll naturally be able to see.”

“No, I don’t like it.”


 -Wait, he doesn’t have magic eyes?!

 What a special skill. I don’t know, I kind of want it.


“…… time is running out. We’re on our way. Representatives of the Kingdom of Lingle, meet me at the meeting. You guys, let’s go.”

“Understood, …… haha.”


 Hyde-san laughed briskly, flipped his cloak and walked to the meeting place, and Helena-san watched his back, let out a sigh and followed him.

 We were stunned for a while by the representative of the Nirvana Kingdom who left like a storm, but then senpai thought of something and clapped her hands.


“The eyes that look at muscles ……, that means muscle eyes, right? Usato-kun.”

“Welsey-san, Kazuki, shall we go too?”



 We went past  senpai while she’s muttering about something.

 Feeling a little tired from the raging developments, we stepped into the venue where the meeting was to take place.



 The venue for the meeting was a large space similar to an auditorium.

 Tables and chairs resembling round tables were set up in the large room. We sat down in the seats that Welsey-san had asked us to sit in, although we were a bit reluctant to sit in what looked like a large hall.

 After that, Sigurd-san arrived and we, the representatives of the Lingle Kingdom, all gathered together.

 It seemed that we were the last to arrive, and the representatives of the other kingdoms had already taken their seats.

 Lucas-sama of the Samaria Kingdom and two sky-blue knights who seemed to be his bodyguards waiting behind him.

 Princess Naia and Prince Kyle of the Kingdom of Calm Helio, and their four escorting knights.

 Hyde-san, the warrior chief of the Nirvana Kingdom’s warrior corps, and two warriors, including his subordinate Helena.

 The guards brought by the four kingdoms, including the Lingle Kingdom, were gathered in front of this grand library. When I think of the elite from each of these kingdoms gathered here…… I can’t help but feel a little excited.


“Now that all the representatives of each kingdom are here, we will begin our meeting. Although it is presumptuous, I, Welsey, the mage exclusive to the Lingle Kingdom, will be facilitating the meeting.”


 My gaze is drawn to Welsey-san, who stands up with a document in her hand.

 Perhaps she’s used to this kind of thing, but she conducts the proceedings with a behavior that doesn’t make me feel nervous.


“Since this meeting is also called a face-to-face meeting, I would like the representatives of each kingdom to introduce themselves first.”

“Then, do you mind if I start first?”


 When Welsey-san said that, Lucas-sama was the first one to raise his hand.

 The gazes of the people in this meeting were all focused on him at once, but he still had a relaxed expression on his face.


“I’m sure my presence is the most questionable thing about you.”


 Lucas-sama looked around at all of us before opening his mouth.


“I am Lucas Urd Samaria, ruler of the Kingdom of Samaria. For various reasons, Knight-Chief Fegnis has been relieved of his duties. Since no one has yet been found to take his place, I have decided to attend the meeting myself. I’m the king, and I’m attending this meeting without prior notice, but my intentions are the same as yours.”


 I’m looking forward to working with you. Lucas-sama said, and sat down in his seat.

 After a moment of silence, Princess Naia of the Kingdom of Calm Helio stood up.


“My name is Naia Lark Calm Helio, the first princess of the Kingdom of Calm Helio. I am standing here as a representative on behalf of my father. I am aware that I am inexperienced as a person in charge, but I am standing here now because I want to help in any way I can in the fight against the powerful forces of the Demon King’s Army.”


 Princess Naia, who had finished speaking with a bit of nervousness, sat down with a look of relief, but her expression turned tense as Prince Kyle, who was standing next to her, stood up vigorously.


“I am Kyle Lark Calm Helio, the First Prince of Calm Helio Kingdom. Gentlemen, I do not like to waste time. Therefore, things should be simple, clear and easy to underst—!?”


 Suddenly, Prince Kyle jumped up and down with a strange scream.

 As I looked on, Princess Naia, who had grabbed Prince Kyle by the neck and forced him to sit in his original seat, bowed her head in some panic.


“I apologize for my unworthy brother ……! I’m letting him attend due to his position, but you can think of him as an ornament. ……!”

“Oh, Sister……!”

“Shut up. How can you call them “gentlemen” in front of all these people? How much more embarrassment do you want to put me through?”


 Why is Prince Kyle here? …… No, I can say the same thing about me, who is probably the lowest in position to say that.

 After all, he had to be there as a prince, didn’t he?




 In the slightly loose air, I hear a lively laugh from one of the round tables.

 If you look over there, you can see Hyde-san laughing with his arms crossed in your field of vision, while Helena is in a panic behind him.


“The prince of the Kingdom of Calm Helio is a man of courage. Yes, young people have to be as daredevil as this.”


 After saying that, Hyde-san stood up and began to introduce himself in a clear voice while looking around at the people sitting at the round table.


“I’m Hyde, the warrior chief of the Nirvana Kingdom Warriors. I’m the warrior chief of the Nirvana Kingdom Warriors, and although I may seem a bit out of place following the king, princess, and prince, I’d like to talk with you as a representative of my country.”


 With that, the three kingdoms’ introductions were over, and it was our turn as the Lingle Kingdom.

 As I took a small deep breath to keep myself from getting nervous, Sigurd-san stood up and began his introduction.


“I’m Sigurd, the Knight Commander of the Lingle Kingdom Knights. I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Lingle Kingdom Knights for agreeing to this urgent call for talks. I expect that when this meeting comes to an end, we will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder as comrades fighting together.”


 …………I don’t know now, I can introduce myself, but now I’m starting to feel very anxious about having to talk at length about my fight with Koga.

 As a matter of fact, I think I’ve forgotten some things since a while ago.

 I can assure myself that I haven’t forgotten anything, but a strange feeling of frustration is gnawing at the back of my mind.

 Maybe I forgot to put on my uniform… that’s not it.

 I have the bracelet that transforms into the gauntlet.

 I’ve been imitating Rose for a while now…….

 What am I worrying about at this point in my life?

 I’ve gone through so much trouble to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. It’s not possible to be careless.




“We’re done with me and Kazuki, so we’ll finish with you, Usato-kun.”



 I was so absorbed in my thoughts that a tap on my shoulder brought me back to myself.

 Before I knew it, senpai and Kazuki had finished their introductions, and all eyes in the meeting were focused on me.

 Lucas-sama was smiling at me as if to say, “Hey, hey, what’s the matter, Usato?” Princess Naia and Hyde-san were looking at me with great interest, and Prince Kyle was glaring at me with the same regret as yesterday.

 In such a chaotic situation, I hurriedly stood up, straightened my back, and said the words I had been thinking about again as loudly as I could.


“I’m Usato Ken, Vice Commander of the Lingle Kingdom Rescue Squad. I’m a young man who was just recently recognized as the vice commander, but I’m looking forward to working with you today.”


 At any rate, there should have been no problem.

 I was fed up with my bland, overly normal greeting. Even so, I sat down in my seat and tried not to let it show on my face.

 Then, senpai next to me spoke to me in a whisper.


“Usato-kun, are you nervous?”

“Yeah, I can’t get used to it no matter how many times I experience it. ……”

“But, Usato-kun, it’s going to be tough after this.”

“Yes, it is. ……”


 I’ll have to explain in front of all these people that I fought with the Demon King’s Army, the Second Legion Commander, and Koga.

 To be honest, it would have been better for me if Welsey-san and Sigurd-san had made it simple, but Princess Naia and Hyde-san wanted me to explain it myself.

 It’s not that I can’t speak, but it’s a lot of work.

 Hmm? Explaining the battle with Koga……?


“…… Wait.”


 In this meeting, I have to tell everyone here about the battle with Koga, right?

 That means I also have to explain how I fought Koga and how I defeated him.

 Which also means….I have to explain to all these people the forbidden art of healing magic with physical force, the “Rapid Healing  Fist”.

 The meeting has already started, so there’s no turning back now.


“W-What should I do ……?”


 I couldn’t help but turn pale as I realized this fact now.


Author’s Note:


It was Usato who was too preoccupied with the meeting to notice.

In fact, if you were to ask me how to beat Koga, I’d say, “What? ” when you hear it from the side.

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