Level 1 Guy: Chapter 485 – Dense

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 The magic cart was full of drops.

 I press a button to transfer them to Elza and her friends at the master lock.


 Today, I went into the dungeon in the morning and earned a full turn.

 I’m not sure how much more I can do with this. …… No, not yet anyway.


 I put my revolver back in my hand and started looking for monsters again..


“Oh, there he is. Heh, you’re really in Teruru, Oji-san.” (Sakura)

“Sakura.” (Ryouta)


 At the end of the path, Sakura emerged from a bend in the dungeon.

 She approaches me with her natural friendliness.


 With a charming, carefree smile, Sakura attracted the attention of the adventurers around her just by showing up and walking over.


“That girl is so cute.”

“Is she in some kind of family?”

“Hey, hey, is that Satou again?”


 Ninety percent of the people around us were friendly towards Sakura, and ten percent were looking at us disapprovingly.

 Well, she’s cute, cheerful and carefree, so I can see why she’s so popular.


“What are you staring at, Oji-san?” (Sakura)

“What? Oh, no, it’s nothing. So what’s wrong? You look like you’ve been looking for me.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, Elza told me you were here.” (Sakura) 

“I see.” (Ryouta)


 Of all the family members, Elza and Ena know where I am the best.

 When you’re earning money in the dungeon, you send drop items sequentially by magic cart.


 In other words, if you look at the drop items, you can clearly see which level of the dungeon you were in just before.


“That’s great Oji-san, you’ve already made a million yen. I’m pretty sure it’s one to one between Piro and Yen, right? Then it’s already a million yen.” (Sakura)

“Oh, so it’s only that much.” (Ryouta)

“Not yet. It’s not even noon yet Oji-san and you’ve made that much.” (Sakura)

“But to buy the crack stone. I still need to earn some more money. Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll get one for you too, Sakura.” (Ryouta)


 Quicksilver buffs go up if the person being buffed is wearing a ring.

 In terms of efficiency, it’s much worse than I first imagined.

 At any rate, what I thought would be fine if I wore it, has turned out to be a necessity for everyone.


 But still.

 It’s an item that should be given to everyone, just like the Absolute Rock stone, so I decided to do my best to get them all.


“Is it always like that, Oji-san……?” (Sakura)

“Always what?” (Ryouta)

“I mean, do you always do this kind of thing?” (Sakura)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)


 I nodded deeply.

 Because there are plenty of precedents for this, including the Absolute Rock stone.


“I knew it, it’s a Cheat Harem after all.” (Sakura)

“Heh?” (Ryouta)

“Everyone was so nervous and fidgety. Oji-san said he was going to prepare the ring.” (Sakura)

“Why?” (Ryouta)

“It’s already been a night and you still haven’t  figured it out. It’s a ring for a girl.” (Sakura)


“Oh my God, you really didn’t notice, Oji-san.” (Sakura)

“No, no, no, no, it’s not a ring in that sense. It’s an equipment item, it’s for the divine effect.” (Ryouta)

“But it’s a ring, for a girl.” (Sakura)

“…… Uuuh.” (Ryouta)


 Sakura clearly separated the two words and confronted me with emphasis.

 When I was made aware of it, I felt like I was doing something incredibly hard.


“What are you going to do, stop? Everyone is aware of it, maybe you still–” (Sakura)

“No, I’ll just prepare it like this.” (Ryouta)


 What Sakura said to me was definitely unexpected and cringeworthy, but it didn’t change what I was going to do.


“We’re all very important friends. And this is a very important item. The range of strength increases with this is huge, which means we can be more secure.” (Ryouta)


 As I said that, I nodded to myself.

 All my abilities are increased by two levels.

 If you can take out the attackers first, you will be safer as a result.

 If you didn’t know about it, you no longer have the option of not having it after you know about it.


“So we’ll be ready as planned. I’ll follow up on that later, Sakura told me. Do whatever you need.” (Ryouta)

“…… I see. I understand. I’m sorry for being weird about it.” (Sakura)

“No, thank you too. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.” (Ryouta)

“Okay, bye.” (Sakura)


 Sakura waved her hand and walked away.




“So that’s the kind of character you were, Oji-san …….” (Sakura)


 Sakura walks away from Ryouta and stalks back through Teruru.

 It hasn’t been long since she joined the family – or transitioned – so she doesn’t fully understand Ryouta.


 I understand him a little more deeply now, through this exchange.


 That many people – adventurers, merchants, spirits.

 I think I’m beginning to understand why they’re all coming to him.


“You’re not just a cheat, you’re amazing …….” (Sakura)


 Admiringly, she dived through the transfer gate she had flown through and returned to the mansion.


“Huh? You’re early today, Sakura-san.” (Yuki)


 As she exits the transporter room, she runs into Yuki.


 She’s not an adventurer, merchant, or spirit.

 Yuki has nothing in particular to do during the day and is at the mansion.


 That Yuki, after staring at Sakura’s face for a while.


“What’s wrong? Your face, it’s red.” (Yuki)

“Huh!” (Sakura)


 Sakura hurriedly touched her own face.

 Her face was hot, not only that, but even the base of her ear was hot.


“I-I-It’s nothing—–wait what am I even trying to hide!!” (Sakura)


 The fact that blushed so quickly, what does that mean?

 I’ll have to do my best.

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