Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 164

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 After leaving Amako in the care of Kiriha and the others, senpai and I walked through the city, attracting the attention of the surrounding students as we made our way back to the inn where Kazuki was waiting for us.

 As we were about to enter the hotel, thinking that the sun was still out and it was bright enough to take a walk around the city with Kazuki, we spotted a carriage with a familiar coat of arms on the main street where the inn was located.


“…… hmm?”

“What’s the matter, Usato-kun?”


 Perhaps wondering at me stopping in my tracks, senpai also looked at the carriage in front of her gaze.


“What’s wrong with that carriage?”

“That has the crest of Samaria engraved on it.”

“Samaria is the kingdom that Usato-kun went to before, right?”



 The coat of arms that I saw several times when I visited Samaria.

 Seeing a carriage with that engraved on it approaching us, senpai tilted her head.


“But still, there are so many guards. There are about three ……, no, five times as many as us.”

“That’s true. Maybe there’s a minister or someone of high rank inside——!”


 I had a little bit of an improbable imagination, but let’s hope that’s not the case.

 Senpai noticed my condition and put a hand on my shoulder, looking worried.


“You’re acting strange. Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah I’m fine. It’s just that I had a scary imagination.”

“Oh, yeah?”


 I faked it for the time being, but I couldn’t help but be concerned about Samaria’s carriage, which was already closing in on us.


“But if there are so many guards, it means that there are quite a few important people here, right? Oh, maybe the princess and king that Usato-kun said he rescued are on board.”

“Hahaha. That can’t be true, can it?”

“Huhu, maybe……. By the way, Usato, why are you so uncharacteristically upset?”


 It’s plausible…..! The father and daughter who personified that unconventional could do it ……!

 As I prayed, watching the carriage cross in front of me, my eyes were drawn to the knights escorting the carriage.


“Sky blue, knights?”


 Knights clad in beautiful sky-blue armor.

 In addition, all of those guarding the perimeter of the carriage were female knights, and there were about twenty of them.

 When I was interested in the group, which I had never seen in Samaria, I saw the shadow of someone peeking at me through the window of the carriage door.

 Then, suddenly, the carriage came to a stop.

 At this point, my chills started to accelerate.


“Line up!”


 The dignified voice of the knight who seemed to be the leader echoed, and the sky-blue knights lined up around the carriage.

 The person who was pulling the reins of the horse carefully and slowly opened the door of the carriage, and the person ahead of him was someone too familiar.


“Yo, Usato. I hope you’re well. It’s me!”


 The person who gave me a thumbs-up with an onomatopoeic sound was the king of the Samaria Kingdom, Lucas Urd Samaria himself.

 I almost fainted at his unexpected appearance, but I gave him my best shot.


“W-why are you here, Lucas-sama! You’re the king of Samaria right?!”

“Eh, the King!? What do you mean, Usato-kun?”


 My cheeks twitch so much that even I can tell.

 Senpai next to me is also in a state of shock at the unexpected appearance of the king.

 Lucas-sama, on the other hand, has a look of triumph on his face.


“Huh, you’re asking a funny thing. The only reason I’m here is because I couldn’t find a replacement for Fegnis in time. And besides. I thought it would be easier to proceed with this matter if I came myself.”


 What the hell? What is it with this way of speaking that seems to make sense, but makes me feel like there is another agenda?

 And since I’m responsible for Fegnis-san’s case, I can’t interfere badly. ……!


“Oh and I assume this beautiful woman is the hero. It’s nice to meet you. I am Lucas, Lucas Urd Samaria, the king of Samaria.”

“I-It’s my pleasure. I’m Inukami Suzune, a hero.”

“Hahahaha, no need to be nervous. If you’re a friend of Usato’s, you’re like a friend of mine.”


 Even senpai is baffled by his personality, which is very different from Lloyd-sama’s.

 After nodding vaguely at Lucas-sama’s words, she immediately turned around and spoke to me in a hushed voice.


“Usato-kun, you’re so friendly and so dandy! You’re making me shudder!”

“So you’re aware of it……. But don’t worry. This is the default for this person.”


 As we were conversing in hushed tones, Lucas-sama, who was watching us, shifted his gaze from us to the inside of the carriage.

 The carriage is too big for Lucas-sama alone, but I’ve convinced myself that it’s because he’s the king, but is there anyone else besides him?


“Hmm? Oh, sorry, sorry. Can’t wait, right, then feel free to go see him.”

“Yes! Father!”


 …… Father!

 The next moment, a girl jumped out of the carriage.

 Perhaps she was too vigorous, but she caught her foot on the edge of the carriage and lost her balance.




 My body reflexively moved.

 Before she slammed into the ground, I moved in front of her and caught her with as little impact as possible.

 As I took three steps back, letting the impact pass, I saw the sky-blue knights on either side of me, already moving to help her, looking at me as if they were dumbfounded.






 I’m sure I heard a disturbing voice from among the knights guarding me just now.

 No, it doesn’t matter, I took it in my stride and checked to see if the light blue haired girl, Eva, was injured, she had a surprised look on her face in front of her


“Are you hurt?”

“T-Thank you very much!”


 I let Eva stand up, who was about to fall.

 Thank God she doesn’t seem to be hurt.


“What is this development ……!? You never triggered any such event when you were with me!”


 I’ll let senpai go through a bit.

 When I turned my gaze from senpai who hadn’t swallowed the situation back to Eva, she grasped my right hand with both of hers as if to wrap it around her and smiled like a flower.


“It’s been a while. Usato-san!”

“Yeah. It’s been a long time, Eva.”

“I’m really glad to see you! …… Ah.”


 Eva was taken aback for a moment, as if she had realized something, but the next moment her cheeks were dyed and she smiled shyly.


“Ehehe, I didn’t get the name wrong this time.”



 What is it, this feeling that appeals to my heart?

 I feel like I can get back what I lost in the rescue squad.

 It can’t be, my heart……?


“What is she, Usato-kun?”

“Haha. I’ll introduce you to her. This girl is—–“

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ve been practicing my self-introduction!”


 I was brought back to reality by senpai’s voice, and Eva confidently said with great enthusiasm.

 Even though I had a slight bad feeling about this, I let Eva walk in front of senpai and she began to introduce herself falteringly with a slightly nervous look on her face.


“Nice to meet you! M-My name is Eva! You’re the hero, S-Suryume-san!”



 I feel like I’ve seen this before somewhere.

 But the difference is that she didn’t mispronounce my name, she chewed it.

 Senpai on the other hand was called by a name that sounded as if she had bitten off more than she could chew, frozen in shock with a half smile on her face.


“Oh, ah I bit myself! That …… Suzune-san…… I’m sorry……”


 As Eva panicked, the rebooted senpai opened her mouth while her eyes glazed over.


“Do- Not- Mind- It! It- Is- Nice- To- Meet- You-!” (Robotic)


 The smile returned to Eva’s face when she replied in katakana.

 As I was holding my forehead next to senpai, I heard the sky-blue knights behind Eva talking about something.

 I listened carefully and found that…


“Hime-sama, right there!  You have to be more gungho!”

“You must divert! Divert his attention!”

“Is this the so-called famous love triangle…..!”

“This is the city where the students gather, the place where I return to my forgotten youth……”


 I immediately shut out the voices of the knights, and there was no chance for me.

 I couldn’t hear the muffled voices of the sky-blue knights. I can’t hear the disappointment in their voices.



 I can’t believe the group of Samarians came with the parent and child.

 Lucas-sama suggested that we take them to the library near the inn, and we ended up riding in Samaria’s carriage.

 Inugami-senpai was sitting next to me, and Eva and Lucas-sama were facing each other.

 While I felt like I was being interviewed, the carriage slowly moved forward.


“Oh no, I didn’t expect you to save my daughter twice.”

“Hahaha, such an exaggeration.”

“Yeah. I guess I’ll have to thank you in some way for this.”

“No, no, I just accepted it, so there’s no need to thank me. ……”

“Don’t be shy, I’d love to have it.”

“No please, it’s fine.”

“By all means, take it.”

“Why do you want to sell me a favour?”

“Why do you insist on not accepting it?”


 Lucas-sama and I looked at each other.

 I’m sure he has some sort of agenda. Specifically, it’s related to Eva, who is now tilting her head curiously in front of me, and there’s a big possibility that she’ll try something.


“Fufufu, you two are good friends. Father and Usato-san. Right, Suzune-san.”

“Eh! Yes, I guess so. ……”


 Now that senpai, who always has a lot of energy even when meeting someone for the first time, is being pushed aside, I have no choice but to ask Lucas-sama to talk to her.

 For now, I’ll put off my thank you and ask how Lucas-sama and Eva came to this meeting.


“Lucas-sama, why did you come to this meeting? I’m sure one of the reasons is that you couldn’t prepare a substitute, but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason for the King of Samaria to come.”

“Yes. You’re absolutely right. There are two reasons why I’m here.”


 Two ……?

 As I wondered, Lucas-sama held up his index finger and began to tell me the reasons.


“The first reason is because of the members gathered for the meeting.”

“You mean the representatives of the four kingdoms?”

“Aye. Ringle, Calm Helio, Nirvana, and Samaria. There’s not much that’s wrong with these four kingdoms,……, but that’s nothing to worry about. But when they meet in the same place for talks, there are bound to be differences in consciousness.”

“A difference in consciousness, huh?”

“The Kingdom of Ringle is trying to seriously prepare for the battle against the Demon King’s army. The Kingdom of Calm Helio is trying to go into battle to lend strength to the heroes. And the Kingdom of Nirvana, which is trying to fight against the Demon Lord’s army with only pure fighting spirit. All of them have the same will to fight against the Demon King’s army, but they will always differ in some way.”


 The Kingdom of Ringle is defending its own country and surrounding areas.

 The Kingdom of Calm Helio is for the sake of the heroes they believe in.

 The Kingdom of Nirvarna is purely for fighting the Demon King’s army.

 I’m not sure how to put it, the goals are certainly the same, but they differ in some way.


“In order to guide them well, we need a role that encourages the story to proceed smoothly.”

“And that would be you, Lucas-sama?”

“Exactly. Supposedly, Lloyd is spending all his time working on the battle against the Demon King’s army. In such a situation, there’s no way he can manage a meeting with a group of apparently unimportant people. It has to be someone with a certain amount of position, power of speech, and trust.”


 You’ve been thinking hard about the meeting, haven’t you ……?

 But isn’t it actually quite a challenge to make Lucas-sama decide to come here? No, even though the sisters and brothers of the Kingdom of Calm Helio were certainly people with strong egos.


“Thank you very much. Lucas-sama.”

“As for me, I owe you a debt of gratitude. I have to do this much, don’t I?”

“…… Yes. So what’s the reason for the other one?”


 If that’s the first reason, are the rest of the reasons really that serious?

 When I was preparing myself for this, Lucas-sama, who had relaxed his shoulders, gave me a pleasant smile.


“The rest of the reasons are Eva’s social studies!”


 My body relaxes with a gasp.

 I didn’t think that was the reason, but I know it’s a unique opportunity for Eva, who has never known the outside world until now.


“I understand your concern. But there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve got a team of knights that I’ve selected to guard her. With them, Eva will be safe.”

“You mean the sky-blue knights outside?”

“Yes. I had them form a squad to replace Fegnis. Aside from their own individual abilities, they are incomparably strong in group battles.”


 I think I might have overheard the murmurings outside earlier. Only sky blue.

 It’s true that when I caught Eva, she reacted and moved instantly. From that speed, Eva would have been saved by the knights even if I hadn’t gone to help her.


“They all are very interesting people. They teach me a lot of things that I didn’t know.”

“Really? What kind of things do they teach you, for example?”


 Perhaps intrigued, senpai asked, and Eva looked up at the ceiling of the carriage and held up her index finger.


“That’s right. Like how to keep a big fish from escaping, the basics of hunting, and how to cook.”

“They’re really teaching you a lot of things huh?”

“Yes. Everyone is so kind.”


 But big fish and hunting, huh?

 It’s kind of a noisy thing for a princess to learn, but I’m sure Eva is happy because everything is new to her.


“Unaware bride training ……?”

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. I was just a little shaken by Samaria’s giftedness. ……”


 While I was puzzled by the shivering senpai, I looked at the scenery outside.

 What? This road is near the inn where we’re staying.


“Lucas-sama. Our inn is somewhere around here, so would you mind if we dropped off here?”

“Yes, of course.”


 At Lucas-sama’s instruction, the carriage stopped and the door was opened.

 I get out of the carriage with senpai and turn to Lucas-sama and Eva.


“Thank you for driving us here. Eva and I will talk to you again when we have more time.”

“I’ll see you around. Eva.”



 I waved goodbye to Eva, who nodded happily, and started walking with senpai down the road leading to the inn.

 In the middle of this, without warning, senpai clenched her fist and turned to face me.



“Eh, what’s wrong? With such a loud voice……”

“Usato-kun, I think I’ve found my biggest rival in this world ……!”

“Uh…huh…..? Um, good luck with that?”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best! I definitely will!”


 I turn around to face forward, wondering why senpai is so full of motivation.

 As far as I could confirm, I was able to meet the representatives coming from Samaria and Calm Helio.

 The rest is the kingdom of Nirvarna that Kazuki mentioned.

 I’ve heard …… that they seem like martial artists, so I should be careful not to get tangled up with them.


Author’s Note:


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