Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 163

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 After watching Prince Kyle being taken away by Princess Naia, a person came to show us to the inn immediately, a person who was closely related to us.


“What can I say, this reminds me of the first time I met you. Halfa-san.”

“Me too. Usato-san.”


 Halfa-san, the magic eye user we met in Lukvis before.

 I had thought that it would be someone from the academy, but I didn’t expect someone I knew to come, so I was betrayed in a good way.


“I’ve been instructed by the headmaster to show you around, and I’m very happy to see you again.”

“I see. Dean Gladys did…….”


 I would have liked to go say hello to her, but she’s probably busy right now, so I’ll just go see her when the time is right.

 As I was making that decision in my mind, Halfa-san, who looked around at us with his purple-lit eyes, opened his mouth.


“The last time I saw you was about a few months ago, but I was surprised to see how much you all have grown to look so different.”

“T-That much?”

“Yes. Despite the differences between the three of you, each of you has such a distinctive magical power that makes you feel your individuality strongly.”


 It makes us feel our individuality strongly, huh?

 Senpai has a strong interest in Halfa-san’s words.


“You can tell our personality and individuality from our magic power?”

“Yes. After the fight with Usato-san, I decided to understand my own magic eye more deeply, and as part of that, I found out that what I can read from the flow of magic power is not only the movements of the opponent.”


 When you fought in the past, you were able to read their movements by looking at the flow of magic power, but now you are able to see something else, is that right?


“The flow of magic power differs from person to person. By observing it, I can get a rough idea of my opponent’s character, and whether they fight mainly with magic or with weapons.”

“In other words, you can tell what kind of strategy your opponent is going to use before you even fight them?”

“It’s not completely clear, though.”


 I felt my cheeks twitch as Halfa-san nodded at Kazuki’s words.

 I think I’ve fought a few battles against other people during my travels, but I think it’s pretty hard to fight when your opponent knows your hand.

 As I was shivering unbeknownst to others, senpai approached Halfa-san with a somewhat curious look on her face.


“What kind of magical power did mine grow into?”

“Eh? It’s subjective, if you don’t mind?”


“Alright, let me see. Suzune-san’s magic power can be compared to …… a wolf that is ready to move at any time? It always seems to be in a state where it can draw magic power from zero to the limit in an instant.”


 Is he referring to senpai’s new fighting style, the “Magic Armor Thunder Beast Mode”?

 It’s a special fighting technique that raises senpai’s magic power and physical ability from zero to the extreme. It’s amazing that the magic eye can tell so much just from the flow of magic power.

 When I heard the word “wolf,” senpai smiled and looked back at me.


“It’s a wolf, Usato-kun!”

“Isn’t she mistaken for a dog?”

“Yeah, Suzune is dog-like.”

“Should I bite you guys!”


 Gao! I was shocked and threatened. As I sooth senpai, she turns her attention to Halfa-san, who is watching Kazuki’s magic closely.


“It’s a little difficult to describe, but Kazuki is like a …… surface of water where there are no ripples or sounds at all. There is also a surprising lack of disturbance in the magic power. It’s the quietest and most artistic flow of magic I’ve ever seen, and that’s not an exaggeration.”

“A-artistic is kind of ……”


 Kazuki had mastered the manipulation of magic power, and his skills were probably reflected in his magic power.

 In fact, his manipulation of magic power is not uncommon.


“Usato-san’s magic power is …… hmm.”


 Halfa-san looks at me and puts his hand on his chin.

 Waiting for his words with a bit of trepidation, I tilted my head in annoyance.


“You have a strange magical power, don’t you? You show a quiet side like Kazuki-san, but at the same time, you have a powerful side like Suzune-san. It’s as if you have two opposing sides.”

“Two opposing sides ……?”


 Is it something to do with my mentality?

 I’m not aware that I’m switching between the two, but I’m the same person when I’m interacting with senpai and when I’m interacting with the tough guys in the rescue squad.

 I’m just being me, but maybe it’s unconsciously taking form as magical power.


“Well, Usato wouldn’t be crazy. He can change so much that you’d wonder if he has a split personality.”

“Amako, I don’t have a split personality. It’s just something I do when my emotions get the best of me.”

“Isn’t that a problem ……?”


 I can’t help it, it’s true.

 As I’m having this conversation with Amako, I notice that Kazuki is talking to Halfa-san.


“You’ve softened your mood, haven’t you?”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. I feel like you’re smiling more naturally than before.”


 Halfa-san nodded happily as he looked forward to Kazuki’s words.


“After you all left on your trip, I’ve been talking to Kiriha and Kyou more often.”

“Oh, really, Kiriha and Kyou?”

“I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been avoided by my classmates until now, so it’s been a long time since I’ve had friends to …… talk to properly like this. Well, it was my own fault. ……”


 Before we left Lukvis, Halfa-san was a person who was feared by the students of the school.

 The reason for this was his fighting style, where he would completely break the hearts of his opponents by using a lot of dangerous rapid-fire attacks in battle.


“I myself was always smiling to at least manage my physical appearance, but …… it seems that it was actually the cause of the people around me being afraid of me, …… haha.”

“But you know, smiling is …… difficult, isn’t it?”

“Do you understand? Usato-san.”

“I understand very well. Yes, I do.”


 I also had an experience when I tried to smile at Kiriha and Linka, but they were scared of me.

 I’m still slightly concerned about that.

 I nodded deeply to Halfa-san, who turned to look at me.


“They’re a bit alike, Halfa and Usato.”

“They’re both mainly in physical combat while using magic, right?”

“In other words, Halfa-san is also a muscle brain ……?”


 Oi you little fox, don’t be so rash as to treat Halfa-san and me like muscle brains.

 I’m only going to hit you as a result, and I’m thinking pretty hard about it.

 As I stared at Amako with a blank stare, Halfa-san, who was walking in front of me as if he had arrived at his destination, stopped in his tracks. Looking in front, we could see a large white building in front.

 An exhale of admiration escaped from me as I looked at the inn, which looked like something a person of high status would stay in.


“Now, this is the inn where you will all be staying.”

“It’s pretty big.”

“It’s where we’ll be staying as representatives of the country. We can’t prepare a half-hearted accommodation. By the way, there is also an inn nearby where people from the other three countries stay.”


 If I look in the direction Halfa-san indicated, I can indeed see a building similar to the inn in front of me and the knights of other countries gathered in front of it.

 For now, we know where we’re staying.


“Oh, and there’s a training ground in the back, so if you want to train, you can use that.”

“Oh, is it? If that’s the case, I’ll take your word for it and use it.”


 I didn’t expect it to include a training ground.

 I hadn’t even entered the inn yet, but my opinion of the inn had just skyrocketed.



 After we were escorted to the inn, we placed our luggage in the rooms assigned to each of us, and then gathered in front of the inn again. I asked Kazuki if he wanted to go with me to Kiriha and the others, but he said he didn’t want to bother us if we came with too many people, so we decided to go our separate ways.

 Halfa-san seemed to have other work to do for Gladys-san, so we parted ways right then and there.

 Me, senpai and Amako headed to Kiriha and the others’ house as planned.


“Senpai. I’ll tell you now. Please behave yourself.”

“Eh, why not?”


 As we neared the house where Kiriha and the others lived, I gave a nudge to my somewhat exuberant senpai.


“It’s obvious, isn’t it? Listen here? No matter how much Satsuki misses you, it’s only as an object of observation. In other words, it’s like an elementary school student who loves a puppy she finds on her way home from school.”

“I don’t think there’s any malice in that analogy, is there? But, Usato, Satsuki is a feline beastman, right? As a beastmaster, you can’t make that mistake, can you?”

“Please don’t misunderstand me, senpai. You’re in the puppy position.”

“Usato, I’m going to cry you know.”


 It’s not a bad thing for senpai to try to communicate with others, but it’s not good to make them feel uncomfortable.

 In fact, Kyou is a little uncomfortable with senpai.

 As she glances at us and tries to imitate crying, she finds a nostalgic and somewhat old house in her line of sight.


“It shouldn’t have been that long ago, but I’m starting to feel nostalgic.”

“Maybe it’s because too many things have happened since then.”


 Nodding to Amako’s words, we were about to walk to the house where Kiriha and the others lived, when the door of the house opened vigorously and Kiriha, a girl with rounded beast ears similar to a weasel’s, came out from inside.

 When she spotted us, she gave us a surprised look and then waved at us with a smile.


“I thought I saw a familiar presence approaching, but I guess it’s you guys!”

“How have you been, Kiriha?”

“Good, of course. I knew from your letter that you were able to save my mother, but I didn’t expect to see you so soon. Now that we’re talking here, why don’t you come inside?”


 Kiriha urged me to go inside the house.

 As I sat down on a chair at the table, I saw Kiriha looking up at the stairs leading to the second floor and calling for Kyou and Satsuki, so it seemed that they were also in the house.

 It was Satsuki, the feline beastman, who immediately responded to Kiriha’s voice with the buzz of a bell.


“Wow, Suzune! Nice to see you again! Tell me all about your stories during your trip!”

“I’ll tell you as much as you want. If it’s for you.”


 Satsuki said as she ran down from the second floor, to which senpai replied with a straight face.

 Kiriha, who was making tea for all of us, looked at me anxiously.


“Usato, Suzune is looking at Satsuki with a straight face, is she okay?”

“Worst case scenario, me and Amako will stop her.”

“Impossible. I think Usato is the only one who can stop Suzune.”


 Why should I be told that I’m the only one who can subdue senpai who’s running amok?

 Well, that’s okay. While paying attention to senpai and Satsuki, who sat facing each other, I greeted Kyou, who came down from the upper floor with a sleepy sigh.


“I’m sorry to bother you. Kyou.”

“Oh, you’re surprisingly quick to come over here.”


 Sitting next to Kiriha, Kyou propped his elbows on the table.

 Kiriha tilted her head in agreement with his words.


“I’m glad to see you guys too, but what’s going on with you today? Does it have something to do with the meeting of the four kingdoms that’s going to take place here?”

“Yes, it does. We’re here today as representatives of the kingdoms.”


 When I answered Kiriha, she sighed in admiration.


“A letter, then a meeting. That’s a lot of work for you.”

“I wouldn’t take such trouble if I were you.”

“Haha, I have a certain responsibility too.”


 I scratched my cheek troubled, and Kyou smiled as he crossed his arms.


“Well, that’s why we’re taking a break from school! Well, in a way, thanks to you guys, we’re able to enjoy our vacation away from our studies like this—“

“If you’re so bored, why don’t you go work outside?”

“No! I was so busy studying that I didn’t have any free time at all!”


 Kyou hurriedly said to Kiriha, who glared at him.

 What can I say, he still can’t get over his sister Kiriha.


“I’ll beat Kyou out later. …… I’m glad Amako seems to be doing well. Have you been in any danger since then?”

“I think you’re been in far more trouble, but I’m fine. Besides, thanks to Usato, my mother is better now.”

“I had ……”

“Zombies attacked us, dragons attacked us, and others.”

“Oh, haha, you’ve learned how to joke while I haven’t seen you around for a bit. It’s a …… joke, right?”


 Amako tilts her head while smiling, and Kiriha, her expression twitching, turns her gaze towards us in confusion.


“I-I heard about the commotion in your home country from my parents. I heard that there was some kind of serious trouble.”


 Kiriha’s parents’ house is a kind of hidden village …… where Linka’s grandfather lives.

 Had the two of them already been informed of what had happened in the beastman country?


“Well, we got caught up in a bit of a commotion.”

“It’s not like there’s a civil war in your home country or anything. What the hell is going on here?”


 Kyou also seems to be curious.

 …… It seems that Kiriha and the others don’t have any detailed information, but is it okay to tell them? It’s a story that has something to do with the two beastmen, too.

 I decided to explain as briefly as I could why Amako’s mother hadn’t woken up in the past two years, and why there had been a civil war in the beastman country.

 When they finished listening to the explanation, a complicated expression appeared on their faces.


“I’ve never been to my home country, but I guess Amako’s mother was bedridden for that reason. But I’m glad you’re feeling better. Amako.”



 Amako nodded with a happy tone in her voice.


“But you know, if we hadn’t been able to stop the chief, the beastman tribe might have ended up fighting with the humans. I’m really glad …….”


 Kiriha mutters somewhat seriously.

 From the perspective of Kiriha, who goes to Lukvis, it must have been an unnerving story.

 I spoke as cheerfully as I could.


“It’s a temporary position, but someone I trust is organizing the beastman nation as the new chief, so I don’t think that will happen in the future.”

“I see… ……”


 I think of Hayate-san, who is still working hard in the Beastman Country.

 If Hayate-san hadn’t been on my side at that time, the fight to get Amako back would have been much more difficult. ……

 Thinking again that I was really glad he was on my side, I decided to tell him about the other requirement of my visit here today.


“That’s right, there’s one more reason why I came here today.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“I’d like Amako to stay here with us while we’re here.”

“No problem. The reason is the same as before, right?”

“Yeah. …… Amako is fine with that, right?”



 Amako nodded, and I was relieved to hear it, but now Kyou approached me.


“So, what are you going to do Usato? Are you going to stay here too, like before?”

“Actually, I’d like to do that. But this time I have to stay near the meeting place, so I’ll stay at the inn that Dean Gladys prepared for me.”

“I see. “


 As for me, I would have preferred to stay here, which is similar to the rescue squad, but I have to prioritize the mission I’ve been given.

 I didn’t want Amako to feel overwhelmed while she was here, so I was hoping that Kiriha and the others would take care of her.

 Now that I’ve accomplished my goal for the time being, I guess I’ll head back to the inn for today.


“Well then, I’d better get back.”

“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah, I’ve got people waiting at the inn.”


 It’s not good to leave Kazuki waiting by himself, so let’s get back early.

 I get up from my seat and look at Amako.


“Amako, don’t cause too much trouble for Kiriha and the others.”

“I’m not a child, and I won’t cause any trouble.”

“Haha, I guess that’s true too.”


 I chuckled at Amako, who looked up at me and miffed.

 Well, I should bring senpai, who is having a nice conversation with Satsuki, back home.



“Hey, Usato-kun.”


“I haven’t said anything yet!”

“You were going to say that you want to stay with Kiriha and the others, weren’t you? I can already tell when looking at senpai’s face.”

“A-as expected of Usato-kun, you know me very well. ……!”


 I think it’s easy to see why you would think that if you saw your actions.


“But Usato-kun—“


“Even Satsuki-chan still wants to talk to me–“

“What, you’re leaving Suzune? Well, I guess it’s goodbye then!”



 What can I say, little kids can be cruel sometimes, can’t they?

 I feel a little sorry for senpai and make her stand up, but she still resists.


“U-Usato-kun, I’m your posterity! Please for the rest of your life!”

“Okay, I understand. Please give up on staying here.”

“What did you just find out?”


 I smiled at Kiriha, who was laughing at the shocked senpai, and at Kyou, who was distracted, and left their house, a little mentally exhausted.


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