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 After traveling in a horse-drawn carriage, we arrived safely at the magic city of Lukvis.

 This is the second time I’ve visited this city, but not much has changed since before. However, I still felt a bit deeply moved when I thought that Kazuki and senpai had started their respective journeys from here.


“Unlike last time, we’ll continue to take the carriage to the center of the city. I’m not sure yet if the discussion will start immediately, but I would like you all to be prepared.”


 I nodded at Welshie-san’s words.

 I’ve met with people of high status many times in the course of my travels, but I’m still not used to it. I should make sure I’m well groomed just in case.

 As I was adjusting the collar of my uniform, I noticed that Kazuki was looking at the scenery outside the carriage.

 Looking out of the corner of his eye, I saw the scenery of the city of Lukvis. 


“This place is still full of children, isn’t it?”

“So is every other country I’ve visited on my travels, but this place is distinctive enough, isn’t it?”

“…… The kingdom of Nirvarna I went to was the complete opposite of this place. It was kind of a place with a lot of meaty people.”


 Come to think of it, Kazuki had told me very little about the Nirvarna Kingdom. He did tell me that they had some sort of tournament in the arena though.


“I think Kazuki had a tournament or something like that?”

“Yeah. The king said, ‘If you want to get what you want, you’ll have to win it by force! So I had no choice but to participate. ……”

“They have a very aggressive king, huh……?”

“Haha, he’s not a bad person though. And that’s why I was able to train my sword skills.”


 However, if Kazuki’s words are correct, the meat and muscled filled Nirvarna Kingdom’s soldiers are the complete opposite of the average healing magician.

 With the exception of me and Rose, they will recognize me as a common healing magician and treat me as such.

 I’m a little worried that I’ll be taken lightly in that case.


“Be aware that you’re out of the norm, huh?”


 I remembered what Amako had said to me.

 Now that I’ve become the vice commander, I’m here carrying the sign of the Rescue Squad on my back.

 There was no way that I could do something that would damage the name of the Rescue Squad.


“Okay, I’ve decided. During the meeting, I’ll try to behave with the Leader in mind.”


 I couldn’t act like I was being licked by the students like the last time I came to Lukvis.

 As I was making up my mind to do so, Welshie-san, who must have heard my muttering, called out to me.


“Usato-sama, I thought I heard a very disturbing murmur just now. …… It’s just my imagination, isn’t it?”

“No, I meant exactly what I said. I have a position as the vice commander of the Rescue Squad. I’m sure it’s not good for the Lingle Kingdom that I’m underestimated because of my appearance, behaviour, and attributes as a healing magician.”

“Yes, that’s true, but there’s no need to refer to Rose-sama …….”

“I understand. It’s true that the Leader is a terrifying person to say the least. But because she is such a person, it’s just right this time.”


 Yes, the aura emitted by that demon leader is something that would intimidate most opponents.

 Normally, it would unnecessarily deflate them, but this was the perfect time to meet her.

 If you want to be ridiculed, don’t let it happen.

 Show it by your presence, not your words.

 I know they’re afraid of my imitation of Rose because of the way Amako and the others reacted to me before I entered Hinomoto.


“I don’t agree with people making fun of me just because I use healing magic, right? I think it’s fine.”

“I agree with you. It’s important to make a first impression at a gathering like this. And there’s also the …… matter of Usato-kun’s portrait that I spread as an article. ……”


 It’s also a chance to dispel the rumours about the portrait of the nobleman.

 The alternative is to spread the word that you’re scary, but it’s better than being a nobleman.

 Okay, let’s give it a try.


“During the meeting, I–“


 I brushed my bangs up with my left hand, like Rose, and sharpened my gaze with a thin smile.

 I look up, my back against the wall of the carriage, my legs crossed, with the image of Rose in my mind.


“I’m going to stay like this as long as I can in Lukvis. Phew, I don’t think I’ll get licked this way.”

“I knew the atmosphere would be scary too. Yeah, that’s fine. You don’t look like a healing magician.”

“I don’t know if that’s a compliment, but thank you.”


 I thanked Amako lightly and looked at Kazuki, Senpai, and Welshie-san.

 Kazuki and Senpai react with admiration, but Welshie-san is immensely impressed.


“Ooh, you really do look like Rose-sama!”

“P-people can change their atmosphere so much. …… Wow, a wild Usato-kun is also quite ……”


 It seems to be quite popular with senpai and Kazuki.

 But as for me, I can’t stay like this forever, so I quickly relax my shoulders and talk to Welshie-san, who is still in raptures.


“Should I stop after all?”

“Umm, Usato-san’s behaviour itself isn’t bad but …… what should I say, I was surprised by the way he changed. The atmosphere was really similar to Rose’s.”

“Well, that’s how much the Leader has trained you right? Rather than imitating her, it might be more correct to say that he naturally acquired her own style.”

“It’s just that your mental structure has become closer to Rose’s. ……”


 I thought I heard Amako muttering something, but I didn’t hear anything. I thought it might have been me, so I dared not go through with it.

 As we were talking, the carriage came to a stop, probably having arrived at the center of the city.

 Looking around at the scenery outside, we too lightly cleaned ourselves up before getting out of the carriage.


“This is …….”


 Nearby, we could see the school building of Lukvis, and in front of a building no less than the one next to it, the carriage we had come in and a carriage that appeared to belong to another country were parked.

 I could also see other people who didn’t seem to be students from Lukvis.


“The meeting will take place here, in the great library that Lukvis is so proud of.”

“When you say ‘library’, do you mean we’ll be discussing this in a place where books are laid out?”

“No, we will be meeting in a large hall that has been built for the meeting. This place was originally designed for that purpose as well.”


 An exclamation of admiration escaped from Welshie-san’s explanation.

 I had never set foot in this place before, but now that I have it in front of me, it’s huge.

 As I was looking up at the large library, Sigurds-san, who served as my escort, was talking to Welshie-san.



“Oh, excuse me. Everyone, for the time being, I’m going to inform Dean Gladys, who is preparing the meeting place, of our arrival, so please stand by here. A guide will be here soon, so please head to the inn first.”


“Also, the meeting itself will start the next day after the four kingdoms are assembled, so it might be a good idea for Amako-san to meet the people she wants to meet before then.”

“Yes, thank you. Welshie-san.”


 After smiling kindly at Amako who said that, Welshie-san headed towards the Grand Library with Sigurds-san.

 They were probably going to discuss the arrangements for the meeting.


“Well then, do you want to go see Kiriha and the others after you drop off your luggage?”

“Yes. I’ll do that.”


 I nodded and decided to wait with senpai for the pickup to come.

 Since the knights were carrying my luggage, I was too lazy to talk to them, so I tried to talk to senpai, who seemed to be wary of the surroundings.


“Senpai, what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s just that I found a carriage with Calm Helio’s emblem engraved on it. I know it’s not coming, but I’m a bit wary of it. ……”


 That doesn’t sound like the usual senpai.

 There’s only one person that comes to mind when I think of Calm Helio, but could it be him?


“Vigilance? Which means…”

“Oh, Suzune. It’s Suzune!”

“Gee, this voice is …….”


 I turned my head in the direction of the voice to see the disgusted expression on senpai’s face.

 From that direction, I saw a red-haired boy of about the same age, accompanied by several knights guarding him, waving to senpai as he ran.


“…… Why are you here? Prince Kyle.”

“Huh, you don’t have to give me an honorific. Just feel free to call me Kyle.”

“Alright. So, Prince Kyle, why are you here?”


 Oh, senpai is drier than I thought.

 Is it possible that she’s back to the way she was before she was summoned?

 In spite of her apparently cold attitude, Prince Kyle begins to speak with enthusiasm.


“Let me answer your question. That’s because I’m also in this meeting for the fight against the Demon King’s army! No, I’ll tell you the truth! It was also to meet you!”

“Heeh, I see. So, I thought I turned down your confession.”

“If I had given in to that kind of setback, my sister would have killed me mentally a long time ago!”


 This is not the same thing as …….

 I don’t know what to say, but I feel like he’s not listening to you.


“So, where is this healing magician? I’m sure he followed you along right?”

“…… Um.”


 Senpai looks at me in a reserved manner.

 I’m not sure if I should mention myself or not.

 I want to go see Kiriha and the others as soon as possible, sigh, oh well.

 Wrinkling my brow and crossing my arms grimly, I move next to him.


“I’m Usato, the healing magician.”

“What? So that’s you standing there like a lost cause until just now. I didn’t have you in my sights at all, let’s see how similar you are to the sketch …….”


 Prince Kyle froze when he saw my face.

 Of course, now I’m giving off an air that would frighten my traveling companions.


“Suzune, what is it? This man has a physiognomy that looks like he’s taken care of a few people.”

“That’s my Usato-kun.”

“You’re breaking the common sense of healing magicians!”


 I’m not going to say anything, because I know what they’re going to say and I’m not going to be happy about it.

 But even so, I don’t know if he’s trying to compete with me, but he sticks his finger at me, his voice trembling slightly.


“Are you really a healing magician?”

“Of course I am. As you can see, I can handle healing magic.”

“Ho, it’s true …….”


 I showed him the healing magic in my palm, and he gave me a twitchy look.

 Looking at the expressions of me and senpai alternately, Prince Kyle, who had started biting his nails and mumbling something, was spoken to by the knight of the guard who was waiting behind him as if to admonish him.


“Kyle-sama, you can’t do this kind of thing too ……”

“He’s only a healing magician, it’s bound to be a sham ……!”

“No, that’s not what I meant. It’s not that I’m asking you to fight a duel in a place like this.”

“Don’t worry. I am a prince, and defeat is not an option. Hey you, healing magician!”


 Shaking off the restraint of the knight guarding him, Prince Kyle jabs his finger at me.

 At that moment, the knights notice a woman approaching from behind, and their faces turn pale. The woman, whose face somewhat resembles Prince Kyle’s, comes up behind him and says


“My name is Kyle Lark Calm Helio of the First Prince of Calm Helio! I, Kyle Lark Calm Helio, have challenged you to a——.”

“You fool!”

“If you do nooowooooww!?”


 I slammed a clean low kick into Prince Kyle’s leg, knocking him down with great force.

 The red-haired woman, who looked a little older than us, pulled up Prince Kyle’s chest as he slumped on the ground, straightening the cloak that stretched from his shoulders.


“What the hell are you doing?”

“Oh, ah, sister!? T-This is …….”


 Sister ……!?

 The woman who looked down at him with a doll-like neat face was certainly similar to Kyle-sama.


“You have already embarrassed yourself by confessing to your benefactor, Hero-sama, in the middle of the kingdom, but now you want to say something to the rumoured Healing Magician?”


 The woman forced Prince Kyle to stand up, and he opened his mouth while slumping.


“Sister! As a man, I’m challenging this guy to a duel!”

“Has there ever been a time when you were just one man?”

“How dare you! How can you say such a terrible thing, sister!”


“You don’t even know you’re saying a terrible thing!”


 Prince Kyle was shocked as the woman tilted her head with a puzzled expression.


“No, I was genuinely wondering what you were saying, since you’ve publicly stated that you have multiple lovers in your home country. ……”

“Oh, no, that’s ……”

“Sigh. ……”


 She let out an exasperated sigh and continued to speak.


“There’s no way that your level can beat him.”

“Why are you asserting that!”

“On the contrary, how can you think that you can beat him? Look at him, does he look like an ordinary healing magician? You don’t see that, do you? This is what’s going to happen. You’d be knocked down with one finger.”


 What is this? Is this some kind of new kind of spiritual training?

 I’m afraid of my own face, but it’s hard for me to be ragged on for it.

 I’ve just announced to senpai that I’m not going to do it again except during the meeting. This is not good for my mental health.

 Anyway, does she know about Prince Kyle’s sister?


“Senpai, did you know that he has a sister?”

“I knew he had an older sister and a younger brother, but they were in another country when I visited Calm Helio, so I didn’t see them face to face. ……”


 So it’s the first time you’ve met them.

 However, I feel a little bit sorry for Prince Kyle, who is being abused by a character that even senpai didn’t expect.


“In the first place, it is doubtful that he can even be included in the framework of a magician? The rumours about him are all true except for the trivial articles that you have spread with your vague actions.”

“……That’s a lie.”

“If you think it’s a lie, go ahead and fight him.”


 …… Hmm?

 The go-ahead came in a very natural way.

 Our Prince Kyle is also confused.


“Oh, so, you don’t mind?”

“Yes, it’s fine. As long as the other side agrees to it. ……”


 The person who seems to be Prince Kyle’s sister looks at us sideways.

 I can feel something in her gaze that seems to be guessing at us.


“But I feel sorry for such conve ……. It’s such a shame that the first prince of our honourable Kingdom of Calm Helio would have to give up his right to the throne due to a serious mental injury. ……”

“You just leaked your true feelings, didn’t you? You almost called it convenient, didn’t you?”


“You can’t fool me there!”


 Prince Kyle has been completely turned into a retorting machine …….

 She seemed like a more serious person, but apparently not so serious. ……


“If you do not succeed to the throne, Calm Helio will be mine. If you suffer a serious psychological injury at this time, you won’t have to kick …… down the road to discuss it.”

“Don’t you have any love for your brother?”

“Yes, I do. My only brother, Bren, who will turn three this year, is so cute and adorable.”

“I’m one of his brothers!”


 Prince Kyle’s words were met with a shrug from the woman.

 I really want to leave this place, but I can’t, so I decide to call out to her.


“Um, …….”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m the first princess of the Kingdom of Calm Helio, Naia Lark Calm Helio.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to bother you with ……I’m Usato Ken, vice commander of the Rescue Squad, Kingdom of Lingle.”

“As you may know, I am the hero Inukami Suzune.”

“I am also the hero Ryusen Kazuki.”


 She, Princess Naia, looked at us in turn as we introduced ourselves, and smiled with satisfaction.


“I apologize for the trouble that our short, shallow, and foolish brother has caused you.”

“Short, shallow, and even foolish …….”


 Next to Princess Niia, Prince Kyle is feeling terribly depressed.

 She makes it look like she’s covering up for her brother, but then she slams in the abuse. ……Let’s use this as a reference


“I’m really sorry …… for the otherworldly people who were summoned along with the heroes, and at that point they should be respected as much as the heroes. My brother is still just an ignorant child, so I hope you can forgive me. ……”

“No, no, please don’t be so awed! Because Prince Kyle didn’t do anything to me in the first place!”


 I can’t afford to be so awed by the royalty.

 Even if they don’t intend to make an issue of it, it’s still a big problem for everyone around them.


“…… Are you really going to forgive him? If you’re not careful, it could have turned into a problem that could have caused a crack in the trust between you and the Lingle Kingdom. ……”


“So it’s unforgivable?”


“I don’t mind if you punch him in the face for being such a jerk?”

“No, no, you don’t have to go that far. ……”

“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t make a problem of it.”

“Why are you trying to make the assumption that I’m going to hit Prince Kyle ……?”

“That’s right, sister! Why are you stubbornly trying to make him hit me?


 This woman is a dangerous person with a low profile!

 And she’s not even listening to me half the time!

 While Prince Kyle and I were distracted, Princess Naia said the following words with a slightly overactive reaction.


“Oh, Usato-sama. What a generous heart you have. I’m very impressed with the warmth that you have shown to my foolish little brother who persistently followed a woman around and then tried to challenge you to a fight without knowing his place in the world. …… I’m deeply impressed. You are the best friend of the hero and the best apprentice of the rumoured leader of the Rescue Squad, Lady Rose.

“You don’t have to go that far …….”


 I wonder why I can’t be honestly happy.

 Is it because she knows what I know, or because she says things that make me happy?

 But I know she means what she says. But there’s something about it that makes me feel uncomfortable, like when I talked to Lucas at …… Samarial.

 Princess Naia shifts her gaze from me to senpai and Kazuki.


“This is the first time I’ve met Suzune-sama face to face, but what a brilliant person. Kazuki-sama, too, can tell at a glance that you are a very strong person. I am honoured to meet you all in this way.”

“Is that so ……?”

“Haha, it’s kind of itchy …….”


 In contrast to Kazuki’s normal embarrassment, senpai noticed something and gave a twitchy smile.

 Here I also realize the true nature of the uncomfortable feeling I had just had.


“I have a suggestion for you, but meeting you here is one of fate. Can you give me a few minutes of your time after this?”

“Well, what kind of time?”

“I just want to talk to you for a while. Of course, we won’t take too long and we’d like to treat you as well as we can, what do you think?”


 I made eye contact with senpai, who was probably aware of Princess Naia’s intentions here, and nodded once before replying to her.


“It’s a nice offer, but we have other plans, so I’m going to decline this time. If you could, please invite us another time. ……”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. There will be plenty of opportunities while the meeting is taking place, and we can talk about it then.”

“…… Yeah. I suppose so.”


 With a drawling nod, she smiled thinly and grabbed Prince Kyle by the collar of his neck.


“Then we’ll head back. The next time we see each other will be at the meeting. I look forward to working with you then. Kyle, you have a sermon waiting for you, so please be prepared for it.”

“Hee! Oh, sister! Please don’t come here and lecture me!”


 Princess Naia left the scene, dragging Prince Kyle behind her as if to say no questions asked.

 As I watched her go, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.


“Senpai, Kazuki. That was the one who came to pull …… out, wasn’t it ……?”

“I suppose so. It’s not strange, given the national style of Calm Helio, but I didn’t expect the princess herself to come so blatantly. ……”

“I’m used to being recruited, but I didn’t expect it to go this far. Usato you might want to be careful with the Nirvana Kingdom. Those people are more like martial artists or gladiators than magicians, and I think they’ll definitely like Usato.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for them, …….”


 I don’t know what it is, but in my mind, I pictured Daetetsu-san and the others who had an arm-wrestling match in the hidden village.

 What a horrible prediction, but I don’t want it to become a reality. ……


Author’s Note:


Kyle, you’ve become a bit of a tease by your sister!


And that’s it for the new characters, Prince Kyle and Princess Naia.


The cover illustration for “The Right Way to Use Weather Magic” has been released on the MF Books official website, and I’ve written an additional activity report.

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